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Source: by Azraeth

Throughout the course of the game, you will gain items and be able to equip them to your characters depending on the number of slots available. In higher difficulties, it is possible to obtain better versions of these items and they will have a marker to show that. The markers are x2, x4 and SP. Also, all items can be sold for a higher amount of gold depending on the difficulty.

Name Rarity Effect Sells for
Manga meat Bone Common +10 Hit points 60
Manga meat Common +10 Hit points 80
Meat beginning Common +40 Hit points 100
Rabbit pot Rare +80 Hit points 380
Soft-shelled turtle god Rare +120 Hit points 520
Dora cat bell Common +6 Attack 105
Pure gold bear Rare +20 Attack 390
Magic tomato Common +5 Magic attack 115
Cup of magic Rare +20 Magic attack 405
Light feather Common +5 Evasion 110
Rice with green tea Rare +20 Evasion 400
Shiitake Common +5 Parry 90
Marimo of safeguard Rare +20 Parry 410
Protect doll Common +2 Magic resistance 120
Bakkubaku Rare +5 Magic resistance 430
Nio natto Common +5 Tenacity 130
Bro bro blossom Rare +20 Tenacity 435
Strange quick bug Common +1 speed 140
Piyo skewer Rare +3 speed 395
Hanny zippo Common Resurrection (consumed when used) 480
Satisfaction fish Rare +5 rate of strong attacks 445
Raku-ba Rare +1 movement 390
Year-end barrier Rare -2 cost of barrier 450
Saiya ginseng Rare Effect of the store x2 440
Provocative cat Rare +10% provocation rate 385
Clown mask Rare +20% drop rate of gold 460
Tekaru chestnut Rare +5% critical chance 425
Carrot Rare Power of charged attacks is x2 instead of x1.5 440

This game includes unique items. You can only obtain one of those and you cannot obtain a better version of that item.

Name Effect
MAX corps +50% current attack
Pig thing (?) Ignore ennemy tenacity
Ghost pipe -100 character cost
Fairy lantern +2 attack range
Fake fan x2 covering fire chance (Maria and Tourin)
Runrunba +1 special move
Super drill +30% critical chance
Rocket motor +3 movement
Will of the month +100% current Hit points
Blue miko ema Unlock all equipment slots
Red miko ema Unlock all equipment slots
Green miko ema Unlock all equipment slots
Dimension hat +1 attack range
Hatsuyume treasure ship Ignore ennemy evasion
Tange dog +10% rate of acting again
Eagle grasping Ignore ennemy parry

The following items' use is for selling and gainin gold

Name Gain
Gold zippo 300
Golden bell tree 2000
Fortune rice cake 6000

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