Hmph! Those slowpokes are nothing if not tenacious. Let's turn the tables on them. Nanas, it's in your hands.

Kakaro, confident that they should be able to win against Zazam

Return from the Brink of Destruction
Type Interception
Objective Defeat Zazam
New Units Maitrea Meishin, Raisen
Chapter's Protagonist Nanas
Location Mamatoto (Country)
Return from the Brink of Destruction is the 1st chapter of Mamatoto: A Record of War.


Nanas and his commanders managed to defeat various monsters and obtain a decent number of cards. Immediately after, they left the Monster Realm to face in a frontal battle against the Kingdom of Zazam, who was constantly persecuting them.

When Mamatoto arrives, a Battling Fortress from Zazam arrives to confront them. In Zazam's sortie room, a brilliant mage named Maitrea Meishin stands. Highly regarded as the nation's best mage, despite being a young boy, he was to be deployed against Mamatoto in a desperate attempt to defeat Mamatoto. He's accompanied by a mercenary hired by Zazam, Raisen. With these two as Zazam's main commanders, a battle against Mamatoto is about to being as the two Moving Fortressess clash with each other.


Nanas's AdviceEdit

"The enemy has one offensive squad. Go straight to the defense! They’re going to attack from straight on. They number 18, of which 3 are combat engineers. Make sure to stop them on the front line. The commander appears to be a mage. We also know there’s a mercenary that seems to be a warrior. Their numbers aren’t very high, but don’t let your guard down. One of you will go out on the front line. I’ll have you take Kids with you. The rest of you wait in the Sortie Room and prepare for the final defense battle. That is all."


Total Number: 18

Commanders: Maitrea Meishin, Raisen.

Initial: 6 Kobolds, 2 Orcs,

Reinforcements: 2 Kobolds, 2 Orcs, 1 Ogre

Others: 3 Combat Engineers

Treasure Chests: Hanny Zippo, Emerald Ring.

Gold: 7


The battle with Zazam ended with Mamatoto's victory, with most of the survivors from Zazam's side imprisoned. Afer investigating the opposing fortress, Zazam's King Zamars was found dead, with Nanas presuming that he was betrayed by the monsters he hired when the battle's result was decided. Nanas also mentions that they couldn't find the Princess of Zazam, Pylaura, which led Kakaro to assume that she was probably taken as a sex slave by the monsters. Nanas is hurt for not having been able to help her. While Kakaro shares his son's sentiment, he tries to remove Nanas's guilt by saying that there was nothing they could do to avoid it. In an attempt to cheer up the scenery, Kakaro praises Nanas's for his excelent invention and military results, and organizes a great feast to celebrate Mamatoto's victory. Their conversation is interrupted by Stourin, who tells Nanas about the captured prisoners, who decides to talk to them to see if they'll be interested in joining Mamatoto as commanders. While Kakaro is dubvious about the plan, Nanas leaves the room along with Stourin to meet with the prisoners. After they leave, Tamocchi shows up in the throne room, who informs to Kakaro that "the bird has placed in her cage like he ordered". Kakaro gives a malicious smiles and praises Tamocchi for his work.

Meanwhile, on his way to meeting with the prisoners, Nanas is stopped by his sister Arvy Alphoria, who's very worried about his brother meeting with potentially dangerous people on his own. She convinces him to go with him and serve as his bodyguard in case they attempt to attack Nanas.

The two arrive to the prison cell, where they greet Maitrea, who asks Nanas if he was Mamatoto's General. After he confirms it, Maitrea shows great admiration for Nanas's skills for someone so young. Nanas, however, praises Maitrea for his notable abilities as a mage, as he's even younger than Nanas. After holding a short conversation, Maitrea requests Nanas to work under him as a commander, claiming that he wants to help someone as great as Nanas. While Nanas immediately accepts, since he wanted him to join as a commander, Arvy expressed uneasyness in having a Zazamian join Mamatoto, but Nanas managed to convince her and she reluctantly agreed anyway.

The two then meet with the mercenary Raisen. Nanas goes straight to the point and asks Raisen to join Mamatoto, though he admits that with Mamatoto's current state they would probably be unable to pay her fee. Strangely, Raisen accepts anyway, claiming that she doesn't need to be paid and requesting only basic necessities. As a result, Raisen joind Mamatoto as well.

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