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Rance 6 1st Game Walkthrough Edit

NOTE! Please save after you have completed the game. There's more later on.

Chapter 1: Intro & Slave Prison Arc Edit

Maze: Underground Tunnel Edit

  • At the begining of the game, you will immediately start a battle with Rance & Sill fighting monster. As you move along, you will see locked doors. You can ignore them for now as you need to buy keys to unlock them. Later you will see two green stars, just move towards them and at the second one, you can see a H-scene of Rance raping a magic user. Your first two HCGs.
  • Worry about Rance unable to heal and has only one health pill ? This game doesn't require mana or potions. Sill can heal Rance as many times you want per battle. The only health pill you have can restore the entire health (even if a character is knocked out) so use it wisely.
  • Magic Attacks won't work on Haniwa. Only physical attack or skills.
  • You should worry about the amount of SP you have. The number of SP is equal to the number of battles you can fight. The moment all your active party members run out of SP, you will immediately teleport back to the menu screen (not applicable for this intro dungeon right now). You can then return to any available maze at anytime. For this maze however, as soon as any one of the characters has 1 SP left, random encounters will stop occuring (so there's no exiting this maze).

Note that when you return to the menu screen, your HP and SP will be auto restore but your battle points will be reset (effective from when the intro is over and done with).

  • Before you move towards to the third green star, I suggest you move around to see any Treasure Chest or Yellow Cross behind. Treasure Chest sometimes give you gold and sometimes give you items. Yellow Cross give you extra battle points. What are the battle points used for ? I will explain at the next part of the chapter.
  • After moving towards the third green star, Rance and Sill will find a dead body of a male servant. Then they will automatically teleport out of the maze. At the end of this chapter, Rance will be thrown into the slave dungeon due to his rudeness to Radon.

Maze: Slave Dungeon Edit

  • The opening movie will be played introduce Maria, Masou Shizuka, Kanami, Sill Plain and some other characters. Then Rance will wake up realising where he is now. From there, you can see the Event Menu with one red button and one blue button on the right corner. More is explained in the Rance 6:Game mechanics. You might want to try it out yourself how this game works at this point. After that, you know by now how to move out. Search around the maze and level up.
  • Right at the beginning of the dungeon, head right. There is an event star. 6 slaves will be fighting with 2 squid men. After the squids beat the men, they'll turn on you. Fight and win to move on. Ignore the red cloud around the corner for now. You can go down the stairs then turn right and proceed to see a star event that has Rance and Sill meeting but being divided by a magic-proof window. At the end of the event a careless Rance will be jumped by a Puryo. Kill it. After killing it Rance will see Sill's no longer there. To north is a chest (鷲玉).

  • Grind yourself a couple of levels (though it's not neccessary). Just keep fighting until you run out of SP or if your HP is about to run out, return instantly by pressing "V" on the keyboard then clicking the top option (Yes). While at it, explore more of the map by walking into space you haven't yet stepped in, even if you don't need to do it for any other purpose; this game rewards you with useful items for every 25% of the map explored (the 4th one comes at 95% instead of 100%). You can explore more than 25% without doing any events and getting into any red cloud/star events.
  • If you've gained a blue orb, you can trigger an event to learn Rance Attack, Rance's signature move that charges up for 1 turn do deal very heavy damage to a single enemy. You can use a yellow orb to raise Rance's attack by 1 (if you have no use of them).
  • After picking up a few levels, it's time to head upstairs. Down the left passage is a chest (present). Going straight will take you to 2 rooms (経験食パン on your left, 10 gold on your right... Don't use the bun yet, you won't gain much) and an event star. A furious Rance, after noticing Radon, will rush to one of the windows to lunge at him, but the window doesn't break. On the other side, some of the aristocrats will comment on your foolishness and discuss the political state of the kingdom. Head back and take the unexplored right path. You can either take the first door to the roof, or head around the corner for a useless event star (Rance nearly falls slipping on a banana skin). Going through the door behind you will have a slave bully trying to hit you and Rance escaping, but there's no fight with him.
  • On the top floor, you will see a red cloud and a purple-reddish star. Red clouds are difficult battles, and often boss battles. Purple stars are the same, but storyline related. This one shouldn't be tackled until you have 3 party members (or you can always come back later in the game). Theres a chest (C武器卵(小)) and a yellow cross as well. Go to the purple star to trigger an event battle. Rance meets the resident bully and watches Rocky take a little physical abuse. The battle is against two prisoners and a shield prisoner. I recommend attacking the shield first because he can sometimes block for the others. Plus, he does more damage. One Rance Attack will surely take him out, but hope it doesn't get interrupted while charging up. After winning, the bully names you the new boss (and himself the sub-boss). Rance has none of that and puts an end to him. Rocky will express his gratitude to you.
  • Head out of the dungeon. The easiest way to do this is to use the bonsai of escape (red button in lower right). There's an event named 新しい仲間(?)["New companion ?"]. Rance kills someone else abusing Rocky, and he joins you out of gratitude. Now you have two party members. Take a moment to rest up from the dungeon. Note: the red BP sphere event here is good for building up a little gold early on, it becomes available once each time you go out and return. Once you do that the first time, a new event will become available: 奴隷観察場に流れる命令放送. Triggering it will open Gate B downstairs.
  • After Rocky joins there is also a FR event on the map (Rocky FR +1).
  • At this point, if you have 3 orbs accumulated, a "Beautiful Dreamer" will become available. It consumes all 3 yellow orbs and increases Rance's SP by 1.
  • Now let's head on down towards Gate B (down the stairs, go left, you'll notice the gate is no longer there). The chests along the south passage have 50 gold and 100 gold. As you turn the corner, you'll see another purple star. 3 giant monsters will ambush you, but "Large man of Mystery" will join you in battle. After the monsters are defeated, there will be a brief conversation, and the man will leave.
  • Heal if necessary, then head north to the northern passage. Another purple star. Another giant monster. Only one this time, so you should be able to take it out with minimal fuss. Aberto will appear and applaud your effort. Take some time to grab the yellow cross and the chest (100 gold). Then exit the dungeon.
  • Another new event: 新しい仲間(?). Aberto requests that you join the rebels who are seeking to promote equality in Zeth. He also reveals the presence of a secret passage on the ground floor. Time to get out of here. Be sure to grab the new FR event that has appeared on the map (Rocky FR+1).
  • Before doing the next event, consider grinding especially Rocky upto level 8-10 if he isn't already, then try challenging the red cloud fights if you feel like it.
  • Head back down the south passage and back to where the purple star was. There's a yellow event star there now. Alberto will reveal the secret passage to you. to the passage just north of the entry, there's a chest (猿玉). The northmost passage loops around to a yellow cross. Head west and south. The westmost passage leads to a red cloud. Head east along the bottom and down the stairs to an event star. A little further and up stairs. You made it! You're out! (Pro Tip: Before you leave it might be an idea to ensure you have 3 eagle orbs ny doing the level a few more times.)

Chapter 2 Edit

The Headquarters of the ResistanceEdit

Aberto introduces Rance to the various members of the Resistance, including Daniel (Aberto's father) and Urza, the leader of the resistance. Uruza explains that the resistance is aimed at undoing the inequality that the mages of Zesu have placed in their society. Once Rance and Rocky join, Aberto escorts them to their room (room 13). You will have access to a number of events and the store (to buy better equipment and keys).

Note: events with a star next to them in the menu tend to advance the plot. To advance, select the "meeting of the white corps" (ホワイト隊の会合に参加する) event. Rance will meet Sanakia, the leader of the white corps. Since Rance isn't a team player, he'll get his own team: the Green Corps. Meet them by selecting "First meeting of the Green Corps" (グリーン隊の初会合). Kaoru, Prima, and Bernard will join your fighting group. And of course, a whole new batch of related events become available. If you go to the map, you'll notice that a new dungeon is available (The Surrounding Forests - 周辺の森). We'll go check it out since we'll need some orbs to activate some events and raise FR values.

The Surrounding ForestsEdit

There's a brief meeting with a rebel fighter, who will ask you to look for a suspicious person. Head on up right to an event star. After a brief event, it's on to exploring. At the intersection, you'll find three paths. The east is the beginner's path, so let's head that way. The path is relatively straight and you'll get two yellow crosses as you go by, so it's a good way to earn orbs.

One time through should be enough to get you 2 red orbs and a yellow orb. Do not go north or west after clearing the east wing, you'll die from high leveled mobs, so teleport or walk back south. Once you've got enough points, feel free to exit through the pink door near where you entered.

There's an event going on. Radon is trying to console Sill by telling her she can buy another slave fighter.

Back at the village, spend your orbs on some events. The 1 red events will improve your FR with that character, which ultimately determines what dungeons you can bring them in (note the FR number when you select a dungeon). For now, though, chose the "The Underlings of the Green Corps is increased" (グリーン隊の部下を増やす) event to recruit Megadeath. At this point, every little bit helps. Now select the "First job of the Green Corps" (グリーン隊として初仕事を受ける) event. You will be assigned to hunt down the "horrific Saber Night killer". Time to head to Italia.


A nice big area to explore. A den of thieves and prostitutes, Italia is a good example of the class distinction in the Kingdom of Zeth. Several of the events and interactions let you know just how bad off things are for the second class (non-magic using) citizens. There are two heart event available (both are +1 Fr for Kaoru), so pick them up as you explore. If you head north, you will find a shop. The currency for this shop are the "medals" you receive for winning red cloud battles. For a list, check the item section. You'll also see some ATM-like structures on the walls. We'll do more with these later.

In the middle of the area is a star event. Rance will interrogate one of the citizens, but nothing will come of it. Kaoru will suggest checking the lower tiers. Head down the bottom-left set of stairs to head down to the church on floor -3. Head inside for a brief star event. Then head on toward the back room. You'll find two treasures. Now head on back out. Looks like the church doesn't like thieves. Beat down a group of six fighters and the priest will let you keep the loot.

Head back upstairs and take the upper right stairs down. down on floor -2, you'll find an event star. Rance and the others find the killer's latest victim. While you go to find the killer, Radon's daughter Emi shows up with Hassam Crown. A new purple event star will appear in the bottom-right lower section, so head down the stairs over there. Touch the purple star and Doruhan Cricket will attack you. Afterwards, Kaoru will explain about Cricket's persecuted people. Meanwhile, Doruhan escapes only to get whipped by Emi.

Back in control, head back to floor 1. You'll see another purple star. Hassam Crown is there. Apparently HE is Saber Night. He views the murders as simply hunting an inferior species. Show him just how inferior you are. He's got attack 70 and 50 defense, so approach with caution. Magic attacks are more effective, so using Kaoru's charge attack will work nicely. After you win, Rance prepares to run his sword through Hassam Crown, Just in time for the police to see and wrongfully accuse Rance of the murders. Hassam escapes, but is captured by Kaoru and the mito of subjugation. The next morning, Rance is released from prison (thanks to Kaoru).

You can head back to Italia. The guards blocking the other half of the map are gone. You can explore the other half of the area to find a FR event for Rocky, two red clouds and two yellow crosses. When you've explored enough, head on out.

Back at HeadquartersEdit

New plot events. Select "Storming the house to be ecchi while he is asleep" (エッチの為なら手段選ばず寝込みを襲う). Rance will visit Uruza in the middle of the night and forces himself on her. Uruza, for her part, acts the martyr. Apparently this has happened to her before. She contemplates suicide. Rance can't leave it at that, so choose the next event "Instruction, Dismiss the almost everyone" (命令、野郎はほとんどクビにしてしまえ). Rance will revisit Uruza. He convinces her to live for the resistance and accept his advice. The next day, Uruza discusses the changes with Daniel, and over the next 3 days, the resistance is greatly reduced in size.

A few new friendship events, and an event about Sill (命令、俺様の奴隷シィルを見つけろ).Be sure to watch this.

Before advancing the plot, head back to the Peripheral forest. You should be fine on the West-Wing now, only mobs that spawn that are dangerous are 2 mobs (bugs with massive-hp and fairies with semi-high agi for lvl15ish~ but they die in 1 hit, very weak but they are strong (Just flee from battle). In the west-wing you'll get 2 orb-stars and a 300g chest each visit (up to 500g if orb-stars give the 100g bonus, totaling almost 700~ a trip west+east.). And on the starter route (if you didn't grind here earlier for event orbs) you should see an event star along the beginner road. Head over there and recruit Tamanegi. Tamanegi's good for two reasons: he can attack from the back row, and he teaches Rance how to capture monster girls. After recruiting Tamanegi, a heart event will appear back the way you came. Pick it up for Tamanegi FR+1. Before you get back to the village, you'll see a scene. At the Zeth capital, four king's leader Chizuko is leading a conference with the secretaries. There's a brief exchange about the rights of second-class citizens. When you get back to the village, there will be an event for Tamanegi: "It goes to peep at the appearance of training" (調教の様子を覗きに行く). Tamanagi will show Rance hi art and ask for more gal monsters. This makes the event that teaches Rance the capture attack to appear. Also, there's a new event called "My Miss slave was found" costs 1Red&Yellow orb (俺様の奴隷が見つかった). Do other events if it doesnt show. Now you've got Sill, who's both a better healer than Prima and can attack from the back row. With Sill, we've opened up a few optional sidequests. One of the most important ones is

Autumn ForestEdit

We'll start with Sanakia's. Select "Is the silver corps fighting hard? I will help" (シルバー隊苦戦中か、俺が助けてやろう). Sanakia will storm out on a mission. Rance follows her to the forest of autumn to help her track down the beautiful woman wizard. This area has a high FR rating of 12, so you won't be able to bring anyone with a lower FR rating. Also, watch the ground for mushrooms. Stepping on these will knock out one of your active party members.

Once you enter, head left and take the first left. You'll find an event star and Sanakia will tell you to get lost. Ignoring her, keep heading west until you reach the building with stairs down.

On the first room there should be a FR event with Rocky, and on the last room there'll be a switch. Turn it off, and head to the corridor which was previously blocked. A new set of rooms will show up. It is advised to explore all of these rooms, and turn off the switches. Once you get to the end of the corridor, turn left where a star is visible. Walking on the star will give you Rizna.

Talking with Rizna after she joins will unlock you the Haniwa Plains, which is a good place to grind but also have a high FR requirement. There are also a few FR Events and bonus rooms.

Chapter 3 Edit

(in progress)

Chapter 4 Edit

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Chapter 5 Edit

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Chapter 6 Edit

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Chapter 7 Edit

Maze: Underground Spring Edit

  • For this maze, you will find your available party members has jumped to include Urza Pranaice, Rick Addison, Magic the Gandhi, Alex Valse, and Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi. Take some time to enjoy them. At this point all 16 of your members are fixed so no party swapping.
  • The maze is fairly straightforward. Head along the ground floor toward the door, triggering the event stars as you go. All the warps seem to send you to the same area, which can be escaped by falling through the hidden trap door. More trouble than it's worth unless you're aiming for 100% exploration. Going up any stairs will take you to locked doors. The first red door holds a red cloud battle. The remaining doors hold BP bonuses or treasure chests. North of the door are a pair of red clouds and a treasure chest.
  • Entering the western door, there will be a small hall with another event star. Exiting into the next section, head west and pick up the BP bonus near the steps. Head north to the BP bonus and the red cloud. In the dead end, you will find a switch that will remove the bars on the second floor.
  • Notice the snow and ice? You will encounter a fair number of Frozen (snow woman) gal monsters here if you missed capturing one earlier. Other gal monsters include Fairy, Angel, and Blue Haired gal monsters that attack with their hair to paralyze you.
  • WARNING! If you've done a lot of exploring, you may want to escape the dungeon to recover your characters before moving on...
  • Head upstairs and through another event star. At the first purple star, you will fight a battle against Apostle Yuki [使徒 ユキ] and two Frozen. Not too difficult. Having beaten Yuki, Rance will begin to H her, whereupon he comes down with a severe "frostbite". Rance will be unavailable to fight, which means you can't use the bonsai of escape, and you can't use the exit door either (Aren't you glad you healed up first?). The next 4 purple stars you must pass through are survival battles against Dark Lord La Saizel [魔人 サイゼル]. The goal is to last 4 turns without dying. Saizel likes to charge for a power attack, so it will reduce the number of turns she spends killing your guys. Paralyzing attacks do work, but not very often. You may choose to enter these battles with characters you don't mind dying (since you will be unable to damage her). If you don't want any deaths at all, getting in with a level 51 Rizna with Sill (needed to heal) and Sanakia (needed to buff magic defence) helps. After that immediately pull Sanakia out. Rizna will be able to take Saizel's attacks without dying. The row penetration attack will barely hurt either of them, while the charged single hit will hurt whoever is hit with it quite a bit, but probably won't one-shot kill either of them if they were buffed by Sanakia, so Sill can keep both of them alive (don't use Cell because she can be one-shot killed with the charged attack).
  • Eventually, you will see a part of the wall that looks like a cave. Push against it to open a path. Since you'll want to make things quick here, we'll go by the quickest route. Once inside, pick the left path, then pick left at the next fork. Once through, hit the event star. You'll see a hot spring, but Saizel will get in your way. As Rance carelessly tosses Chaos at her he will (presumable accidentally) stab her in the belly and cause her to fall down, and Rance will recover in a hot spring. Now you will be able to exit the dungeon again, and you may want to to revive any beaten party members. Note that at this time you'll temporarily lose Chaos and Rance's weapon will revert to an un-egged A-rank Long Sword.
  • You can take this opportunity to explore the other paths in the ice cave for some treasure chests. Go downstairs from where the event star was and turn back south to find another breakable wall. Inside is a series of paths that lead to some treasure chests and another red cloud. One of the red clouds at an intersection has 3 golden Super Hanny so careful!!!
  • When you're done exploring, head back to the stairs and west toward another purple star. Apostle Yuki's not ready to let you go. She reappears in her full form and attacks again (with two Frozen again). Again, not a tough battle. Yuki will run off after the battle. Head along the path to the next event star for a scene with Saizel. This event will also give you back Chaos. Head through the door and past the next room to finish up the area.

Event Screen Edit

  • A number of nice events become available at this point for improving FR or pushing up the FR Max. Take advantage of them. Head back to the Abandoned Labyrinth (Hell) [廃棄迷宮/地獄?] if you need to stock up on BP spheres (as well as SP restoring medicines).
  • Head to the Forest of Autumn and pick up the friendship event with Magic the Gandhi (+1FR).
  • Masou Shizuka's S rank weapon event should also be available (unlocks for 2 red orbs). Head off to the incredible annoying cube to try your puzzle solving skills (or just cheat by checking the FAQs). Hint: Her magic number is not the same as Sill's and is mentioned in the level decription. The star event will increase her max FR as well.
  • Cell Catchgolf's S rank weapon can be obtained from a 2 red sphere event (FR must be at least 25(?)).

Maze: Fruit Ruins (フルーツ遺跡) Edit

  • Gal monsters include Chopii (spacewoman), Archer, Sorceress, Pareeko (glowing gal monster), PataPata (succubus)
  • Start by heading left. Go past the locked door and check the two rooms down the hall. One will have a switch you can pull to open the way further in. The room on the left of the end of the hall has a FR event for Masou Shizuka. The room on the right has a BP bonus. Head back to the start and go down the right path to an event star (Magic the Gandhi FR +1). Go forward toward the FR event for Maria (FR +1). There is also a trapdoor in this room that will drop you down to a series of rooms with trapdoors. When you reach bottom, grab the BP bonus to the west. explore the rest of the floor to find a red cloud battle. In the center of the floor is a treasure chest (2000 gold). Otherwise, head upstairs to the exit.
  • Return to the right path and head up the stairs to an event star. You will see a short cutscene. Head left to grab a treasure chest (2000 gold). All the doors lead to the same area. After riding the conveyor, chest the western passage for the Mango Key. This will unlock the doors you passed earlier in the dungeon.
  • Exit the dungeon and reenter. Head toward the west locked door. Inside you'll find a treasure chest (2000 gold). Head upstairs to find a red cloud.
  • Return to the east locked door. Inside you will find an area with purple floors that will drain your HP (Rocky is a useful scapegoat in plowing through these, especially if equipped with the personal nurse that heals 50% after each battle; after 4 steps call in a few fighters, press M to fight a battle and get Rocky healed, then repeat) and a red cloud (there is a gal monster in this battle, so you may want to be ready). On the east side of the room is a passage that leads to a treasure chest (present). The switch in this room will disable the trapdoor on the bridge, so you can get across to an event star (Apostle Aurora). Head down stairs to another event star. Return to the previous star to see that the path is clear. Down the hall is a green locked door (this connects to an empty hall, ending in a red lock door) and a door to a red cloud. Plow through the cloud battle and continue down the hall. In the next room is a red lock door (empty hall) and another event star (Aurora again). Down the hall is a door to a blue locked door (this is a shortcut and can be avoided). Further down the hall, the west fork leads to a treasure (守りドール). Heading north is a green door (2000 gold), another green door (red cloud), and a room full of doors (FR +1 for Karoria) and a set of stairs. Head on down stairs to an event star.
  • Work your way back to Demon Sieg. Check out the event star, then head in to the purple star. Time to take out Seig. Immediately after you'll fight another boss battle (timed battle). And if that weren't enough, there's another boss battle. For this battle, just survive 6 rounds.
  • After the battle is over, check the walls for a hidden passage. Explore to find a treasure, two red cloud, and a pair of BP bonuses and a treasure. Head back and walk through the door to finish off the maze.

Event Screen Edit

Do the star events here, nothing new to add. There'll probably a 3-red orb even with Patton that will make him tougher it seems.

Maze: Maginot Line Edit

  • Gal monsters: Chopii (spacewoman), Pareeko (glowing gal monster), PataPata (succubus), Nuku nuku (sheep), Blue haired gal monster.
  • Thanks to Pareeko, sending out Rance alone ever is a very bad idea. Don't make that mistake in this level. Her light attack will hit Rance for about 2k damage PLUS can paralyze. The mob set that has her teamed up with two Chopii gal monsters (who also can paralyze) will let them use the same strategy you use on bosses with Karoria - Keep him paralyzed all the time and slaughter him without giving any chance to act at all - not even call in other members as Pareeko seems to act very early.
  • Upon entering this place for the first time, Ragnarokarch Super Gandhi will need to work on getting the Mana Battery started (along with Anise), so this is where he says goodbye to your party (for good, he won't rejoin again). Also, Maria will leave your party to work on her invention, the Tulip v2 Maresuke. You might want to exit immediately and fill up the empty slot with someone from the reserves. Even Kaoru, who joined in place of Gandhi, is replaceable. Once you reinforce your party, come back here and let's move on to our next event.
  • Ah, back here again. Check the event star to see that Maria is still preparinging her little invention. The guard that was blocking the upstairs is gone, but the magic towers will limit how much you can explore. Let's go break 'em.
  • Head back to Floor 1 and go in the door. There's a lot of rooms here, some are empty and some have a battle with fixed enemies (3 Green Demon Soldier in the front, 2 Happy Kyan Kyan and 1 Maid in the back - that are easy to kill and give pretty good EXP because of 2 Happy Kyan Kyan!!) who respawn there everytime you load the map. However, there are a few items and FR events scattered about that may make it worth you while to explore. If you explore, you'll find a red cloud, 5000 gold, a FR event for Cell, a BP bonus, and a Present (note that this present also respawns everytime you load the map, so you can get any amount of presents here. Abuse it if you want to clear characters with little or no FR events cheaply!). There is a blue locked door, but it leads to a room full of poison floors.
  • When you're done exploring, head downstairs. This should look familiar. Two locked red doors down here. Both rooms have 255 gold in them and there's a Masou FR event in the southern room. Head on in to the center room. You'll see an event. Use the stairs to get back outside and return to check on Maria. Seems she's ready, so head back upsatirs to the towers. Maria will deactivate the tower. You can head west to check out the red cloud, but watch out for the trapdoor north of the second magic tower.
  • Floor 3. Two steps north will drop you through another trapdoor, so don't head further upstairs yet. Instead, head east and blow the next tower. The green lock door has nothing inside it. Going through the other door, you'll see a door to another big room with a switch. Turn the switch off. This raises the gate to the room you see below. Exit the room and head west toward the purple star. Time to meet with Apostle Shichisei (使徒 七星). He'll turn into a dragon for the boss fight. Not too tough, but his breath attacks will hit multiple party members in a horizontal or vertical line, so heal often. After you win, head through the door. Ignore the locked room for now and walk into the dead end. You'll fall into a room with poison floors. Why? Take the northmost door. Down to hall is the room you opened with the switch, giving you まんが肉, 力のポテチ, 鷲玉, and 10000 gold.
  • Either go back to the poison room and take the other doors to trapdoors, or exit and reenter the dungeon. Go back to where you fought Shichisei and continue down the hallway. Note that there are a ton of trapdoors in this section, so I will not mention them individually (plus, you might want to try out all of them to get a 100% exploration of this map!). This time, take the door to the right. In the next room, head left (the right door has nothing). In the next room, head left again (again, nothing right). Head through the next door and go straight. Take the next couple of doors to get back outside. Pick up a セフレの鍵 from the chest so you can use the locked door next time you pass through.
  • Blow up some more towers. Grab 5000 Gold. Follow the path up to the purple star. After the battle, you'll be sent back to the first floor. Maria will rejoin your party. This activates a FR event in the first floor set of rooms (if you still need one).
  • Head back to floor 3. Some new event stars. Make your way back to where the purple star was. You won't be able to blow this tower since Maria is with you, so use the door. Another event star. Keep moving through doors, right into a purple star. After a scene, Magic, Sanakia, and Kaoru will have to fight Aberto. He's healing for 4000 a round, so you're not likely to beat him. Next comes Maria, Kanami, and Rizna. Watch you party get slaughtered. Next up are Rocky, Sill, and Alex. Bet you're tired of loosing by now, huh? Well, you lose again. Patton, Karoria, and Uruza fall next. Now is Rance, Cell, Rick, and Masou. Aberto stops healing, so nows where you get serious. Aberto attacks one at a time, so Cell should be able to keep everyone healed.
  • Now Rizna and Uruza is missing. At least everyone's stats are refilled. Enter the hall. The two middle rooms down the hall have a present and a 超熟経験食パン. Down the hall and up the steps is another event star (I guess we know where Rizna and Uruza are). The north door leads back outside and a chest with 5000 gold. Go back and head east. The next room has 3 exits. The south door takes you to a passage you can't pass through. East is an empty room. Head north and follow the path to find Rizna and Uruza. There will be a few scenes and you'll be warped out of the maze. Rizna and Uruza will rejoin you.
  • Check the event at the top of the steps. There's a treasure chest where you found Rizna and Uruza. Inside is a 鷲玉. Head back to the hall you could not pass through before. Another switch to press and a locked door. Rememebr that batch of trapdoors in front of the 3rd floor stairs. The switch turns them off, but you need to walk all the way back (or exit the dungeon)
  • Thank goodness this switch stays off. Head all the way upstairs. Red cloud, BP bonus, towers you can't pass. Take the door. The south door is a red cloud and the north an empty room. Head downstairs. Head down the hall. the unlocked room contains the マジノ24カード (opens more locked doors). Event star (the enemy ranks are getting a little thin, huh?). Downstairs. Two blue lock doors. In each one is a green lock door. The right path has a 竜角惨, the left path has a 超熟経験食パン. More stairs. Red cloud in the unlocked room (and a new gal monster). In the other room is an off switch for the towers. Head back outside.
  • On floor 5, a BP bonus and 5000 gold are lying in plain sight. Head over toward the purple star. Time to fight Demon Camilla. You only get 3 rounds, so it's not likely you'll beat her. Head upsatir to the next event star. Another couple of red clouds in plain sight. Head east toward another purple star. Camilla again, this time four rounds before time over. Another scene and Rance will scar Camilla. This time, the fight is for real. Camilla's area attack tend to neutralize charge attacks, so keep Sill to healing individuals. Patton is helpful for soaking up damage.
  • After the battle, Rance and Sill will be thrown into a dark hall. Touch the event star to see what the others are doing, then head downstairs (there will be no event star for this last battle, just keep going and soon enough it'll happen). Camilla is down here too. Everytime you run into a dead end, there'll be a scene that has Camilla clawing at Rance out of nowhere. Anyway, once Camilla appears in front of you, the last fight begins. She's not as strong this time. Whittle away her Hp: If Rance and Sill's levels are around 80 Rance will have her for lunch in 3 Rance Attacks. Keep healing with Sill. Once done with her, watch the scenes as the Maginot Line finally reactivates and the demons get hammered. Enjoy the ending!

Rance 6 Post Game Walkthrough Edit

NOTE! Don't think it's already over! Load your completed save and continue playing it.

A number of events are open for you to try out. Here are the new ones that appear after reloading your save:

Event Name: (EN) Event Name: (JA) Trigger Condition: Effect:
Continuation of ending 続・エンディング Anytime See more epilogue scenes
Annihilate the force by one remaining 残存1個部隊を殲滅せよ Anytime Maze event
Challenge the Golden Hanny ゴールデンハニーに挑戦 Anytime Boss Battle versus Giant Gold Hanny
VS hyper arms (ribaldry attention) VS ハイパー兵器(下品注意) Anytime Deathmatch against some enemies
It challenges 5000 総撃破5000突破 一発に挑戦 Anytime Deathmatch between Rance and a strong foe.
Senzuri Today 今日はセンズリ(女にサービスしない日) Anytime Sill SP+1
Yudzuru wants the DLAK sword. DLAKソードを譲ってほしい Anytime Sanakia FR+1
The DALK sword is made easy to pull DALKソードを抜きやすくしてやる DLAKソードを譲ってほしい is seen. Sanakia FR+1 , Srank weapon DALK Sword obtained
Visit to four kings Magic 四天王マジックの訪問 Anytime Magic FR +1
The princess is embraced after a long time 久しぶりに王女を抱く 四天王マジックの訪問 is seen Magic FR Max up, FR+1. Magic rejoins party.
Alex ran after the princess and it appeared アレックスが王女を追って現れた 久しぶりに王女を抱く is seen Deathmatch between Rance and Alex Vowels. Magic +1FR
Eropicha and Magic エロピチャとマジック アレックスが王女を追って現れた is seen Magic +1FR
Magic that writes Maria and graduation thesis マリアと卒論を書くマジック 久しぶりに王女を抱く is seen Magic +1FR
Save a popular restaurant (Martina). 人気料亭を救え(マルチナ) 四天王マジックの訪問 is seen. サクラ&パスタ stage opens.
Save Zesu TV (Fine) ゼスTVを救え(フィネー) 四天王マジックの訪問 Zesu TV stage opens.
Save a national gym ([yuzu]) 国立体育館を救え(ユズ) 四天王マジックの訪問 国家体育館 stage opens.
Stop the neo-pentagon. ネオペンタゴンをとめろ 四天王マジックの訪問 New stage opens.
Information from own country 本国からの情報 ネオペンタゴンをとめろ is seen Unknown
Lack of physical activity cancellation, Mountaineering date 運動不足解消、山登りデート Anytime Maria FR +1
Special Event スペシャルイベント Anytime Patton Stat increase
Ghandi's origin ガンジーの元に千鶴子現れる Anytime Scene (Unknown)
Drink of dangerous [eropicha] 危険なエロピチャの飲み物 エロピチャとマジック is seen Scene and CG
The sleeping daughter decides it to an okay signature. 寝ている娘はオーケーサインに決定 ネオペンタゴンをとめろ is completed Unknown
Queen vs Princess 王女 vs 女王 Unknown CG, Magic FR +1