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Custom CharactersEdit

In Rance Quest, you are able to create your own Custom Characters. To do so, simply buy the "character sheet" item (costs 1000 x number of characters made) and then do quest 129 (which is the process to create the character)

You can have a maximum of 10 customs at a time, although you can delete unwanted Customs by dragging them to the lower right in the party management screen.

Character CreationEdit


** You need to change to Japanese (Microsoft IME) and use Fullwidth Alphanumeric to type in the name and the dialogues in English.

Custom Characters have a level cap of 20 naturally.

There are 3 random templates that determines certain skill costs for different occupations. They are "Treasure type" (has お宝鑑定), "Capture type" (has 捕獲の知識) and "None type" (doesn't have either of the previous two.) This is most important for Sorcerers, which determines what elements they can use, and least important for Gunners and Civilians, whose templates are all similar. You may wish to back-up your save files to get an optimal character and recreating characters.

In the patched versions of the game, other than Sorcerers having random elements available to them, random templates have been removed.


Choose a Face Portrait for your character. If you want, you can create your own by placing a 196x232 BMP/PNG (Png preferred due to transparency) file in the save data folder under the "Face CG" folder.


Choose your character's job. If you don't care about power level, go ahead and choose anything but assuming you are creating characters so that the game is easier, what classes should you choose?


Ranger - There is only 4 rangers in the game total (without Magnum), and only 2 are storyline characters that are forced on you, meaning you will be running very low on Rangers.

Consider creating additional rangers to Escape battles and Open Chests/Avoid traps for dungeon crawling purposes as characters like Suzume are much suitable for fighting.

Guard - Guards are highly likely to be killed so having replacements is good. You can also customize your guards for niche purposes such as giving them Darkness or Lightning resistance to take out specific battles. Storyline guards tend to have a lot of special skills they want to spend their own points on and some of them have inherent disadvantages like Sachiko not being able to remove her shield.

Gunner - Bow Gunners can learn "Volley", a skill that uses up all attacks but deals huge damage to the entire enemy group (one of the only 3 skills that can target the entire enemy group, and Rance Attack is only for Rance). Training a couple of them is very helpful in taking out red crystals/bosses while saving your more powerful storyline gunners (such as Uruza) for bigger threats.

Healer - Healer is a very good occupation with multiple builds, such as a backline healer, a front row tank or an exorcist, so creating a healer to cover any of these purposes works out fine.

Not Recommended:

Fighters - While the fighter base class is decent and there's generally not that huge a power leap, you also get A LOT of fighters and there's enough to build them with a wide variety of weapons.

Sparta - Same as Fighters, but Sparta don't even have weapon choices.

Sorcerer - For whatever reason, custom Sorcerers are not able to learn the "Knowledge of (Element)" white passive skills that boost elemental spell damage You have to change your magic talent to 2 stars at "Change magic attribute" then they will become available. You cannot choose your own elements though and there are only certain combinations of random elements available to customs. You also get a lot of Sorcerers in the story.

Tip: You can make more Shikigami Sorcerers and also learn "Magical Drill" at "Increase Skills (Pay)/Original" which breaks through Haniwa resistance the most with shikigami skills (may be worth a try?)

Civilians - The Civilian class sucks as a base class. Storyline characters get special skills to help them (such as Lia's Thunder of Liazus) but created civilians get no such advantages. You also get A LOT of civilians so there's no real need to create more.

In Magnum, the monstergirl skill trees has been improved such that Civilians who already have a heavy point investment in their own skills (such as Alcot) may now find it more difficulty to max the skill out. A dedicated monstergirl user character is acceptable (although probably still unoptimal)


Not much to say here. Enter speech for situations like attack, healing, being damaged etc.

You can enter up to 3 lines of 12 characters each. However, using English characters tend to screw up a lot. If you don't even understand Japanese at all you might as well leave this section alone, really.

In patched versions of the game (including Magnum), it seems like the ability to use English characters have been removed. If you wish to have characters with English names or speech because you can't type Japanese, you will have to do it in the original RQ. You need to change to Japanese (Microsoft IME) and use Fullwidth Alphanumeric to type in the name and the dialogues in English.


CHOOSE FEMALE. Only females can be H'd, meaning they can take advantage of the effects of Morurun curse. There is absolutely no advantages to being a male in Rance Quest that I can think of. (Except for not having to have sex with rance....)

In Magnum, Males (and lolis) can now have the effect of the Morurun curse. This requires however doing a special quest that involves raising Kouhime to level 35 first, so females are still able to mororun faster than males. However, Rizna has a passive skill that raises the attack power of all males and there is a quest that can only be done with an (almost) all-male party so creating a few male characters is probably worthwhile now.

Bonus SkillEdit

You can choose up to 10 bonus white skill for your custom characters.

Name Description Comments
体力特化型 HP + 50%. Speed - 10% Okay choice for front-liners who really want to stay alive and conserve actions. Good on Healers, Civilians (don't care about speed, only want HP) and Guards.
攻撃特化型 Attack+20%. Magic+20%. Accuracy-20%. Defense-50%. Magic Defense -50%. Evasion-50% The penalties are just not worth the small attack boost! Potentially worthwhile on a custom Sorcerer if it wasn't for the disadvantages listed previously.
防御特化型 Defense+20%. Magic Defense+20%. Evasion+20%. Attack-10%. Magic -10%. Accuracy - 10%. Better than the offensive counterpart. If you want to create a defensive character like Healer, consider this or the HP skill (or better yet, read on)
才能限界+ Level Cap is 35. Allows females (or everyone in Magnum) to be Morurun by Rance. On the other hand, you can always buy the level cap raising items from the shop.
経験才能 Experience gain +20% This is a yellow skill, but it seems you can't upgrade it. Maybe for very long-term investments.
スキルP+ +10 Skill Points at level 10. Very good. Personally I pick this for most of my characters.
謎ボーナス At level Lv20, 20 % chance of special growth.

HP+500、Attack+200、Magic Attack+200、Accuracy+20% & Evasion +20%、Resist Stun+100%

I don't have specifics on how this skill works. Is it possible to get more than 1 bonus?
  • Note: I did get 2 stat bonuses for my ranger when she leveled up to 20. Resetting the game to find which better stat to be "bonused" made no difference. Seems which bonus to up is fixed from the start (please confirm)
病弱 All Stats -30% Skill learning cost is greatly reduced, and the expierence gaining ability is available. 
引きこもり Random chance of being removed from party after battle Skill learning cost is greatly reduced, and the expierence gaining ability is available. 

I believe "スキルP+" to be the best pick for just about most characters, but you can pick whatever suits you better (except the last two)


Sometimes when changing screens in dungeon, Rance will have an event where he evalutes one of your custom characters. Be very careful about this event.

For Males: There is a particular choice that has an interesting effect

  • 戦力として役に立つし無害だ
  • なんとなく女にもてそうだ (THIS ONE)
  • 面白そうだから問題ないな

Choosing the 2nd choice seems to turn your male character into a female. Apparently it's a joke about your character being a trap.

For Females: There is a particular choice that you need to pay attention to!


  • 抱きたい、いい女だ
  • うーん、まだ少女だし早いな (DON'T CHOOSE THIS)
  • 好みじゃない、問題外だ

Choosing this choice will give your custom female character the ??? skill (same as Oda Kouhime and several other characters.)

This signifies that your character is immature and will have a -20% to all stats and CANNOT be H'd! It will severely crippled most characters for no advantages that anyone can see so BE CAREFUL.

It is not known is there is any other combinations of answers with special effects.

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