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National stats Edit

  • Cost (コスト) / Nation power (国力) - Cost is the total cost of all your commanders combined. Nation power is the sum of nation powers of the provinces you control. The game will not allow you to hire a new commander who will put your total cost over the nation power or hire a number of troops that will increase a commander's cost such that your total cost will exceed your national power, although the plot may force a commander to join who will make your cost exceed your national power. If your total cost exceeds your nation power, you will receive half as much income from the provinces under your control every turn.
  • Satisfaction (満足度) - When Rance achieves various objectives in the game, his satisfaction increases. Satisfaction can be used to trigger various beneficial events. See Sengoku Rance:Satisfaction bonuses for more information on the bonuses.
  • Gold (金) - Gold is the monetary standard of the land. You gain gold from lands under your control, events in the game and some of your unit's skills. Gold can be used for increasing a commander's maximum troops size or replenishing dead troops, it can also be used for several events within the storyline.
  • Score (得点) - The base score for the first game is 60 points. Every turn you lose one point. For every objective you achieve, you gain a certain number of points. Don't worry about the score on your first time playing through it; you are expected to get a score of 0. On subsequent playthroughs you can set the game to a higher difficulty, and you'll start off with more points depending on the difficulty. These points are used for buying bonuses for your second and subsequent playthroughs and only your highest score counts. See Sengoku Rance:Second Game Bonuses for the bonuses you can buy.

Commander stats Edit

Personal stats Edit

  • Name
  • Relationship - has two components:
    • Posture (red-hate, orange-normal, blue-trust, pink-love)
    • Progress (the smiley faces)
  • HP - Only used in commander/dungeon battles.
  • Level / Level Limit - the current level and the maximum level for this character. A character's level limit cannot be changed in game. Character level can be increased by:
    • as a reward option for increasing the relationship with the character.
    • by giving the character a Happiness Pokkuru (see Sengoku Rance:Items).
    • when completing the last level of a dungeon (for the first time for that dungeon), every commander gains a level (even if they were not used in the dungeon)
    • by special events. In particular Ogawa Kentarou has an amazing level up ability in most game routes.
    • Note: Your level only affects dungeon/commander battles (and greatly reduces enemy damage if yours is higher [Rance/Kentarou can go to 99]). It doesn't influence army battles, outside of the damage done by attack where the commander personally attacks (e.g. Commander Charge). (see Sengoku_Rance:Dungeon)
  • Job - The commander may have different job type than his fellow troop soldiers. The job of the commander is only important in dungeon/commander battles
  • Skills

Main stats Edit

  • Troop type - different troop types have different icons. Known troop types include:
    • Bushi/Warrior (武士) - Sword icon. The stereotypical samurai.
    • Foot soldier (足軽) - Shield icon.
    • Tactician (軍師) - War fan icon.
    • Archer (弓兵) - Bow icon.
    • Ninja (忍者) - Shuriken icon.
    • Miko (巫女) - Red cross icon.
    • Monk (僧兵) - Praying bead icon.
    • Yin Yang/Diviner (陰陽) - Prayer slip icon.
    • Musketeer (鉄砲) - Rifle icon.
    • Cannon (砲兵) - Mortar/Cannon icon.
    • Knight (騎士) - Sword + shield icon.
    • Mage (魔法) - Staff icon.
    • Cavalry (騎馬) - Bird icon.
    • Animal (動物) - No icon.
  • Battle stats
    • Troop size
    • Actions - The number of actions the commander/unit may perform per fight.
    • Attack (Atk) - Increases physical damage done, formulae is Attack Power = base attack+ ATKx10
      • Hannys have ATK based attacks.
      • Magicians use ATK when counterattacking.
    • Defense (Def) - Increases defense against physical damage, formulae is Defense = base defense + DEFx8
    • Intelligence (Int) - Increases magic damage done, increases defense against magic. Formulae is Magic damage = Base Damage + Int x 10, Magical defense = Int x 7
      • Foot Soldier - Each point of Int increases the amount of 'guard' you get when using a guard command, although the amount differs depending on which command was used. All Guard grants 10% Guard per point, Ally Guard grants 20% Guard per point, and Ally Guard Plus provides 30% Guard per Point.
      • Tactician - Each INT gives 1 initial buff, and increases buff strength by 5%.
      • Diviner/Yin Yang - Affects magic damage done.
      • Monk/Miko - Affects healing.
    • Speed - influences the cooldown time between combat actions. this is also influenced by what attack is used, no exact formula is known.
  • Map event stats
    • Exploration (green) - covert actions, skill at finding dungeons, treasures and special locations.
    • Negotiation (yellow) - declaring war, creating a vassal, persuading prisoners and foreign generals to join your army.
    • Construction (blue) - increasing NP, preparation for battles.
  • Cost - national influence point cost of employing this commander

Battlefield Effect Edit

As explained in the next section, the Battlefield Effect is a value which factors heavily in to damage calculation during army battles. During army battles, the value of the Battlefield Effect will be shown on the screen. The side of the screen that it is on indicates which side is benefiting from it. For calculation purposes, it is practical to treat the Battlefield Effect as the difference between the sum of modifiers to the Battlefield Effect on your side and the sum of modifiers to the Battlefield Effect on your opponent's side. The following is an exhaustive list of the factors that determine its value, all in terms of adding percentage points to the Battlefield Effect. Note that the final value of the Battlefield Effect will never go above 50% in favour of any side.

  • Each type of battlefield has its own initial value for the Battlefield Effect. These will always be in favour of the defender.
    • Fields give +0% to the Battlefield Effect.
    • Towns give +10% to the Battlefield Effect.
      • Exception: If the player is attacking a town in Yamatai controlled by the Miko Institute, then the Battlefield Effect will, before other modifiers, be +50% in the favour of the defending Miko Institute. This also remains true in FFA mode.
    • Castles give +20% to the Battlefield Effect.
  • Successfully scouting will add a number of percentage points equal to the difficulty of the scout to the Battlefield Effect, in favour of the side who scouted.
  • During a battle, the Ninja Arts: Battleground Construction skills can increase the Battlefield Effect in favour of the user. Per use, the first level adds 4%, the second level adds 6%, and the final level adds 8%.
  • Via the 'Prepare for next battle' command, the player can increase the Battlefield Effect that they will have at the start of the next battle in the chosen province. The Battlefield Effect that is added by this command is often referred to as the battle prep and will initially be equal to 0.
    • The difficulty of the command will be equal to the minimum of 99 and 5+floor[current battle prep ÷ 2].
    • While it is possible to battle prep over 50%, this will never give a final Battlefield Effect of over 50%.
    • Each time the command is used, your battle prep in the chosen province will increase by 7 + 3*[number of times that the 'Increase Battle Preparation to [number]' SAT bonus has been used].
    • At the start of each turn, the battle prep of every province decreases by 3 percentage points, to a minimum of 0.
    • After a battle has been fought by the player, the battle prep in the province that it was fought in will be reduced to 0. Note that the player has to actually fight the battle: Battle Permits and battles that are skipped (e.g. by right clicking on the commander selection menu) do not count. "Event battles" such as the Tenshi Sect riots will also not count and will, in fact, not add your battle prep to the Battlefield Effect in those battles.

Summary table Edit

Different troop types with the same stats will work out differently. The troop type bonus for each of the four battle parameters is ranked in the manual from A+ to C.

Note that various costs may be affected by other factors such as items or satisfaction bonuses.

  • Attack = Base Attack + ATK * (1 + Buff Modifier) * 10
  • Defense = Base Defense + DEF * (1 + Buff Modifier) * 8
    • Note - A Footsoldier's Guard decreases the non-magical damage taking by the Footsoldier by 50%.
  • Magic Attack = Base Intelligence + INT * (1 + Buff Modifier) * 10
  • Magic Defense = INT * (1 + Buff Modifier) * 7
Troop type Atk Def Int Spd Heal cost Max troops ratio*[1] Recruit cost*[2] Layoff saving
Warrior 60 30 B B 4 1 48 4
Foot Soldier 45 20 B B 1 1.5 24 2
Miko 35 10 C C 4 0.7 72 4
Cavalry 80 30 C B+ 4 1 60 4
Musket 130 0 C A 4 0.7 120 4
Archer 40 15 B B 4 1.5 36 3
Ninja 38 15 B B 4 0.7 60 4
Monk 50 30 B C 4*[3] 1 36 3
Tactician 38 10 B C 4 1 48 4
Diviner/Yin Yang 35 10 40 B 4 0.7 60 4
Animal 38  0  ?  ? 4 1 72 4
Knight 60 30  ?  ? 1 1 56 3
Cannon 110  0  ? C 4 1 120 4
Mage 35 10 45 C 4 1 72 4
Peasant 33 0 ? ? N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hanny (ハニ) 35 0 ? ? 4 1 96 4
Infected 35 0 ? ? N/A N/A N/A N/A
Monster (blue) 40 15 ? ? N/A N/A N/A N/A
Monster (green) 45 20 ? ? N/A N/A N/A N/A
Monster (red) 60 30 ? ? N/A N/A N/A N/A
Monster (demon) 5 0 ? ? N/A N/A N/A N/A
  • [1] Max troop size is based on difficulty and the number of provinces controlled. Vassaled provinces are not counted. The base value is then multiplied by each unit's troop ratio.
Difficulty Base troop limit
Normal 400 + (Provinces * 50)
1 star 400 + (Provinces * 100)
2 star 400 + (Provinces * 200)
5 star 400 + (Provinces * 300)
  • [2] Recruit cost goes up by 20 when troop size is 500~999. Recruit cost goes up by 40 more (base + 60) when troop size is 1000~.
  • [3] Monks heal back all of their troops at the start of a turn. Animal units do not heal in between turns.
  • The effectiveness of new troops scales down with increased troop size. See [1]
Troops Unit Value Adjusted Troop Size
0 to 500 1 one to one
500 to 1999 1/2 Troop Size / 2 + 250
2000 to 9999 1/4 Troop Size / 4 + 750
  • Damage (Without Item Modifier) = { [Adjusted Troop Size * (Attack - Defense)%] * Skill Modifier} * (1 + Battlefield Effect)
    • The number within square brackets caps at the actual troop size.
      • If an attacker has sufficiently high attack versus the enemy's defense, they can reach maximum damage for their troop size.
      • Skills that do more than 100% damage to a single unit can cause damage to easily rise above a unit's actual troop size.
    • The Battlefield Effect is taken to be exactly as it is on the screen, but with the percentage being treated as positive for those who are benfitting from it and negative for those who are not. This means that the side which is benfitting from the Battlefield Effect will, per hit, deal more damage and take less damage than they otherwise would have.

Damage Modifiers

  • Item modifiers are calculated AFTER skill modifiers. An example:
    • When (Oiuchi Fang equipped) Leila with 100 troops uses Royal Guard Charge against 1000 peasant rioters., she gains 50 damage after her damage doubles. Her final damage will be 250.
  • Items that add damage do NOT affect magic damage, only physical.
  • Field Battle Expert, Dungeon Expert, and Castle Siege Expert give a 40% increase in damage in the relevant damage type. These do not provide actual buffs, the increase in damage is not capped by the troop size limit, and they stack with all other multipliers.

Healing Formula

  • Heal = Adjusted Troop Size * (INT * 3)% * Skill Modifier * (1 + Buff Modifier)


  • These normally deal 30% damage.
    • Counterattack Rate Up 2 adds 60%.
    • Dragonfly Cutter adds 45%.

Manual Buff Formula

  • Strategy C gives (Troop Size / 300 + 2) buffs.
  • Strategy B gives (Troop Size / 200 + 2) buffs.
  • Strategy A gives (Troop Size / 100 + 2) buffs.

Buff Strength

  • Fuu-Rin-Ka-Zan, How to Siege Castles, Japan's Field Battles Weekly, and Attack/Defense/Intelligence/Speed Luck give 50% boosts.
  • Dungeon Walker and Outcall Miko give 40% boosts.
  • Tacticians give 5% boosts per point of INT.
  • In commander battles, tacticians and Fuu-Rin-Ka-Zan give 30% boosts.
  • Seigan's Triplet ability gives +50% buffs.

Recovery Time

  • All skills in the game have a recovery time, which is used in conjunction with speed to determine how soon will the unit next act after using said skill.
  • In case of channeling skills it determines the time until next action after the spell is cast, and how long the channeling time is.
  • For use-all actions and skills the recovery time determines their position once the character receives convert action.
Action Recovery Time
Standby 20
Warrior Attack 15
Foot Soldier Attack 15
Knight Attack 15
Shuriken Attack 20
Bow Attack 20
Cavalry Charge 20
Monk Charge 20
Shikigami 25
Tulip 30
Shoot 30
Fire Blast 35
Charge 5
Lightning 25
Large Lightning 10
Advanced Shikigami 35
Guard Shikigami 20
Whirlwind Shot 10
Battlefield Construction 10
Sonic Shuriken 2
Battle Strategy 1/2/3 15
Remove Status 10
Battle Results Down 15
Healing Mist 30
Miko Dance 20
Miko Dance/WInd 5
Convert Action 15
Guard Cancel 10
Miko Storm 1/2 5
Assassinate 25
Gamble Charge 10
Poisoning 20
Death Scythe 10
Volley 30
Accurate Shots 25
All-guard Shikigami 20
Witty Comeback 30

Dungeons Edit

Information for damage done in Dungeons can be found on the Dungeons page.

Randomized skill algorithm Edit

Some skills, such as assassinate or whirlwind shot, have the ability to annihilate an enemy commander (without reducing their troop count) with a random probability. These skills are:

  • Assassinate
  • Assassinate 2
  • Commander snipe
  • Whirlwind shot
  • Aim and shoot

The success/failure of these skills is determined using the following algorithm:

probability = 0%

if (Commander snipe)
	probability = 45%
if (Assassinate)
	probability = 45%
if (Assassinate 2)
	probability = 50%
if (Whirlwind shot)
	probability = 45%
if (Aim and shoot)
	probability = 40%
//The skill that gives this buff is not obtainable through normal means
if (attacker has concentration buff)
	probability += concentration * 10%

if (any defending unit has assassination guard)
	probability -= 10%
if (troop battle) {
	if (defender's troops * 2 < attacker's troops)
		probability += 5%
	if (defender's troops > attacker's troops)
		probability -= 10%
	if (defender's troops > attacker's troops + 1000)
		probability -= 10%

if (commander battle)
	if (attacker's level < defender's level)
		probability = 0%
if(attack has "assassination skill +" AND defender has no actions)
	probability = 100%
if(defender isn't important AND probability > random(1-60))

The random number number is determined by the nth value in a list of 400 predefined random values, where n is a global variable that increments by 1 every time the list is accessed. When n reaches 401 it is reset back to 0 and the random numbers start to repeat.

Note: "assassination skill +" is a skill that only Gekkou has.


Excluding things that are exclusive to FFA, and mostly ignoring rounding, here is a complete list of all of the methods for acquiring Gold in the game:

  • At the start of the game, you will have 3,000 Gold. With a Second Game Bonus, this amount can be increased to 13,000.
  • Start of turn proceedings:
    • At the start of each turn, before the Gold for starting that turn is collected, the player's current Gold is increases by 4% for every commander under the player's control who has the Asset Tech skill. This can stack up to a maximum of 20% of the current Gold, but will only give either that amount or 2000 Gold, whichever is lower.
    • After this, the player will gain an amount of Gold equal to 60 times their NP. For each Gold Statue that the player has equipped to a commander, this amount will be multiplied by 1.1. After this, the amount will then be multiplied by 1+0.05*[number of possessed commanders with the Merchant skill]. Finally, rounding down, the end result of these calculations will be halved if the player's NP cost exceeds their total NP.
  • Levies - whenever a province is conquered by the Oda House for the first time, an event will be made available which will allow the player to impose a levy. If this is done immediately after the conquer, it will gain the Oda House 2,000 Gold. However, for each turn that passes with the province in question still under the control of the Oda House, the amount which can be levied will increase by 100 Gold, to a maximum of 5,000.
  • Botan Hunt - on the first time they are done, the Botan Hunt in Owari will award the player 500 Gold and the Botan Hunt in Sado will award the player 700 Gold. However, each time that the Botan Hunt in Owari is done, it will increase the reward for every future Botan Hunt by 50 Gold. Similarly, the Botan Hunt in Sado will increase the reward for every future Botan Hunt by 100 Gold.
  • Headfish Hunt - each successful Headfish Hunt awards the player 5,000 Gold.
  • Monkey Hunt in Saitama - when successfully completed, awards the player 5,000 Gold.
  • Colourless event with Kouhime - prior to the first gourd being broken, or the KTM route being entered, 100 Gold can be obtained by doing a colourless event with Kouhime.
  • Iga dirty plan - the one-off event, 'Dirty plan (What's Inukai's is mine)' awards the player 2,000 Gold.
  • Oppressing the Tenshi Sect - the one-off event, 'Oppress the Tenshi Sect to get money' awards the player 500 Gold.
  • 'Get money: 5000' SAT Bonus - self-explanatory.
  • Sado dungeon - when it is cleared for the first time, the player will be awarded 5,000 Gold.
  • The Loot skill - in every battle where it is used, the player will gain an amount of Gold equal to 10 times the NP that they had when the move was used. It does not have to deal damage for this to happen.
  • Selling troops - explained elsewhere on this page.

See also Edit

The 'Technical Stuff' part of this guide has additional information apparently obtained from Chinese Sources which hacked the game.