The dedicated healer in the game, Sel's one of the two characters with a party-heal spell in the game and thus is extremely important.

Her only attack spell happens to deal so much damage to undead that they die instantly, making her useful for that purpose but it doesn't hit anything else.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • You really can't go wrong with upgrading any of her healing spells or SP.
  • Don't take the upgrade with "Rance" name in it, it's just a cheap joke.



Sel's basic healing spell.

It doesn't require any turn charging, and heals a decent amount to a single character.

Recovery Rain

Sel's more powerful Healing spell. A very important skill, this is your only counter against enemies who can hit all of your characters.

It requires 1 turn charging and heals all allies.

Sel is one of the only two characters in the game that has this.

Great Restore

Sel sacrifices her own health to heal all her allies back to full.

It requires 2 turns charging, but can be upgraded to just 1.


Sel's only damaging spell. It deals obscenely high damage to Undead enemies. 

It doesn't insta-kill them, but the damage is so high it might as well be unless the difference in Level is just that massive.

Deals 0 damage against anything else however.

Weapons and ItemsEdit

To get her S rank Weapon you need to finish the quest "Exterminate the zombies" and visited all the AL church. The list of AL church:

  • + Hanny town
  • + Autumn forest
  • + Italia
  • + Disposal maze
  • + Magic graduation exam maze

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • S Hanny Jippo - Revives Cell if she dies in battle.
  • Dark Pendant - Reduces damage from Dark attacks.
  • Patron of the Rosary - Increases Defense. Basically defensive items are good on her.
  • Ignoring Glasses - Just like Sill, you don't want to be cancelled out of your healing spells.

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