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Version InformationEdit

Version 1.100 fixes certain bugs, adds more quests, and tweaks the game mechanics. Notable changes include, but are not limited to, F Laser requiring only Level 38 to learn, being able to level-up more than once per battle, and removing Hammer Knowledge's effect of breaking the damage cap. If you are concerned about conflicts from applying the patch, although there should not be any, make sure to back-up your save data and ランス・クエスト.ain.

Version 1.15 corrects more bugs, and makes additional changes. First, it removes the skill templates; for instance, every character can now learn Capture Knowledge and Treasure Identification. And every Fighter can learn Berserker. However, all weapon knowledges initially cost 2 points, and then 3 points subsequently. Second, the encounter rate's formula has changed; encounter reducing/increasing skills are now based on footsteps. Lastly, the rate for rare items has improved.

In Version 1.15, 340 line of script is removed. These removed script correspond to 3 events. Removal of script is not announced in the patch, however, one can tell that there are removed script if one open up the database and check the amount of script between versions.

Version 1.6/2.01 1.6 is for normal Rance Quest and 2.0.1 is for the expansion pack (Magnum). The game is known to have some compatibility issues on some Intel boards.

Some major changes:

  • The interface will be revamped, and Matilda will be added as a PC plus the strategist galmon Battle Note will be added (appearance is different than in Galzoo Island).
  • Molrun curse will be modified. The first time will be same as before (reset to 1), but 2nd time onwards it'll be -5 level, but level requirement for H next time will be raised, with the item still getting absorbed, so powerlevelling will be somewhat easier.
  • A girl can only absorb FIVE items by H-ing. If you H'd your girl more than 5 times for item absorption, upto 5 excess items will be returned to your inventory. If you did this more than 10 times, then further absorbed items will be lost permanently. However, absorbed items can be changed in a quest
  • Party screen will show 32 people at a time in the upper pane now (switchable between 10-char and 32-char display).
  • There will be an encounter bar showing how long until next encounter happens.
  • Items can now be locked to avoid accidental selling/donating.
  • There will be a fast move mode that lets your movement be superfast.
  • Zooming methods are slightly modified too but not sure what that's supposed to mean.
  • Characters not participating in battle will also get a small amount of exp now.
  • Mai-hime skill of Atago to be slightly powered up.