Japanese ラスシャラ
Romanization rasushara
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation Empire of Aeris#Malayan Tiger


Possibly inspired of Rakshasa (राक्षसः) (羅刹天 Rasetsuten in Japanese pronuciation).


Recruitment: Can only be recruited if you accepted Nipponization plan. Conquer Tiger of Malay within 3 turns after you take over Manila 2000 AFTER Nipponization plan is accepted (capturing Tiger of Malay before the Nipponization event happens will make you to miss her for good). Also can no longer be recruited after conquering Madagascar.

Command Points: 390

Skill: Revolt suppression: Double damage against rebel.

Missile +10%
Cannon +10%
HP -30%



  • Growth rate +4%
  • Will leave if you let Tiger of Malay's public peace drop below 3 bars twice (each time will have an event).

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