Introduction Edit

After having defeated Gele the Demon King, Rance and Sill had been trapped in a dark dimension before being warped to an unknown location ( see Rance 03 ). As the two enjoy their alone time, Sill spots a town in the distance. As the two are completely naked and without any equipment except the Hyper Weapon, Rance sends Sill to the town to bring back weapons and armor. Sill soon returns from the town of Cassado with equipment in tow, and the two investigate the small town before entering the Diner. There Rance learns that Sill only obtained money by promising to be the diner's new serving maid under Freoncoise for three months. When an infuriated Rance tries to leave, Freoncoise challenges him and while Rance was expecting an easy straightforward fight, he soon discovers that the God of Light had reverted him back to lvl1, and is thus quickly beaten by Freoncoise. Defeated, Rance is forced to retreat until he can get stronger. By asking the rest of the locals, he soon finds out that he is standing upon a floating continent known as Ylapu and that he is the first new arrival in 30 years.

This turns out not to be very accurate, as unbeknownst to everyone a Helman party made up of the cruel leader Bitch Golch, the powerful lighting mage Io Ishtar, the warrior Hubert Lipton, the burly soldier Dens Blau and the tragic archaeologist Merim Tser, who are here to use the floating continent for their own purposes.

Soon enough Rance finds weak local monsters, and after swiftly levelling up, returns to challenge Freoncoise once more. Impressed by his vitality particularly when compared to the hopeless local youths, Freoncoise agrees to forget about her deal with Sill and even lets Rance use her diner as his base of operations. With Sill once more alongside him, Rance starts his quest to return to the main continent below.