Rick doesn't have a huge varied moveset, but he hits the enemy, and he hits them HARD. He even has an attack that hits all enemies with no charge time! Of course, he also has another move with a 1 turn charge time that hits all enemies for way more damage. And what's more do you need from a fighter? He cannot be upgraded though, not that you need to.

As usual though, the "low SP pool" weakness rears its head again, but that's about it. (plus he's not in the party after clearing the game).

Upgrade Priorities: N/A





Rick's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and has melee range. It has a higher accuracy than other Basic Attacks.

Attack All


Rick's stronger attack.

Without any charging time, he hits all opposing enemies for 50% damage.

By la Way


Rick's trademark and most powerful attack unique of him.

It requires 1 turn to charge and deal 220% damage to all opposing enemies.

One of the strongest abilities in the game, if not the strongest.


Reflects physical melee damage onto the enemy that attacks him.

Nice, but nothing particularly amazing.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Scare Hare Mask - Helps him tank better, I suppose.
  • Dora Cat's Bell - Increases damage, any sort of item that helps in that department will do, since that's what he's best at.

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