Unit DescriptionEdit

A unit made up of the combined forces of the Dark Lords, La Saizel and La Hawzel.

The False Angel Knights they lead assault from the sky.

As they're Dark Lords, they take no damage from normal methods of attack.

-Invincibility Field: The Saizel Sisters won't take any direct damage from anything except other Dark Lords or Angels .


  • After defeating Medusa and conquering the Kayblis Castle, find La Hawzel in the dungeon there.
  • Then, use Rance to descend 30 floors in a dungeon in the mountains between Helman and Leazas. (It is in between of Log A and Scale, on the road. Pretty hard to find, click around there a lot).
  • After finding La Saizel in that dungeon, they will randomly join as a start-of-turn event some time after that. This is a low-priority event, so might take a while.
  • If you don't capture either of them some time after war with Kayblis begins, they may randomly combine into La Vaswald as a start-of-turn event, she also kills Medusa if she's still alive in said event. (Unhappy Ending)
  • Required for: