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First Game - Real History route Edit

  1. Follow the Sengoku Rance:First Game three moves in thirteen turns opening. If possible, capture and clear Ikkyu
  2. Do NOT let Mouri House take over Tanegashima House or Akashi House. If necessary, declare war on both Tanegashima and Akashi at the same time.
  3. Do NOT let Takeda take over Uesugi House or Houjou House. If necessary, declare war on both Uesugi and Houjou at the same time.
  4. Do NOT conquer Asai Asakura House until you have already conquered Imagawa House.
  5. Conquer Houjou House without capturing Nanjo Ran first. Without Houjou Soun, the fight with Suzaku can be tough, and so it is imperative that you conquer Senkan Nagato as quickly as possible to trigger Kentarou's transformation into a demon.
  6. Note: You can only have up to 26 commanders, excluding Rance, Kouhime, Suzume, Kentarou who cannot be dismissed. If you want the points for clearing the character, then 5 of the characters in this list must be completed in another playthrough as this list contains 32 characters.

Second Game - 0 Star Isoroku route Edit

  1. Recruit Akihime.
  2. Recruit Tokugawa Ieyasu and all of his youkai subordinates.
  3. When fighting Houjou House, capture Ran first, wait for Houjou Soun to disappear, then let Ran die when saving Souun.
  4. Do not conquer Iga, Mouri, or Takeda before triggering Kouhime's kidnapping.
  5. Do not fight Xavier in Honnou Temple until all Takeda generals are captured, all 3 Mouri daughters are captured (and Kikkawa Kiku raised to Trust), Inukai has joined, and Orochi has been defeated.

Third Game - 1 Star Kenshin route Edit

Fourth Game - 2 Star Ran route Edit

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