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Rance X

The original sketch presented featuring Rance and Kayblis.

Rance X is the 10th Rance game from the main series and features the finale of the series. The 28-year old series will finally end with the 10th installment, ending with it Rance's adventures. 

The release date for the game was initially set for 2016 but on a blogpost near the end of the year the game was officially delayed with no official estimation for its release, though it is still presumed to come out in 2017.

The game will presumably take place in September of the year LP0007, around a year after the events of Rance IX. Since it's the series finale, the game is expected to adapt the last sections of the original Kichikuou Rance, where war breaks out between the unified forces of humanity led by Rance, and the winning faction of the Monster Realm led by Kayblis. Due to the way the canonical timeline was heavily changed from the original Kichikuou Rance, it is unclear how the Hornet Faction will be handled in the game. 

The game was confirmed to be an RPG, but it will be non-linear and more similar to Kichikuou Rance and Sengoku Rance in terms of replayability and decision making. According to TADA, the game will have multiple paths to take and the story will take different routes depending on the player's choices, even going as far as saying that on a first playthrough the player will at most be able to see 50% of the game's content.

Since it's the series finale, the game will feature a huge cast of characters from all the countries that appeared in previous games will show up again in one huge game. For this reason, it was confirmed that the game will not have 3D models like the previous game, and will instead work with sprite works for the sake of including the enormous number of character that will be present.

Confirmed CharactersEdit

The following are all the characters that have been confirmed by Alicesoft to appear in the final game of the series. While this is official it is entirely possible that it could change before the release.

Concept Art & Early WIP ScreenshotsEdit

Early Character Designs from Development BlogsEdit

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