Now!! Cut them up!!

—Rick, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Leazas Army's strongest knight, known and feared by soldiers in other nations as the "Red Reaper".

The Red Army he leads is made up of strong people focused on offense. It's boasted of as having the greatest penetrating power on the continent.

Uses the special attack By La Way.

By La WayEdit

Rick's special skill can be used after using the "Wait" command and charging for 1 turn. On the following move, the option to use the move will be enabled. The attack allows him to avoid counter-attack damage and deal direct damage to the enemy commander's HP. It usually deals 1-4 points of damage, which varies depending of enemies' defenses and RNG. Due to the fact that two whole turns are used in order to use the skill, it typically can be used twice per battle.



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