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Editor's noteEdit

This is simply a note to catch editor's attention. It will be moved to the talk page when the article has been established.

This article lists all of the monsters that you encounter during the journey.

I've decided that the RQMonster template will be used for each entry since we can add additional information quickly that way without having to re-structure the entire table. The following information will definitely be listed, and more can be added later if necessary (just add it to the template and update the table with an additional column).

  • Name
  • Picture (optional)
  • HP (can be checked using "assassinate" skill, or just an approximation)
  • Location (optional for some, as some appear almost everywhere)

Unsure if exp received from battle has anything to do with the monster. I am not sure if world 2 monsters have higher HP or not, but I have included it just in case. They may be merged later (someone verify)

Important: In order to edit the page with templates correctly, you must be editing the source directly. To do so, scroll to the top of the edit page and under "controls" click "source". Maybe it is better to just use normal tables?

Bestiary ListEdit

Name HP (world 1) HP (world 2) Weakness Skills Locations

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