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Objectives are Rance's goals to achieve. They are not required to clear the game, but completing an objective rewards you with score points.

Defeat Orochi Edit

  • See Natori and Tamagushi Fuuka's character clear steps (linked) for a guide on unlocking the dungeon.
  • Check the page, Dungeon, for details on the dungeon itself.
  • 10 points for completion.
  • Cannot be completed in Kenshin's route.

Obtain Character Clears Edit

  • 2 points per character clear.
  • If you lose the character cleared commander, the points become invalid.

Defeat the Youkai King Edit

H 300 People Edit

  • 10 points for completion.

Tips for completion.

  • Opening up the Prison screen will update Rance's ero diary. If necessary, use this fact to make it less tedious to save scum for higher H numbers; this works particularly well for predictable (non-battle) events (e.g. levying).
  • Using Rance, conquer any territory of an enemy's province. If it's the final territory of a province, the gain is greater. If it's the last province of the house, the gain is even greater. For example, having Rance partake in conquering Miko Institute adds up to 32 to the diary. Gain potential differs by house though. Any One Eyed House and Demon Army territories give 0 women.
  • Using Rance, capture or kill enemy female commanders.
  • Character clear female commanders. Generics are included, but bonus commanders and commanders in the Clear Game Report are excluded.
  • Increases by 1-6 for imposing a levy on a conquered province.
  • Increases by 5 each for H-ing Nekohime, Nonohime, and Iwashihime (after conquering a subsidiary province for each princess).
  • Increases by 10 for "Oppress the Tenshi sect to get money" purple command (available after Nobunaga moves to Honnouji).
  • Increases by 13 on Isoroku route.
  • Increases by 20 for closing Shikoku's gate.
  • Increases by 4-6 for vassalizing any house (only tested on Tokugawa and Akashi).
  • Increases by 4 for "Tease Tokugawa Ieyasu" purple command (available while Tokugawa is vassalized).
  • Increases by 10 for "Go to Tokugawa for ero" purple command (available while Tokugawa is vassalized, after using "Tease Tokugawa Ieyasu" and "Steal heirloom from Tokugawa Ieyasu" purple commands).

NOTE! Rance's diary isn't updated until the next turn (unless you check the prison in which case it updates immediately).

Obtain the Six Great Treasures Edit

  • This can only be completed in second games.
  • 10 points for completion. The red collection box marks your progress, and each treasure is marked with a black star.
  • After you collect them all, there will be a beginning-of-turn scene with 3G telling you about the treasures, and 10 points will be added to your game score.
  1. No-shield 盾無し — Found by developing Kai 's National Power once. Takeda house must have fallen.
  2. Echizen Crab 越前ガニ — Found by developing Sado's National Power once. Uesugi house must have fallen.
  3. Giant Pearl 巨大真珠 — Found by clearing the Pearl Dungeon in Ise twice. Requires Sill.
  4. Hiragumo 平蜘蛛 — Do Inukai's event. Requires Kouhime.
  5. Coke Bottle コーラの瓶 — Let Shimazu House/Demon Army reclaim one province in Africa.
  6. Golden Seal 金印 — Fight wild boars (botan), and get a total of 60 points. Sado's hunts, which require Kenshin and Ai, give 20 points while Owari's hunts, which require Kouhime, give 10. Keep track of the points yourself; the game doesn't show them.

Obtain 30,000 Troops Edit

  • 10 points for completion.
  • Use "Draft Paper" on effective, but expensive units; doing so saves money in the long-run. "Draft Paper" can be repeatedly obtained in Kazusa 2000. The cost increases by 10 per search, until reaching 99.
  • Increase troop size of the cheapest units first.
  • Save money by getting the discount coupon in Izumo.
  • Use Satisfaction bonuses to increase all units by 50 troops each. If you have 30 commanders, this essentially gives 1,500 troops.
  • Save 60 Ogre Bones, and buy "Captain Defense Team" at Ise. "Miko Assault Team" is also recommended.
  • Hire several Miko units possessing the skill Propaganda Effect. Then deploy one in every battle.
  • Consider using more Foot Soldiers and Archers. These units gain troops quickly.
  • Build academies in Yamato, Tamba, Mamushi Oil Field, and Edo to give 5 troops (to a specific class) every turn. Respectively, the academies are for Ninja, Musketeers, Foot Soldiers, and Diviners.
  • Hakkin Dasan has events in Kazusa 2000 which give 500 troops to his unit. The first time it is done, it will be available again four turns later, and from the second time onwards, it will be available 8 turns after it has last been done.
  • Daidouji Komatsu's skill gives her 20 troops per turn.
  • Popularity Staff adds 20 troops per turn to the equipped unit. Rance's Love and Brute Photo can also be abused by picking the +100 troops bonus on every power-up.
  • Agireda has events to raise her unit by 1000 troops.
  • Troop raising items: "Uesugi Assault Team", "Captain Defense Team", "Cavalry Assault Team" and "Miko Assault Team".
  • Alternatively, prepare a (non-footsoldier) 2700 troop unit. This is easily achieved by raising archers, equipping troop-raising items, or doing Ryouma's troop merge event. Next, recruit Hakkin Dasan for about 6300 troops. Then, after selling the 2700 troops, recruit Kentou Kanami for 9999 troops; sell Hakkin Dasan's troops now. All non-prison recruits will now join with 9999 troops. Raising troop count is limited to 1,000 before Turn 40, so this only works afterwards.