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ImPossIBLe... HoW iS ME sUppoSED to MAKE DRAMA wITh YOU dEAd!!??

—RedEye, showcasing his simplistic and destructive worldview.

Japanese レッドアイ
Romanization Reddo Ai
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth 2025+
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 271cm / 462kg
Status Alive
Class Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis Faction
Level limit 160
Skill levels Magic Lv3
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance
Mentioned in Kaeru nyo Panyon


Formerly a magical Gem created in Nighcisa's Era by a magician called Kestina. The gem is a parasitic life form that controls its host to deploy its immense magic. The gem itself is actually a Lv3 Mage, which means its one of the most powerful magical living organisms in history. It's for this reason that Demon King Nighcisa stole the gem for himself and turned it into a Dark Lord.

While it's currently using Toushin Gamma as host, the actual Dark Lord is the gem, which means that only the gem has the invincibility field. The gem was cursed by its creator so it must have the bloodline of Kestina family alive to exist, that way he would ensure that he would never turn against him. This backfired in the current era since it's for this reason that RedEye does everything it can to keep the linage of Kestina alive by keeping them at his side as slaves and sub-humans. At present however, Rona Kestina is the last and only member of the current generation of Kestina alive, and he keeps her at his side being extra-cautious due to the fact that her death would result in his death as well. Since he's between 2026 and 2986 years old, that means that he's been breeding the Kestina family members and keeping them enslaved at his side for that long.

It works under the Kayblis Faction.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

RedEye - Kichikuou

RedEye's portrait in Kichikuou Rance.

RedEye does all sorts of things that can be considered morally questioned by humans but in reality, nothing he does can be considered good or evil since he's mostly a machina with an artificial intelligence following its digital directives. He's been programmed to follow two main actions:

  • Work to Improve its own magic powers.
  • Kill anyone that can't help him do that.

Everything is done based on those two directives, regardless it's good or evil.

Without that into account, RedEye has developed a very basic and linear personality. It hates organic life, those with warm bodies and wants to make the world an inorganic lifeless "utopia" of machines, and enhance its body even further.

RedEye is unintelligent, and has no sanity, it cannot speak properly either, most of what it says is incomprehensible. Despite this, RedEye considers itself to be a genius. He joined the Kayblis Faction, which means he also wants to kill Kurusu Miki and make Kayblis the Demon King. This might be only because he has an intense hate for Hornet. RedEye is programmed to enhance and improve his own magic powers and has been working on it for over 2000 years for it. However at one point he tied with Hornet in a magic showdown, which means she potentially stole his title as the most powerful mage in The Continent. He finds this unacceptable and wants to find Hornet and destroy her with his magic to prove he's the ultimate mage once and for all. This rivalry is completely one-sided though, Hornet does not care at all about being the top mage.

Rona Kestina

The last member alive of the Kestina family.

The main body is Toushin Gamma, a 3m tall great robot created by the Holy Sacred Sect. RedEye itself is a gem connected to an eye and some tentacles. 

Rona Kestina is his lesser apostle and works under him as his slave. She's nothing but a poor girl subjected to a life of torment. As the last member of the Kestina family RedEye is particularly careful that her life is not threatened, since her death equals to RedEye's death. At some point, when Rona was old enough to conceive a child, RedEye forced a random human to rape her until she got pregnant in order to further expand the Kestina Family. RedEye is eagerly awaiting for the birth.

He's probably been doing this for a long time but the reasons as for why Rona is the last living member of the family is currently unknown.


RedEye Kichikuou Battler

RedEye's magic power makes him a force not to be trifled with.

RedEye himself is Lv3 magic user, which makes him one of the most powerful mages in history. Currently only Supreme Dark Lord Hornet is as powerful as a magician as he is (although Hornet is not a mage but a spell-blader). The gem itself commands the magic but it's also attached to a Toushin body. These powerful machines were created by the Holy Magic Sect to be on par with the Dark Lords in combat so, on top of his incredible magic, his toushin body would be more than enough to be way beyond any regular human. He was also level 160 and had reached his cap in the old setting. All these traits make RedEye a Dark Lord on par with the Four Elite Dark Lords, despite not being one himself.

However he's one of the Dark Lords that humans have a higher chance of defeating without the use of the anti-demon swords, Chaos and Nikkou. Since only the gem has the Invincibility field and the Toushin body is the one that grants mobility, defeating the Toushin would render the RedEye immobile and defenseless, unless he attaches himself to something else. However this is still a very difficult task since the Toushin are, by themselves, extremely durable machines.

Its only major weakness is that if the Kestina bloodline dies out, so will it. For this reason it forces the family to reproduce and serve it, it also heavily guards them. Killing Rona Kestina would instantly kill RedEye as well.

Its primary configuration was to steal and learn spells, and has been doing so since he was created.

Personal HistoryEdit

NC???? - Kestina, a technology mage was researching Dark Lords and their powers, after years of research he created RedEye, a parasitic gem with incredible powers.

NC???? - RedEye could attach itself to anything, monsters, giant beasts, and dragon weapons. It was going to be the ultimate anti-Dark Lord device.

NC???? - Demon King Nighcisa heard of the project, and stole the Gem for himself, performing an experiment of his own, Nighcisa poured his blood onto the Gem. It became a Dark Lord. Kestina had bound his bloodline to RedEye, if his family were to end, then RedEye would be rendered null.

GI???? - The Holy Magic Sect create their Toushin robots, machines even more powerful than Dark Lords.

Between GI0420~0452 - RedEye attaches itself to the Gamma Toushin robot, the strongest of the series.

GI0912 - "RedEye Dark Year" occurs, it attaches itself to the control system of the Kingdom of Zeth's Mazeel Line and sabotages their defenses, the Demon Army invades Zeth.

GI0940 - The Hero of the time formulates the "Bomb the Maazel Line" stategy, he defeats RedEye who detached himself from the Mazeel Line and back to the Toushin Gamma to run away.

GI???? - RedEye and Supreme Dark Lord Hornet have an intense battle in an isolated area of the Monster Realm. The clash of the two mightiest magicians leaves such severe collateral damage that the area is reduced to a giant "Death Zone" that constantly ejects Death Ashes that kill anything that enters, even Dark Lords if they are exposed for too long. The magic showdown ends in a tie after they are both forced to retreat.

LP0001 - The Monster Realm goes to a civil war and divided into two factions, the Kayblis Faction and the Hornet Faction. RedEye joins Kayblis due to his intense hate for Hornet, since he can't stand the existence of a mage on par with him.

LP0007 - Attacks Zeth and possesses Anise.