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Map GuideEdit

In this section, maps will be provided to help with navigating the dungeon. Most parts are marked, but certain symbols are used. Most are used on the Rance 6 maps, but for clarity, I'll list them here.

  • Green and purple stars are events. In most cases, they will disappear once activated. This will also be labeled for what happens during the event.
  • Pink hearts are FR events. These can only be used once. They will be labeled for which character's FR they increase.
  • A purple S is the square Rance starts at in the dungeon.
  • A purple E is the exit square. This is generally useless considering you can leave the dungeon at almost any point in the dungeon.
  • A yellow cross is a BP cross. These will be labeled with how much BP they give you. Remember that ones that pop up randomly from exploring the dungeon won't be on the map.
  • A brown T is a treasure chest. It will either contain gold or an item. These will be labeled for what it contains and if it is a one time only chest or one that respawns for every trip into the dungeon. Some of these will also spawn at random in a dungeon as you explore.
  • A yellow section of wall is something that can be inspected. It will be labeled for what it is.
  • A purple section of wall is a switch. It will be labeled for what it opens or does.
  • A blue, red, or green line is a door that requires the corresponding key to open.
  • An orange line is a blocked passageway that can either be broken through/cleared away or requires a special switch/item/event to open. These will definitely be labeled for what they need.
  • Special areas will be marked individually. These could be unmarked fights, traps, etc.

Dungeon: 廃坑洞窟F (Abandoned Cave Mine F) (At the start of the game) Edit

How to enter:Edit

Start a game. Bam! You're there!


Japanese Name English Name Quick Description
ハニー Hanny The classic AliceSoft potteries
イカマン Squid Man Pretty self explanatory
フリーダム Freedom Looks like a lucha libre dude
きゃんきゃん Kyankyan Bunny girl gal monster


First time mine final

BP gold bonuses:Edit

  • 5 BP: Gold
  • 10 BP: Crab Orb
  • 15 BP: Monkey Orb
  • 20 BP: Crab Orb
  • 25 BP: Weapon/Armor Status Boosting Item
  • 30 BP: Monkey Orb
  • 35 BP: Gold
  • 40 BP: Eagle Orb
  • 45 BP: Gold
  • 50 BP: Viagro (SP Restoration Item)
  • 55 BP: Weapon/Armor Status Boosting Item
  • 60 BP: Crab Orb
  • 65 BP: Gold
  • 70 BP: Monkey Orb
  • 75 BP: Gold
  • 80 BP: Eagle Orb
  • 85 BP: Gold
  • 90 BP: Viagro (SP Restoration Item)
  • 95 BP: Weapon/Armor Status Boosting Item
  • 100 BP: Gold

(Since all fights in this dungeon are non-random for now, no other BP GOLD rewards can be reached.)

Special Notes:Edit

The fights in this dungeon are all scripted. When you reack a square, even though it's not marked, you will have a fight. Most scripted fights in Rance 6 are marked either by a red cloud or a purple star. Also, this map is incomplete for this area for a reason. The first time in here, you cannot go through any of the locked doors (can't g keys until later) or to any other areas of the dungeon.

Dungeon: Annis's Mystery Dungeon Edit

Note: The red walls are not on the map initially, they appear after several one time events on the map. Treasure chests are not marked.


Dungeon: Magazine Tower Edit

You can only enter the towers if your party has only mages. You can reorganize your party after getting inside.

Selection 280

Dungeon: 3rd Test Site Edit

Selection 293

Dungeon: Surrounding Forest Edit

Selection 291