Sachiko Centers
Japanese サチコ・センターズ
Romanization sachiko sentaazu
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Guard
World The Continent
Affiliation Free Cities Alliance, Rance
Level limit 49
Skill levels Guard Lv1, Bread Baking Lv1, Parenting Lv1
Appeared in Rance Quest, Rance X

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Sachiko Centers is a student of Ikela school. Her future dream is to become a beautiful bride.

When she was being attacked by monsters, Rance saved her and made her travel with him until he decided to take her virginity. In truth he took advantage of her in order to replace the frozen Sill. She wields a sword and a cursed tower shield named Hiroshi-kun.

She finally loses her virginity after her last encounter with Dossky.

She is the daughter of Battling Centers.

While her role is still unknown, she is confirmed to appear in Rance X.

Abilities Edit

With a cap of 49 and a Lvl 1 Guard skill Sachiko is a natural born body guard. With her Lvl 1 Parenting and Bread Baking skills she is also a natural born house wife.


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