Rance's location was confirmed to be in an unknown piece of land floating 2500 meters over ground.

The Rance Rescue Team was a group formed by the Queen of Leazas, Lia Parapara Leazas, during the events of Rance IV in the year LP0002.

After the adventurer Rance followed Demon King Gele into the dimensional gate during the events of Rance III, he was not seen again for a period of several months and was presumed dead. The Queen, in love with Rance, refused to accept his death and sent countless groups out in an extensive search to find him. After using an advanced magical item, Maris Amaryllis, Lia's head-maid and confidant, eventually managed to find him in the city of Ylapu, an island that floats in the air 2500 meters above Leazas.

In order to reach this location, Maria Custard was empowered by Leazas to finish a prototype she had been working on, an aircraft that would allow a party to reach the incredible height of the mysterious landmass. After the machine's completion, named Tulip #4, the Queen assembled a party rescue Rance.


The party used an aircraft designed by Maria to reach the floating island.

Maria operated the machine so she was required for the mission, though it was her intention to go to Rance's aid anyway. Worried about her friend, Shizuka Masou signed up as well in order to help Maria. The Queen sent along two of her strongest warriors, Rick Addison and Leila Grecni, general of the Red Army and the head of the Royal Guard respectively. She also sent her personal ninja, Kanami Kentou, and assigned her a special top secret mission - Kanami was to tell Sill to leave Rance (due to Lia's jealous) and if Sill refused, Kanami was to kill her. Julia Lindum was sent along as well, though being a fairly mediocre soldier she was unable to contribute much (it is implied Lia only sent her along so that Rance could have a virgin to enjoy on his adventure).

Even though the aircraft was brand new and untested, it managed to reach Ylapu. However, in the process it ended up breaking down and the party was left stranded on the floating island as well. After some time exploring on their own, they managed to find Rance and Sill, merging the two parties into one. Together they worked to prevent the activation of an ancient super weapon Helman was trying to reactivate in Ylapu, all while searching for a way to return home safely.


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