Let's go!! Everyone in front of me is my enemy! Slaughter them all!

—Satella, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

As she's a Dark Lord, she doesn't take the slightest damage from normal attacks.

Her troops are the guardians that she makes herself.

She only joined to protect Miki, so she has no interest in intervening in battles between humans.

-Invincibility Field: Satella won't take any direct damage from anything except other Dark Lords.


  • Joins the Leazas Army along with Meglass when Miki and Kentarou start hiding in Leazas Castle.
  • Required for:
    • Demon King Ending.


"A Dark Lord who lost to me in a duel, so she's letting me have with her like she promised.

She's really sensitive, and when a sex expert like me touches her even a little, she cums. She's cute." -Rance


  • She won't initially be part of the Harem. After talking to her twice, Rance can duel her and if he wins, she will join.
  • After you've called Satella in the harem enough times (6?), Sill is either killed, imprisoned or transformed into a Pink Cow, and Rance has Chaos, you can talk to Satella and choose to kill Miki to become the Demon King. This leads to the Demon King Ending and Satella's Happy Ending.