Main HeroinesEdit

Other GirlsEdit

11- Amitos Armitage

12- Pastel Kalar

13- Maria Custard

14- Merci Archa / Alkanese Rize

15- Freya Idun

16- Paelina Misnarge

17- Ruberan Tser

18- Aegis Kalar

19- Athena 2.0


21- Biscuitt Burns

22- Leila Grecni

23- Mysteria Tou

24- Pamela Helman

Outlaw MenEdit

Men and OthersEdit

11- Barres Province

12- Members of the Flower Mercenary Brigade

13- Thoma Lipton

14- Maha Margaret

15- Kechak BangorM.M Rune

16- Gokinken

17- Bastet

18- Karl Ojizan

19- Urajile

20- Bodu

21- Zan Xavis

22- HanskinsBashou Matio

23- Stessel Romanov

24- Nero Chapet VIIConvert Tax

25- Dark Crow

26- Cholchotov


  • As some sort of joke, Minerva was placed in the "Males & Others" category despite being a female.

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