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Rance Vs Rick

Rance and Rick have developed an intense respect for one another due to their mutual skill as swordsmen.

Rick holds the distinction of being one of the very few men who Rance treats with any amount of respect. Though their relationship has not always been perfectly civil, by their most recent adventures together, both swordsmen have been proven to care deeply about each other. 

Rick first encountered Rance after the warrior freed him from the mind-controlling magic of the Apostle Sapphire. While Rick already admired Rance initially due to him being the leader of the Leazas Liberation Army responsible for freeing his beloved country from its Helman occupants, he grew to respect him even more after seeing his stupendous skill with a sword and ability to make snap decisions on a moment's notice. In particular, Rick was left in awe after learning that Rance was able to defeat Thoma Lipton, the strongest man on The Continent. As a result of these feats, Rick declared Rance to be an amazing person, granting the brutal warrior his unyielding trust in the process. 

Rick's profound respect for Rance is perhaps best seen in Kichikuou Rance, where he is one of the only people in attendance of Lia and Rance's wedding to express no concerns with Rance becoming the king of Leazas, even admitting later that he believed that Rance "was always meant to be a king". This trust results in Rick choosing to side with Rance over his longtime friend Ex Banquet when the latter staged a rebellion against Rance, showing that Rick holds more faith in Rance than he does in even his closest friends. 

While Rick was originally oblivious to Rance's cruel and womanizing nature, due to his naivete causing him to misunderstand several of the other man's actions as being far more heroic than they actually were, he steadily became aware of his true character after spending more time with him. Despite acknowledging that Rance, in his words, "likes making trouble for people", Rick's respect for the warrior remains incredibly high, as he believes that no man who understands the sword as well as Rance does could truly be a bad person. Rick is not completely willing to overlook Rance's behavior, however, and will physically intervene if Rance attempts to take advantage of a woman while in his presence.  


Rance initially felt threatened by Rick due to his good looks and exceptional strength.

Compared to Rick's consistent admiration towards him, Rance was much less respectful towards Rick initially. During their time fighting together in the Leazas Liberation Army, Rance expressed frequent jealousy towards Rick, to the point of throwing himself on the front lines of a battlefield simply because he didn't want the swordsman to overshadow him as a fighter. Later, Rance feigned mind control in an attempt to kill Rick, but was caught and admonished by his allies before being able to do so.  

Rance's opinion of Rick improved substantially by the events of Rance VI: The Collapse of Zeth, where he described him as being "okay" and showed none of his usual annoyance with working alongside a man when he was recruited to assist in the operation to reactivate the Maginot Line. Notably during this time, Rance requested for Rick to speak less formally when around him, showing that he believed the two of them to be close enough to speak casually with each other. 


Rance saves Rick from certain death at the hands of Maha Margaret.

Rance's affection for Rick improved even further by the events of Rance IX: The Helman Revolution. In particular, Rick was the only male who Rance expressed no objections to joining the Helman Revolutionary Army, instead showing happiness at having his aid. Throughout the revolution, Rance consulted Rick for assistance whenever their group was faced with a difficult situation, showing that he trusted the other man's judgement. Most surprisingly, Rance showed genuine concern for Rick's well being at multiple points during this time, narrowly saving him from being blown up by a crazed Maha Margaret and later telling him that he would never forgive him if he were to die after he volunteered to hold off the Helman 3rd Army to give the rest of their group time to escape. 

Overall, despite his initial hostility, Rance has grown to view Rick as an important person. This unusual respect is likely the result of Rance recognizing the other man as not being a threat to him. While Rance acknowledges Rick as a useful ally, he still believes himself to be the stronger of the two, confidently declaring exactly that to Patton Misnarge when discussing who they each believed the strongest man alive to be. Rance reveals his reasoning behind this belief after saving Rick from Maha during Rance IX, where he states that, so long as Rick is unwilling to harm a child, he will always be stronger than him. Despite his confidence in being stronger, Rance still dreads having to spar with Rick, describing it as being "too much effort" due to Rick's refusal to hold back even slightly while fighting, causing him to avoid having to do so whenever possible.  

Outside of combat, Rance believes that, due to his chaste nature, Rick is not a threat to his women, causing him to have no problem with him spending time with their female allies. Even after Leila Grecni professes her feelings for Rick and the two begin dating in Kichikuou Rance, preventing Rance from sleeping with her any further, the brutal warrior willingly, albeit begrudgingly, allows them to continue being together, an act of restraint that he would normally never show for another man. Later, Rance even offers to tell Rick where Leila is most sensitive in order to improve his performance in bed with her, showing that he had grown to not only accept but encourage the two of them as a couple. If Leila is killed after she and Rick begin dating, Rance will attempt to cheer Rick up by offering his condolences, encouraging him to move on, and giving him a discount ticket for an image club specializing in Royal Guard cosplay, further demonstrating his care for him. 

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Rick has a very close relationship with Leila Grecni, the captain of the Leazas Royal Guard. As the two strongest warriors in their country, Rick and Leila regularly fight alongside each other in battle and are frequently assigned to special missions together. Outside of battle, the two often spar in order to further strengthen their skills. As Rick admires all skilled swordsmen, he deeply respects Leila and views her as an important friend. Rick's trust in Leila is best seen during the events of Rance IX where he entrusted her with both his treasured sword and armor while he traveled in disguise across Helman

While Leila is attracted to all strong men, she fell in love with Rick during the 7th Helman-Leazas War when he saved her from an enemy ambush. Following this incident, Leila made an effort to avoid sleeping with other men in order to remain faithful to him. In contrast to her usual confidence, Leila is unable to admit her feelings for Rick, and acts defensively whenever questioned by others about them. Leila's feelings for Rick are generally seen as fairly obvious by all but the most romantically naive people, with Maris Amaryllis, Maria Custard and Julia Lindum all noting her tendency to act differently when in his presence. Despite this, Rick is completely oblivious to Leila's attraction to him, and views their relationship as being entirely platonic, which Leila is aware of and resents heavily. In Sengoku Rance, however, Maria Custard playfully tells Leila that she has noticed her spending more and more time with Rick, suggesting that the two have grown closer to each other over time. This is further supported by the epilogue of Rance IX, where the two walk back to Leazas together following the revolution's success. 

In the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance, Leila can potentially confess her feelings to Rick. Rick, who had earlier been rejected by Maris and understood the difficulty of admitting one's love to someone else as a result, is deeply moved by her heartfelt gesture. Despite this, he admits that he does not consider himself to be worthy of her love, as he was unable to recognize her feelings sooner, and asks her to go out with him in order to prove that his affection for her is truly genuine. Following this, the two begin happily dating each other, regularly going out to town together whenever they both have free time. If Leila is killed after the two begin dating, Rick becomes incredibly distraught, showing that he had sincerely grown to love her despite his uncertainty in his feelings.  

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Rick is deeply enamored with Maris Amaryllis, the personal attendant of his queen. While the exact reasons behind his attraction are unknown, it is very likely that Rick feels a sense of kinship with Maris due to their shared dedication to serving their country. Rick becomes incredibly nervous when in Maris' presence, causing him to become tongue-tied and unable to think clearly, even when in the midst of combat. While Maris is aware of Rick's feelings for her, she does not reciprocate them due to being singlemindedly focused on bringing Lia Parapara Leazas happiness. Despite this, she is more than willing to take advantage of Rick's feelings for her in order to motivate him into working harder, and will occasionally speak in a more stereotypically feminine and flirtatious voice when around him to do so.

During the events of Kichikuou Rance, Rick can potentially confess his feelings to Maris. Though she rejects him, Maris tells Rick that she is happy to know that he cares for her and encourages him to open his eyes and realize that there already was a woman who was in love with him. These words are what lead Rick to finally recognize Leila's feelings for him and enter into a relationship with her. Following this rejection, Rick and Maris seem to maintain a strong respect for each other with no hard feelings on either end. When Rance offers to give Rick advice on how to have sex with Leila, Maris politely interjects to remind Rick that Rance is not the best person to consult about how to treat women, which he agrees with.

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Rick first met Menad Shisei during the Leazas Liberation Army's effort to retake Leazas Castle in the 7th Helman-Leazas War, where the two fought together against a group of Helman soldiers. Rick was highly impressed by the fighting ability that the young soldier, then still a member of the city garrison, displayed, to the point of praising her skill. Some time following the end of the war, Rick selected Menad, who had further proven her abilities by destroying an attempted coup d'etat against Lia Parapara during her coronation ceremony, to serve as his second-in-command as Lieutenant General of the Leazas Red Corps. While Rick was slightly pressured into making this decision by Lia, who hoped to remove Menad as a rival for Rance's affections by making her fall for Rick, he was still largely influenced by his own interest in her. Rick feels a certain amount of kinship with Menad due to their respective statuses as prodigiously talented warriors from humble backgrounds, causing him to take on a sort of mentor role towards her.

A long time fan of Rick's, Menad was absolutely awe struck by the opportunity to fight alongside her idol. While she appeared to be possess something of a crush on him initially, becoming extremely flustered after being complimented by him, Menad's relationship with Rick quickly became one of platonic respect after becoming his subordinate. Menad deeply values Rick's insight and regularly seeks him out to both improve her skills and obtain guidance. Her great admiration for him can best be seen in her invention of the skill Kua-Lu-lane, which is directly inspired by Rick's signature technique By La Way. In the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance, where Menad is not considered to have encountered Rance prior, her immediate respect and interest in Rance comes from being told stories about him by Rick.

Tillday Edit

Tillday Sharp highly respects Rick for his strength and fame though she is heavily disappointed by his weakness when his helmet is removed.

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He is good friends with Ex Banquet, who he trained as a knight alongside. Both were equally depressed at the other's apparent betrayal during Kichikuou Rance. Notably, Rick will be the one to convince Ex to rejoin the Leazas army in Kichikuou Rance if Ex's Lieutenant General Hauren Province is unavailable.

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He highly respects Barres Province, who likewise admires him as both a prodigy of the sword and the protege of his best friend.

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He holds his mentor, Alto Hanbra in a higher regard than any other person, and is given the strength to fight by wearing the helmet that Alto wore previously. He constantly worries about upholding the legacy Alto left for him which he seems to be doing a fine jobs of.

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He has a mutual rivalry with Helman's Rolex Gadras, who he considers to be another fantastic swordsman, and has a similar interest in fighting Uesugi Kenshin, who is his main rival for the title of the worlds finest swordsman.