Rosa España
Japanese ローザ・イスパーニャ
Romanization Rōza Isupānya
Race Human
Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Kingdom of España

Rosa España is in a domestic fued with her lover Felipe España, and because of this The Kingdom of España is having a civil war.


Recruitment: Once you are bordering Ise-Shima the Japanese Council will have a meeting revealing that Filipe and Rosa are having a feud. You can then choose who to support. Choosing Rosa allows you to command her when first attacking Ise-Shima, and allows her recruitment afterward.

Command points: 390

Skill: Man-Killer: Gains a 10% attack bonus when targeting male admirals.

HP +30%
  • Rosa comes with a laser battleship, a BB-King Joe III (The quality of this ship may be related to your progress through the game, however). Her first slot is not locked.