The first character you'll get in the game (well, minus Sill), Rocky is much more useful than he looks.

Rocky has high SP and with careful upgrades, he will be useful throughout the mid and early game. Unfortunately, he does get a little overshadowed by others end game (depending on how high his level is), but thanks to his high SP still remains useful as someone who will take you through regular battles together with other mediocre characters while you save your best fighters for bosses and tougher troops.

While his initial level cap is quite low, Rocky receives three events (Rocky the Troubled Man 1-3) throughout the game in which it is raised by Starlevel the Great, with the first increasing it by 10 (to 29), the second increasing it by 5 (to 34) and the third increasing it by 15 (to 49). Additionally, Rocky's cap can be increased by 1 each time Starlevel the Great is visited in the Disposal Dungeon so long as Rocky is in the active party at his current level cap. This can be done up until Rocky reaches a cap of 49 because if you reach 50 then you can't increase his level cap anymore even with his event. As Rocky's third and final cap raising event is already available after visiting the Disposal Dungeon, it is possible to raise Rocky's cap up from 34 to 49 before triggering it, allowing him to have an enormous cap of 64. As this requires trekking through the Disposal Dungeon 15 times, however, it is fairly tedious. Since Rocky will never be one of your primary fighters and can fulfill his usual role as a B-team member just fine with a cap of 49, it's up to you whether you think putting the time in to make him more capable is worth it.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • If you can't decide what to upgrade, go for increased damage for "Axe Boomerang".
  • You may wish to upgrade "Ally Guard". Do not upgrade it more than twice as at 2 upgrades Rocky already activates it often. In fact, you may wish to only upgrade it once.
  • You may also wish to upgrade the accuracy of "Assistance" once. (what does this even mean when it increases the defense?) Not available option in the mangagamer english version.





Rocky's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

It deals physical damage and has melee range.

Ally Guard


Rocky covers his allies and takes damage for them when they are attacked. It only works on physical attacks. Very useful skill, especially early on.

Not recommended to upgrade it too much or Rocky will block more attacks than he can take.

Axe Boomerang

Attacks all the enemies in the front line.

Doesn't seem useful initially due to its low damage, but upgrading greatly improves the damage it can deal.

Fighting Spirit

Rocky uses all his remaining SP to completely heal him in battle. It can't be used if he only has 1 SP left.

Useful in boss battles.

Rocky increases the Defense of one of his allies by 10%.
Tactical Retreat

Allows you to run away from the battle.

This is always successful when you can use it, but it doesn't work in most boss battles, where it becomes unavailable instead. 

Weapons and ItemsEdit

When you get to the Disposal Dungeon, there is a "maze" where you have to choose two directions to move in. Choose Right/Right and activate the star event to receive Rocky's weapon. Fountain Goddess Youko will give Rocky his Golden Battle Axe.

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Scare Hare Mask / Glass Art - Both of these items increase Rocky's defense, if you were using him as a defensive character (you are not planning to use him as an offensive character, right? Though maybe at level 64...).
  • Fire Pendant - Reduces damage from Fire attacks.
  • Personal Nurse - Consider using this if you have a spare one. Rocky's SP is high but his HP bar tends to drain faster than his SP bar, so this'll help him last longer and make use of all his SP while fighting through generic monsters.
  • Moja Doll - If you still decided to go for offensive maybe with higher level, equip at least one of this on him.


  • Aside from Rocky, Rance and Copandon are the only two characters who also have the Tactical Withdrawal skill.