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Don't treat us like any mass-produced Gal Monsters.

—The Sailor.

Yeah, we're Rare Gal Monsters, and only one of us exists in the whole world.

—The Blazer.


—The Jumper.


Rare Gal Monsters are a special sub class of Gal Monsters that is born under extremely conditional circumstances. While classes of Gal Monsters are incredibly diverse and one can classify them in different sub-races, Rare Gal Monsters are completely unique and only one exists of each species. Once they die, they can't be born again and the class would be forever lost.

While it is unknown what exactly are the requirements for Rare Gal Monsters to be formed, it is known that it is an extremely odd event that takes place in unnatural environments with bizarre pairings of Guy Monsters and Gal Monsters. It is likely that a mutation or an exposure to radiation is required for a Gal Monster to give birth to a Rare Gal Monster.

List of known Rare Gal MonstersEdit

  • Crayon: A pretty weak Gal Monster that likes to deceive adventurers by making a sexy dance while naked.
  • Piggy Sisters: They live in the remnants of a fort in the Ragnard Dungeon. They are three sisters called Piggy One, Two and Three respectively.
  • Summon-chan: A Gal Monster capable of summoning other monsters. She was the head of the sudden underground attacks to Happiness Pharmaceutical's offices.
  • The Sailor, The Blazer & The Jumper: Three sisters wearing uniforms that are enemies of men. They hate Rance and aim to take his head one day.
  • Lil Avenger: A Gal Monster whose very existance is just weird. She enters and lives in a treasure box until someone finds it and opens it. Revenge-chan will then offer her services of revenge to her finder and will assassinate any target they want.
  • Ralga: An incredible Gal Monster that is a genius of the sexual arts. Usually drains men out of their stamina and absorbs their energy. She's usually mistakenly refered to as a Succubus by most people.
  • Lamp: A very strange Gal Monster that randomly comes out of some Bomb Rocks in the Ragnard Dungeon. She's a very mischievous monster with abnormal magic, capable of reducing the level of adventurers.
  • Unicorn: A notable creature from the Forest of the Lost near Leazas that became an urban myth among the townsfolk.
  • Gold Dragon: Along with the Babystar class of Gal Monster, she's the only individual in the world that can prepare the trademark dish of the Ramen, the Ramen Noodles. She's also noted for being the world's strongest Gal Monster, and one of the most powerful monsters in the world.
  • Kaiju Princess: While the Kaiju Princess is not technically a Gal Monster but a Kaiju, she's usually deemed as such by humans due to the somewhat similar traits she shares with Gal Monsters.

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