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The Game Report is available since your 2nd game in the form of a normal command present in every province you own. You need to have at least 1 fan to look at it, but it doesn't cost any action (you can look at it how many times you want per turn). It keeps track of the events you already saw and the objectives you already achieved in all the games you played.

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Route CompletionEdit

  • Route
正史 謙信 五十六
True Kenshin Isoroku Ran
Clear the game in the True Route Clear the game in Kenshin Route Clear the game in Isoroku Route Clear the game in Ran Route

  • Difficulty
1 Star 2 Star 5 Star
Clear the game in 1 Star Difficulty Clear the game in 2 Star Difficulty Clear the game in 5 Star Difficulty

  • All Nation Mode/Free for All
全国編 文禄の役 日露戦争
All Nation Mode Bunroku no Eki Nichi-Ro Senso
Clear the game in All Nation Mode Win the challenge battle in Oushu Win the challenge battle in Cairo

  • Others
最短クリアターン エロ日記記録
Fewest turns to clear game (xx) Ero diary record
The fewest turn you took to clear the game The number of girls Rance sleeps with

Character ClearEdit

Click here to view details of how to clear characters.

Suzume Kentou Kanami Maria Leila Rizna Uruza Magic
Ranmaru Akihime Yuzuhara Yuzumi Yukihime Senhime Okita Nozomi Daidouji Komatsu
Mouri Teru Kikkawa Kiku Kobayakawa Chinu Yamanaka Kojika Naoe Ai Kawanoe Mine Kawanoe Yuzuru
Natori Tamagushi Fuuka Agireda Nogiku Orime Noir Omachi
Ogawa Kentarou Shibata Katsuie Ashikaga Choushin Inukai Hara Shouji Tanegashima Shigehiko Asakura Yoshikage
Hakkin Dasan Tokugawa Ieyasu Mouri Motonari Sanada Tourin Yamagata Masakage Baba Shouen Kousaka Yoshikage
Sakamoto Ryouma Gon Akashi Kazemaru Seigan Genri Shimazu Yoshihisa Shimazu Kazuhisa
Shimazu Toshihisa Shimazu Iehisa Dokuganryuu Masamune Ikkyuu Ii Naomasa Honda Tadakatsu Sakakibara Yasumasa
Sakai Tadatsugu Hattori Hanzo Houjou Souun Nanjou Ran Gekko . .

Special Event ChecklistEdit

This data is updated whenever the game is cleared. Some events are mutually exclusive.

足利陥落 足利降伏 まむし油田(石油穴) 竜宮城
Ashikaga conquered Ashikaga surrendered Mamushi Oil Field Dragon's Palace
Conquer it normally Available after taking Kyo or Mamushi Oil Field Clear dungeon (must have Nanjou Ran) Complete Dragon's Palace quest
伊賀陥落 伊賀復興 伊賀降伏 平城京
Iga conquered Iga reestablished Iga surrendered Heijoukyou
Conquer it with Suzume in attacking force Conquer it without Suzume in attacking force, then Inukai revolts again restablishes Iga Available after declaring war, although unconfirmed, it appears to be the case that you can only trigger this event if you have either conquered or vassaled 4 provinces adjacent to Iga's original province. Clear dungeon (must have Sill)
原陥落 原降伏 餅漬の切腹 真(?) 迷宮
Hara conquered Hara surrendered Mochikiyo's suicide Pearl Dungeon
Conquer it normally Available after conquering 2 territories in Ise Happens a few turns after declaring war Clear dungeon (must have Sill)
種子島陥落 種子島降伏 鉄砲隊の購入 虎の穴 丹波鉱山
Tanegashima conquered Tanegashima surrendered Bought musket unit Tora no Ana Tamba Mine
Conquer it normally Available one turn after capturing Yuzumi Available in any province next to Tanba before declaring war on Tangegashima Clear dungeon (must have Kanami) Clear dungeon (must have Maria)
浅井朝倉陥落 浅井朝倉降伏 雪姫の末路 勉強穴
Asai-Asakura conquered Asai-Asakura surrendered Yukihime's end Study Dungeon
Conquer it normally Available after declaring war and the event where Asakura Yoshikage considers surrendering to Oda has happened (this appear to require taking a territory in Texas after the scene in which Hakkin Dasan ends with him taking off his mask and telling Yukihime to leave) Conquer Asai-Asakura, conquer the house that Yukihime provoked after seeing an event where Hida Takujou is H-ing her, then see an event where she becomes bandits' plaything Clear dungeon (must have Sill)
徳川陥落 徳川降伏 徳川反乱 配下家康を始末 味噌カツ迷宮 徳川埋蔵金
Tokugawa conquered Tokugawa surrendered Tokugawa rebellion Killed subordinate Ieyasu Miso Katsu Dungeon Tokugawa Buried Treasure
Conquer it normally Available after declaring war Let Tokugawa surrender, then be at war with Takeda or the Demon Army Let Tokugawa surrender, recruit Ikkyu, then tease Ieyasu until he's killed Clear dungeon (must have Sill) Clear dungeon (must have Senhime)
今川陥落 上洛阻止 あんこエロ カ・グヤを空へ
Imagawa conquered Stopped hanny's journey to capital Sex with Anko Send Kaguya into space
Conquer it normally Self-explanatory Meet Imagawa, keep his secret, then conquer Imagawa Complete Kaguya's quest
北条陥落(蘭) 北条陥落(早雲) 北条陥落(マサ) 捕虜小松陵辱 里見帝国 魔界都市
Houjou conquered (Ran) Houjou conquered (Souun) Houjou conquered (Masa) Prisoner Komatsu violated Satomi Empire Hell City
Conquer it without capturing Ran Conquer it after capturing Ran, but before Souun disappears (usually by capturing Ran in the same turn you conquer Houjou, possibly during the final battle) Conquer it after Souun disappears Capture Komatsu and leave her in prision, after a randon number of turns you get a start-of-turn event. Do an purple event in Owari after that (it seems that capturing her before conquering Houjou house increase the chance of the event) Clear dungeon Clear dungeon (must have Nanjou Ran)
毛利陥落(人) 毛利陥落(呪) 大決戦 三姉妹エロ ビキニ鑑賞 黄泉平坂 赤壁迷宮
Mouri conquered (human) Mouri conquered (cursed) All-out battle Foursome with Mouri sisters Bikini Watch Road to Hades Red Wall Dungeon
Conquer it after lifting Motonari's curse Conquer it without lifting Motonari's curse Accept Motonari's all-out challenge Available after seeing Teru, Kiku, and Chinu's HCGs Clear dungeon (must have Ogawa Kentarou) Clear dungeon Clear dungeon (must have Sill)
上杉陥落 上杉陥落(県政) 謙信陵辱 佐渡金山 SM迷宮
Uesugi conquered Uesugi conquered (Kensei) Kenshin violated Sado Gold Mine S&M Dungeon
Refuse Kensei's offer, then conquer it within 5 turns Conquer it after Kenshin is violated Refuse Kensei's offer, then wait 5 turns Clear dungeon (must have Uesugi Kenshin & Naoe Ai) Clear dungeon (must have Okita Nozomi)
武田陥落 信玄暗殺計画 貝塚
Takeda conquered Shingen Assassination Kaizuka
Conquer it normally See a start-of-turn event after successfully repelling the Takeda blitz, then do an event in one of Takeda's territories (start-of-turn event requires Takeda to have been conquered normally before) Clear dungeon (must have Sill)
タクガ陥落 死国門封鎖
Takuga conquered Shikoku Gate closed
Conquer it normally Push Takuga back to Shikoku, then do an event in Shikoku.
巫女機関陥落 オロチ退治
Miko Institute conquered Orochi defeated
Conquer it normally Complete Orochi quest
明石陥落 明石降伏 安倍の死 朝比奈の死 ヒゲ
Akashi conquered Akashi surrendered Abe's death Asahina's death Moustache
Conquer it normally Available after declaring war Kill Abe in battle, then wait until Kazemaru is mourning him Kill Asahina in battle, then wait until Kazemaru is mourning him Conquer it normally, then choose the 3rd option
天志教陥落 天志教降伏 蜜柑農園 梅田地下街
Tenshi sect conquered Tenshi sect surrendered Underground Mandarin Plantation Umeda Underground City
Conquer it normally Available after Honnouji Temple incident Clear dungeon (must have Ogawa Kentarou and Miki) Clear dungeon (must have Shibata Katsuie)
島津陥落 島津陥落(嬲)
Shimazu conquered Shimazu conquered (violation)
Conquer it without recruiting 4 Shimazu brothers in Ran IF or Kill the Monkey routes Conquer it after recruiting 4 Shimazu brothers in Ran IF or Kill the Monkey routes
独眼流陥落 6大秘宝
Dokuganryuu conquered Six Great Treasures
Conquer it normally See a start-of-turn event after collecting the 6 Great Treasures

Commanders under control when game was clearedEdit

カスミ 前田利家 前田慶次 明智光秀 丹羽長秀 ハチスカ棟梁 滝川一益
Kasumi Maeda Toshiie Maeda Keiji Akechi Mitsuhide Niwa Nagahide Hachisuka Muneyana Takigawa Kazumasu
Joins after an event with Maria (you need 3 National Power available) Initial commander Choose Satisfaction Bonus to upgrade Maeda Toshiie twice Initial commander Initial commander Recruit in Owari after Kouhime's event Recruit in Owari after Kouhime's event
山口多聞 井上成美 聖徳太子 勝子 虎子 本多正信 ゴエモン
Yamaguchi Tamon Inoue Shigeyoshi Shoutoku Taishi Katsuko Torako Honda Masanobu Goemon
Joins after an event with Isoroku (you need 7 National Power available) Joins after an event with Isoroku (you need 7 National Power available) Capture from Takuga House Conquer Uesugi House, then capture after she's been recruited by another house Same as Katsuko Conquer Tenshi Sect, then capture after he's been recruited by another house Capture from Miko Institute
相馬疾風 卑弥呼 モスクワ冬将軍 油娘道三 公家強子 公家京子 説得法師
Souma Hayate Himiko Moscow Fuyushougun Aburako Dousan Kuge Kiyoko Kuge Kyouko Settoku Houshi
Capture from Miko Institute Capture from Miko Institute Capture from Dokuganryuu House Recruit the Mino Three, choose to recruit her from Satisfaction Bonus Recruit in Kyo Recruit in Kyo Recruit in Ise
ガラシャ 松尾芭蕉 足利義輝 淀君5歳 上泉信綱 塚原卜伝 色部エロ子
Gracia Matsuo Bashou Ashikaga Yoshiteru Yodokun Gosai Kamiizumi Nobutsuna Tsukahara Bokuden Irobu Eroko

Choose Satisfaction Bonus to upgrade Akechi Mitsuhide twice

(only appears if Akechi was in at least 10 battles)

Capture from Iga House Capture from Ashikaga House Capture from Tenshi Sect Capture from Akashi House Capture from Houjou House Capture from Uesugi House

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