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Raylee Serika
Japanese レィリィ・芹夏
Romanization reiryi serika
Race Human
Age / Birth 28 / GI0993
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 170cm / 52kg
Status Alive
Class Civillian
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 17
Skill levels Secretary Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance
This is for our city... No... It's for you... Mayor Amuro...

—Raylee confessing.

 About Edit

Raylee Serika is a woman from the City State of Lazeal of the Free Cities Alliance. She made her only appearance in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance.

Raylee works as a secretary to Lazeal's mayor, Amuro. Despite being younger than him by several decades, Raylee harbors a secret love for him. Little is known of her life in Lazeal, but she is remarked to be a mature, competent woman.

During Rance's conquest of the Free Cities with the Leazas military, the player will have the option of conquering Lazeal with diplomacy or force. A diplomatic approach will introduce Amuro and Raylee, as the Mayor attempts to bargain for Lazeal's fate. Amuro will offer unconditional surrender to Rance, so long as he gives the Mayor one month to prepare the town for its transition. If the player agrees to this condition, Rance will add one more stipulation: Raylee be handed over to Rance and placed in his harem. This upsets Amuro greatly, but Raylee will agree for the sake of Lazeal. After one month's time, Amuro steps down as Mayor and Raylee takes the night to confess her hidden affection to him, knowing she will likely never see her beloved again.

Once part of Rance's harem, Raylee immediately sinks into depression and deals with such feelings with regular drunkenness. Rance notices this and takes it as a simple fondness for alcohol, not as displeasure at a life devoted to his sexual appetites. Any sexual encounters with Raylee involve severe inebriation, which prove unpleasant to Rance (and his stomach) due to his low tolerance for liquor. Over the course of the game, Raylee slowly accepts her dreaded fate by deadening her personality through constant drink.

If the player chooses to have a library built, Raylee eventually seduces several soldiers and has a tryst with them in the building. Rance discovers this but Raylee shows no interest in Rance's displeasure, seeing no obligation to please the man she sees as her slave owner. The player will be faced with a choice on how to respond to her behavior: forgive her, punish her, or send her away. If forgiven, Raylee will return to her old role in Rance's harem. If punished, Rance will have Amuro brought before Raylee and mutilated with a sword. Raylee pleads with Rance to stop, revealing her strong love for Amuro has survived. Rance threatens to kill the former Mayor if Raylee displeases him again. This will serve as Raylee's "Unhappy Ending." If she is sent away, Rance will banish her from the castle, unknowingly giving her what she wanted.

Banishment will serve as Raylee's "Happy Ending" and she and Amuro are shortly reunited. Amuro reveals that since stepping down as Mayor, his wife has left him and now supports himself with his own business in a nearby town. Amuro hires Raylee as an assistant again and the two finally achieve a future allowing them to pursue their love.


  • Raylee is likely intended to be a parody of the character Sayla Mass from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. This is further supported by her employer and love interest Amuro sharing a name with the series' main protagonist.


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