Saika S. Farnese
Saika S. Falunezu
Saika S. Farnese

(c)アリスソフト Illustration of Saika S. Farnese

Profile Edit

Daughter of Farnese, a first grade meister, whose name is the most famous weapon maker in the Rubens continent. Like Yūki, she was a student of Falneze AS, and Yūki idolized her in secret. She is also transferred to Kōryō Academy although the reasons for her transfer are unknown. She is a top student and is experienced in the use of swords but has no common sense when it comes to the social aspect of the world. This causes various comical situations.


  • Saika is voiced by Minami Hokuto in PC and Rina Sato in PSP.

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