My name is Sanakia. Sanakia Drelshkaf. Please wait a moment. I just don't feel right not wearing my armor, so I'll have to ask you to let me put it on.
Mm, armor is definitely better. Knights should always be armored and ready, wouldn't you say?
Girlier? Sorry to dissappoint you, I've discarded my feminity. I'm merely an honorable knight.
Shit, I'll die. I can't live with this insult done to me! That's right, I'll die to protect my honor!
Cease this foolishness...Do not mock me! I will not forgive you for what you did.
Don't address a knight so familiarly! I believe I already told you that! Next time we meet, I'm challenging you to a duel. I'll end you then.
How dare you get in the way of my mission? I won't let you keep insulting me like this!
I am a knight! I don't appreciate this mockery!
Objectively speaking, I am #1 here. As everyone acknowledges.
Kh, don't look down on me, I'll win this time!
Don't falter, everyone! Follow me!
Don't decide whether something's a crime based on how someone looks!
Is this all you think about? Does it sit well with you as a warrior to rape women like this?
Fine, then I'll be the sub-captain to supplement your inexperience.
I'm a knight. If the weak need it, I'll be their shield. Just doing my part.
Rance's thing breaking would be good for peace for women...No, for all of humanity, even.
I'll command an army of heavily armored knights. They'll shake the ground as they advance. All enemies in our path will be pulverized in one blow.
That's why I hate being a woman...I want to be a man. Men have it better...

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