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This walkthrough does not guarantee fewest turn to clear the game. Extra scenes are not included in this walkthrough.  This walkthrough can be used to clear Hard Mode A.

Chapter 1

  • Event 0
    • Search area (ignore frog monster)
    • Talk to Sill twice
    • Click on her panties
  • Event 1
    • First Choice
    • Click on spring (CG)
    • Second Choice
    • Click on spring
    • Search area then choose second option
    • Exit to roulette
  • Event 2
    • Talk to Copandon
    • Talk to Bard
    • Talk to Copandon
    • Talk to Bard
    • Talk to Copandon
  • Event 3
    • You can skip this but you can click on the caravan up to 3 times. More than 3 times is gameover
  • Event 4
    • Switch to Sill and check dead body (Cross Key)
    • Check background
    • Using Sill check Rance's naked body three times
  • Event 5
    • Search area
    • Use Fan to blow fog (optional; makes chance of success higher)
    • Search area

Chapter 2

  • Before entering Dungeon
    • Go to Main entrance (middle left icon) to get Athena 2.0
    • Go to Buddha Statue (middle top icon), click on background, then on the relic and then click on the faceless youkai
    • Go to Village (middle right) then switch to Sill.
    • Search area
    • Go to the Well (top right) then switch to Athena 2.0, search area
    • Go the Castle entrance (center) then choose second option. You'll fight strong enemies
    • Go to the sunflower garden (middle bottom) then choose second option
    • Go to shop (bottom left) talk to shopkeeper three times
    • Go to shop again and get the match (Arson Set)
    • Go to Buddha Statue then talk to faceless youkai using everyone
    • Go to the Village then use the Arson Set
    • Go the Castle then choose second option
  • Event 1
    • Talk to Blue Hanny once
    • Talk to Athena 2.0 twice (Gameover if talked to her more than twice)
    • Talk to Sill five times (Gameover if talked to her more than 5 times)
    • Talk to Rance five times
  • Event 2
    • Talk to puppet
    • Click on her body twice
  • Event 3
    • Click on the toy
    • Switch to Athena then click on toy
  • Event 4
    • Use cross key on door
    • Click on picture
    • Click on Youkai
    • Take talking picture
  • Event 5
    • Click on sleeping Rizna twice

Chapter 3

    • Click on food using Sill
    • Switch to Rance, click on food
    • Talk to Rizna
    • Talk to Rizna again
    • Talk to Rizna again to get special note (Passage permit)
    • Take the permit
  • Sunflower Garden
    • Click on sunflower monster (Lose Athena 2.0)
    • Choose first option, take bouquet
  • Go to Village entrance (Middle left)
  • Shop
    • Give all your bouquet and gold bars to the shopkeeper
    • Switch to Sill and read shopkeeper's mind
    • Take Arson Set
  • Buddha Statue
    • Talk to Faceless Youkai
    • Switch to Sill and talk to Faceless Youkai
    • Read Faceless Youkai's mind
    • Talk to him using Rance
    • Go to Village entrance
  • Village
    • Use Arson set on the village
  • Go to the Castle twice
    • Fight the puppet (Well Key)
  • Well
    • Use key on the well
    • Choose second option
  • Event 1
    • Search the background
    • Click on button using Feliss
    • Talk to the girl using Rance
    • Search area and take pink hood (Pink Hood)
  • Event 2
    • Search area
    • Search area again (Don't click on button)
    • Click on sunflower twice, choose second option(Gameover on first)
    • Search area again, take green hood
  • Event 3
    • Talk to the girl (Fight)
    • Use rope on girl
    • Switch to Sill then click on girl
    • Take Search engine
  • Event 4
    • Give Feliss two items
    • Click on Feliss (Feliss leaves party)
  • Event 5
    • Replace Sill with monster girl (Preferably healer type)
    • Search background
    • Click on roots to kill it
    • Search background again then kill the roots
    • In battle you have to use Rance attack to deal damage to enemy (It has 2 hp and each Rance attack deals 1 damage)

Chapter 4

  • Village
    • You get Athena 2.0
  • Shop
    • Take Shovel
    • Give shopkeeper all your gold bars and bouquet
    • Talk to shopkeeper until you successfully seduce her
  • Village
    • Search background to H shopkeeper
    • Go to Castle entrance to stall Noriko
    • Go to Faceless Youkai to ask for advice
    • Go back to village
    • Go to well
  • Castle
    • Fight Waka puppet
    • Talk to Sill
    • Talk to Athena 2.0
    • Talk to Sill
    • Talk to Athena 2.0
    • Talk to Rizna three times
  • Event 1
    • Choose second option twice to get Power Brine
    • Give Power Brine to Rance (not giving him the drink would result to Gameover on next event)
    • Talk to Rizna to proceed
  • Event 2
    • Use Rance action icon to the man
    • Search background
  • Event 3
    • Remove Rance from party (his capture skill lead to a sick gameover)
    • Choose second option
    • Fight Onibaba (Remove one-dot bug to make battle easier or put support abilities on first slot, using long-haired princess may help too)
    • Talk to Rizna
    • Fight Hannies (This one are annoying too, put physical attacks on higher chance slots and replace any mage with physical attacker)
  • Event 4
    • Search area
    • Click on stars
    • Talk to Rizna (Rizna leaves party)
  • Event 5
    • Search area twice
    • Take the items
    • Click on anything until Rance gets rescued

Chapter 5

    • Choose Sill
    • Choose Athena 2.0
    • Choose Rance but he cannot pass
    • Remove Sill
    • Choose Rance
    • Choose Sill, this time Sill cannot pass
    • Leave
  • Well
    • Battle with girl
  • Entrance
    • Choose second option
  • Sunflower garden
    • Choose second option
  • Buddha statue
    • Talk to Faceless
  • Go to Village
  • Go to Buddha Statue and talk to the Youkai
  • Go to Castle and battle with the girl
  • Go to well, Rance will follow the girl, meets Bard and Copandon then tricks Bard
  • Event 1
    • Talk to Copandon
    • Talk to Sill
    • Talk to Copandon
    • Talk to Sill
    • Talk to Copandon twice
  • Event 2
    • Leave (you can fight gal monsters here endlessly)
  • Event 3
    • Search area
    • Rescue Rizna using Sill
    • Talk to Rizna using Rance
    • Talk to Rizna using Sill
    • Click on Rizna's butt
  • Event 4
    • Talk to everyone at least once
  • Event 5
    • Choose your best party and fight last boss
    • (Death Girl can insta-kill the Boss)

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