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Time TipsEdit

As you play, your remaining time on the top of the screen will steadily run out. You’re going at a good pace if the green orbs on the roulette (your remaining events) have the number 3 on them when your time is half up. If they say 1 or 2, you’ve got time to make some stops on your way (looking for monsters with Slow Spin or etc). If they’re at 5, you might want to hurry a little (shoot for events using Slow Spin, maybe). From chapter 2 on, you’ll spend some time in town before heading into the dungeons, so if you take too much time there, the dungeon segments could get tricky. If you have less than 2/3 of your time left by the time you enter the dungeon, it would be safe to start the chapter over.

If you are running out of time and need to land on an event orb, you can reset the game before the orb event you picked takes place (that means before the auto-save). Then, when you reload the last auto-save, you can spin the wheel again and get a different outcome.

Level TipsEdit

There’s always random chance at play, so you could win at relatively low levels, or lose at relatively high ones. It’s a bit tough to figure out exactly how much you should be leveling. From our estimations during development…

  • End of Chapter 1: Rance’s Warrior Level: 15
  • End of Chapter 2: Rance’s Warrior Level: 20
  • End of Chapter 3: Rance’s Warrior Level: 25
  • End of Chapter 4: Rance’s Warrior Level: 30

…is a good ballpark. If you’re higher leveled than this, things should be easy for you. You can also raise Rance’s mage level, but it’s really just something of an extra option. There’s no need to make his skill levels even (and if he doesn’t have Rance Attack at the end of chapter 3, you’ll lose, so…). His warrior level is what you should focus on. Level Sill’s skills according to your own preferences.

Don't forget, you can upgrade existing skills if you obtain another one through levelling. For example, if Rance gets another Attack 01 you do not need, you can use it on another Attack 01 to upgrade it to Attack 02. Almost every skill can level at least once. Refer to the skill list for more information on what each skill upgrades to.

Battle Tips Edit

If a battle is not going your way, try rearranging your skills. It appears that in a particular battle, some numbers tend to come up more often than others. Put your more powerful/useful abilities there.

Roulette BalanceEdit

If you’re only using Normal Spin, you’re leaving everything to RNG. If you’d like to try for certain outcomes, you should use “Slow Spin” or “Cautious Spin.” If you’re low on items, keep in mind that instead of treasure chests, you can use characters’ exclusive actions in Normal Events for some.

Warning: Using “Normal Spin” will get you closer to your destination, i.e. the green orbs will increase in number. If you’re aiming for green orbs with slower spins, the number of orbs won’t increase, so you’ll have to use “Normal Spin” to increase their number before aiming for them.

If you are using Normal Spin and land on the same colored orb three times in a row, something good may happen!

If You Absolutely Cannot Win in BattleEdit

In some cases, you won’t be able to win with just luck. If it seems like you’re close to winning, try again a second or third time. Change battle actions or rest to recover stamina in camp or etc… However, if you can’t win no matter how many times you try, you may just not have enough levels, or not have strong enough equipment. At times like that, it might be good to restart from a little earlier in the game (choose “Scene Select” on the main menu).

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