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For frequently asked questions, see Sengoku Rance:FAQ

Note that in terms of commanders, this article is designed to give you an idea of when you'll encounter the commander, a brief summary of what to expect from them and how to recruit them (if possible).

For information on what stats and Skills the commander has when encountered or recruited, see Commanders.

For how to clear the commander when recruited (if possible), see Character Clears.

For tips on using the commander, see Commander Tips.

General stuff Edit

  • Generally speaking, the plot will advance when you conquer or vassal houses, so when in doubt, conquer more. Although it should be noted that as long as you pay attention to what the game tells you, it is very rare that you will have no idea what to do. In fact, if you go long enough without being at war, the game will trigger events that are clearly designed to make you think otherwise, although some of these can be rewarding (for example, if you go long enough without ever making any declaration of war from the very start of the game onward, you can be rewarded with the Popularity Staff).
  • In most cases, losing anything that could be considered a boss fight will send you to the Alice Mansion, where you can either get a Game Over, or try again at the cost of 4 points of your score. Be warned that the final castle battle of an enemy house is not considered a boss fight.
  • When in doubt, press F5 on the map, this will display a list of objectives and a list of houses who have gourds, with a visual information to tell you if the gourd is broken or not. These gourds are vital to the plot and flow of the game:
    • The first gourd will always be broken in turn 10, and then afterwards, if you do not conquer or vassal houses that have gourds (conquering or vassaling houses causes their gourds to be broken), more gourds will be broken due to reasons out of your control.
      • Note that you do not necessarily have to be the one who conquers the house in order for the gourd to break. For example, if the Takeda House conquers the Houjou House, Houjou's gourd will be broken.
    • The events where gourds are automatically broken happen at turn 30, 50, 70 and 90, and the order in which the gourds will be broke will be: Takeda's, Mouri's, Houjou's and Uesugi's. However, Takeda's gourd will only be broken at turn 30 if there is only 1 gourd broken by then, this rule applies for the other gourds as well. For example, breaking Iga's gourd before turn 30 will prevent Takeda's gourd from being broken at turn 30 (this event is delayed to turn 50 instead). The same rule applies to other gourds (break 3 gourds before turn 50, 4 before 70, and 5 before 90). After breaking 5 gourds, you will be able to enter a route and in First Games, this will always be the True route (the conditions to enter other routes are elaborated at the bottom of this page).
      • In Second Games, you can skip the waiting for gourds to break by selecting the 'Feed Toukichirou (Hasten events)' event. Then, a few turns after selecting that event, a gourd will break as if it was turn 30/50/70/90, hastening events.
  • You will often have the option to demand that a house surrenders, ending the war between the Oda house and the other house and they will become your vassal generally speaking. This has 3 benefits:
    1. The National Power of that house will be added to your total National Power.
    2. The house will occasionally send you reinforcements in battle. These reinforcements will always have 3 actions and 4 in every combat stat. The troops' size will be based off your average troops' numbers (excluding foot soldiers) and the type of unit that you are sent is dependant on the house you have vassalled.
    3. You are allowed to pass through that house's borders, but other houses are not, meaning that if you plan your vassals well, you can attack without fear of your provinces being attacked.
    • Unfortunately, vassaling is generally advised against as it tends to deny you gold, SAT, commanders and events. These disadvantages sum up to be so damaging that 'vassal only' is considered to be a challenge run (particularly notable is that the reinforcements units have very poor stats - you'd be disappointed to find a commander in your prison with less than 4 in all of their relevant combat stats).
  • Provided that the Uesugi House has not been at warwith the Oda house the Oda house and that they are still standing, when you are attacking or being attacked, Uesugi Kenshin may appear to help the defending side. Be warned that she has a passive skill that causes all of her enemies to have one less action available (min. 1) and that she commands an extremely powerful warrior unit.
  • Expect several events before and after sending Rance to battle. In fact, some houses even require its ruler to meet Rance on the battlefield before they can be conquered, so if you're stuck, try that. The same advice also applies to character clears.
  • Ogawa Kentarou will temporarily join one of the houses you are at war with on turn 20. He cannot be captured or killed. Once you've defeated the house he joined, or one of the Xavier fights has happened, or turn 70 has come, he won't fight against you any more. On the True and Isoroku routes, he will join you a few turns after the incident at the Honnou Temple (if you don't have room for him, the first non-important commander in your roster will die to make room for him). At some point after recruiting him, you will see purple options for Kentarou to go on adventures in Iga, Cairo, Shikoku and Mazo. Each adventure bumps Kentarou up by 5 levels and is very helpful in the final boss fight. Note that you must have conquered the province where the adventure is to gain access to the adventure.

Differences between various playthroughs Edit

  • Any game you started before having a cleared-game save file is called a "First Game". After having cleared the game at least once (game over doesn't count), it's called a "Second Game".
  • When starting a Second Game you get to spend points on various bonuses. The amount of points you get to spend is the highest score from your previous cleared-games, plus 5 points per route you have cleared.
  • For Second Games, you also get to pick the game difficulty. "Normal" difficulty starts your game with 60 points (same difficulty as First Game), and increasing difficulty starts you off with more points. Note these are the points you start with at the beginning of this new game, not the points you get to spend on the bonuses before starting this new game.
  • IF routes are only available in Second Game. In the First Game, only the True route is available, and for this reason all of the information about the events and houses that are available in all routes appear in the 'True Route' section.

True Route Edit

Since all games start on the 'True' route, this route is discussed before any of the houses of Japan. Despite what your save tells you, you have not entered the True route until you have done the 'Search full force for missing Kou' event which becomes available once 5 gourds are broken (so scroll down if you want help beating a certain house).

Note that if it is your first game, the majority of events that would cause you to leave the True route will either cause a Game Over or will be inaccessible.

After 5 gourds are broken, there will be an event where Kouhime goes missing and until you have found her by doing the 'Search full force for missing Kou' event (requires 15 search), you will not be allowed to attack any house (although you can defend, and troops with Battle Permits may still attack at will). It should also be noted that you only have 5 turns to find her or else you get a Game Over. If you get this Game Over, you can just reload your autosave and make sure to find Kou before you end the turn.

Once you have done the 'Search full force for missing Kou' event, you will lose any remaining Action Fans you had for that turn and you will once again not be allowed to attack any house, until you have either done the 'Visit Honnouji (Nobunaga)' event or selected "Attack" when asked the question "Attack Honnouji?" at the start of your turn. Fortunately, however, you now have effectively unlimited time to prepare for this event and you are free to choose when to attack Honnouji.

When you eventually do the event, you will be given three choices. The first one will make you face a Game Over, while the second choice will continue with the assault (see below for details), and the third one returns you to the map (Warning: You lose 1 Action Fan in the process).

The attack consists of 4 fights in a row, where you can select the commanders you want to use. Note that losing at end point here will send you to the Alice Mansion, where you can repick what units you want to use for that fight, and all of your units will be healed and have their actions restored. Note also that every time you visit Alice's Mansion during the assault, Xavier's level will be decreased by 10, until it hits 20, even if you lost to a fight that didn't include him.

  1. First is an army battle vs the Apostle Shikibu (a very powerful warrior unit) and humans (always two foot soldiers in the front and two archers with one miko in the back). Neither side starts out with an advantage and this battle must be won.
  2. Next is a timed commander battle against Apostle Rengoku (level 50, 1050HP and only has one standard attack) in human form with two level 30 foot soldiers. Sadly, absolutely nothing in this battle counts except for the units you choose to begin with, and how much health you lose, so it's probably best to make a team out of as many fast units as you can (ninjas) and then just keep switching out units until the time runs out. One tactic is to have Suzume switch out Sill until the battle ends. Also, you will waste Action Fans for nothing if you try to kill the foot soldiers as they will come back for the next battle.
  3. Next is a commander battle against a transformed Apostle Rengoku, the only differences from the previous fight is that it is untimed. Rengoku's standard attack takes an action from the target, and he has a magical delayed attack that hits everyone for high damage and requires 3 shurikens to cancel.
  4. Finally the fourth fight is a commander battle against Xavier. All your commanders will be revived and recover their action fans for this battle (but will not heal their HP, revived commanders will have 1HP). Take note that you can only harm Xavier (Demon Nobunaga) if Rance is taking part in the battle. Otherwise, any attacks without him being present will be rendered ineffective (so keep Rance alive by all means necessary). Xavier has two attacks: one is a standard attack and the other is a magical hit-all attack that requires no preparation and hits for half of the commander's health (Some have confirmed that if your level is too low, the magic attack takes all your health). Xavier's health depends on his level. By default, he is level 55 with 1150 health.

After the assault, you will have no remaining Action Fans for that turn, so plan ahead. Starting the next turn, you can resume attacking other houses again for a few turns (confirm if it 5 turns exactly) before the Demon Army appears. More information can found in the 'The Demon Army / Shimazu House' section.

Houses of JAPAN Edit

Central JAPAN Edit

Sengoku Rance - Oda banner

Oda House Edit

  • Provinces
尾張 (Owari)
  • Basics
    • Visit the prison to unlock the chance of capturing enemy commanders.
    • After the first H-scene with Sill, a colorless event at the bottom of the list will be unlocked that gives +1 satisfaction. How a girl is chosen is not known, but it appears to have a random element as some girls seem far more common than others. You must H the girl at least once before they can appear in the harem.
    • A battle with boars is unlocked every few turns. It gives 500 + 50 gold for every additional fight and is required to unlock one of the Six Great Treasures (see Objectives for information on the treasure and Game mechanics for more information on the event)
    • Near the end of the game, the purple event "Travellng carnival is here" will show up randomly. You can chose go with 3G, Suzume, Sill (if she is available), Baba, and the heroine for that route (Kouhime for the True history route). It gives a +3 to the final score with every visit.
  • Noteworthy captains
    • Shibata Katsuie - An above average foot soldier commander. The real advantage is getting him for free.
    • Ranmaru - An average Warrior commander.
    • Tamagushi Fuuka - A miko commander who's required to unlock the Orochi dungeon (see Sengoku Rance:Objectives).
    • Gracia - Replaced Akechi Mitsuhide after using Satisfaction Bonus on him twice. Their names (before and after upgrade) are on the game progress report.
    • Maeda Keiji - Replaced Maeda Toshiie after using Satisfaction Bonus on him twice. Their names (before and after upgrade) are on the game progress report.
    • Niwa Nagahide - A relatively poor archer commander you get for free. However, he starts with Defeated Warrior Hunt and large troop size. His name is on the game progress report.
    • Suzume - A ninja who nominally begins with Iga, but make her first real appearance in Oda. In a first game, she appears on turn 8 (if you haven't started any wars yet) or turn 7 (if you have).
    • Sill - Not technically a commander as she doesn't appear on the list. She does however become available in dungeons as a mage when you switch out a back row character. She also appears together with Rance in solo battles. Her level is always just a few behind Rance's, potentially making her one of the strongest dungeon commanders in the game. In addition to her fire blast, she also has a unique heal ability that restores one of Rance's action points (it only heals when used on other commanders), making her incredibly versatile.

Sengoku Rance - Hara banner

Hara House Edit

  • Provinces
伊勢 (Ise)
  • Basics
You can declare war on Hara as early as turn 2. If you don't declare war on the Hara House, they will declare war on you anyway some time after you are in war policy with the Ashikaga House. Hara remnants may appear and automatically take Hara over on turn 95 if the game continues for too long. Reloading to the previous turn will not change this.
  • Noteworthy captains:
    • Hara Shouji - will be automatically captured when you completely take over the Hara House (he cannot be captured earlier). If you raise his affection to normal, you will have the option of giving Aki to him if you decided not to recruit Aki and instead put her in the harem. Do so and raise his affection again, if Sill is still active, you will get the choice for a purple event where Hara tells you that he disciplined Aki by cutting off her tongue and breaking her limbs so she couldnt complain or escape, Rance will kill him and his unit will be taken over by his niece, Sanya (no combat bonus, affection reset back to Normal, but arguably easier to clear)
    • Akihime - she can only be recruited in a Second Game after completely taking over Hara House. The top choice will have her join you while the bottom choice won't let her join - but trigger the same event as the first playthrough. If you don't have enough national power to recruit her, then she'll be put into the harem automatically and you won't be able to recruit her afterwards (usually happens if you started with bonuses of other houses).
    • Gekkou - he is only available in version 1.04 after selecting the bonus character option at the beginning of a Second Game. He can be recruited by selecting a colorless event in Ise (Lightning during the day) after the beginning-of-turn cherry blossom viewing event. This event will disappear after Nobunaga breaks the first gourd, so he should be recruited as soon as possible. Gekkou's passive skill gives him a 100% chance to assassinate any non-commander unit that lost all its action points during a battle.
    • Saijou Mochikiyo - Hara's chief vassal. Dies by seppuku in the second Hara event a few turns after declaring war. However he can be captured in battle before this event, or after he gets recruited by another country. His level cap is random.
    • Settoku Houshi - Can be recruited in Ise with 6 Negotiation points. He has 8 Negotiation points, which make him quite useful when recruiting prisoners. His name is on the game progress report.

Sengoku Rance - Ashikaga banner

Ashikaga House Edit

  • Provinces
京 (Kyo), まむし油田 (Mamushi Oil Field/Mamushi Yuden)
  • Basics
You can declare war on the Ashikaga House on Turn 3. If not, in a series of random turns, the Ashikaga House will start to demand money from you (the amount being 15 times the turn number). If you refuse any time you were asked (bottom choice), they will declare war on you (saving you an Action Fan use). After conquering any one province from Ashikaga House, Ashikaga Choushin will ask Yamamoto Isoroku for support.
Ashikaga will automatically declare war are if you are at war with the Tenshi Sect (this appears to occur just before Turn 35 if you hadn't declared war on anyone all that time).
  • Noteworthy captains
    • Yamamoto Isoroku - Once Ashikaga hires her, if Rance participates in a battle against said House, the battle is an automatic loss. After you win a battle she participated in, she will be scolded by Ashikaga Choushin, enabling you to capture her in future encounters. The next time you attack Ashikaga House will be an automatic loss if you wait until some turns after she got scolded. She will also be automatically captured after you completely take over the Ashikaga House (even if events during the Turns haven't introduced her yet). If you pay Ashikaga (and delay Yamanaka Kojika's event?), you will have a 2 turn window after war is declared to use Rance without Isoroku giving him an automatic defeat; this may be useful if you want an easier conquest (with Rance and without Isoroku) and/or want to add extra numbers to Rance's ero diary H count (when he's in the conquering party).
      • Yamaguchi Tamon and Inoue Shigemi/Shigeyoshi - Once Ashikaga House is defeated, these two subordinates of Isoroku will join you after Isoroku's second ??? purple event is seen (must have at least 7 spare National Power and 6 empty slots in the roster beforehand). Their names are on the game progress report.
    • Ikkyuu - Can be captured in battle but won't be automatically captured when you completely take over the Ashikaga House. His special skill, Witty Comeback can be used to reverse the battle rating and make any losing battle a win. However, this skill can only be used thrice during the game, so it should be saved for extremely difficult battles.
    • Ashikaga Choushin - Automatically captured after completely taking over the Ashikaga House. Only worth recruiting for the Emperor's Ring and Akihime's character clear (and his own character clear for completion's sake). He has extremely low stats so he should be fired after these two are done.
    • Ashikaga Yoshiteru - A generic-faced captain who is level 45. Can be captured in battle. His name is on the game progress report.
    • Kuge Kyouko - After Kyo is conquered, she can be recruited with 15 Negotiation. She starts with Light Attack, a very useful skill for capturing other commanders. Her name is on the game progress report.
    • Kuge Kiyoko - After Kyo is conquered, she can be recruited with 15 Negotiation. She starts with Asset Tech, which can generate up to 2000 G income per turn when you have 50000 G. Her name is on the game progress report.
    • The "Mino Three" - Ganko Ittetsu (Tactician), Andou Kyuuri (Diviner/Yin Yang) and Takuwan-sama (Warrior) -. If Mamushi Oil Field is conquered, they can be recruited with 3 Negotiation each.
    • Aburako Dousan - A monk-warrior that you can obtain after recruiting all her three subordinates (the Mino Three in Mamushi Oil Field) using Rance's satisfaction point. She has Convert Action 1 and four action points, and therefore she makes a great combo with any unit that loses all its action points in a single special attack (e.g. Ninja units). She also comes with quite a big troop size. Her name is on the game progress report. In total, she cost 5 fans to hire.

Sengoku Rance - Iga banner

Iga House Edit

  • Provinces
大和 (Yamato)
  • Basics
    • Will not declare war on the player unless the player has been at peace for too long.
    • A short while after war begin, there will be a command in Yamato to ask Suzume about info on Iga. Afterwards, a purple ??? event will be available which gives you 2000 gold (stolen from Iga) and makes the Iga army weaker. When conquering the last castle, you need to include Suzume or Inukai will escape and later lead a revolt taking back Yamato (he does not always do this, there is likely another condition)
    • Alternately, in Second Games, a 35 Cost green exploration command will appear a few turns after war has begun. The green exploration command has Rance duel with Inukai + 3 dogs. Recommended level for Rance is 51+ and he needs a minimum of 4 action points, as Inukai is in the back row being shielded by 3 dogs. (You need to have 3 spare nation power for this command to appear)
    • NOTE: Winning the duel also takes over Iga, but it doesn't count as a province takeover, so you can still invade other provinces
    • NOTE: Conquering Iga in this way still leaves open the possibility that Iga will revolt at a later time. The condition for this might be for there to be less than 5 houses left on the map in total.
      • This editor has had this occur with 5 houses left (Oda, Takuga, One-Eyed, Demon Army and vassaled Akashi in Isoroku route). It did not occur if Mouri was left standing, so it might simply not count vassaled houses.
    • Alternately, also in Second Games, if you have Gekko, you can do a colorless event in Owari that has Gekko punish Inukai. Doing so will make Yamato come under your control. However, you will not be able to recruit Inukai and consequently be unable to obtain the Flat Spider Treasure, one of the six great treasures. (Also, Iga may revolt at a later time in this case)
  • Noteworthy captains
    • Inukai - Can only be captured via the duel in Second Games, if you don't see his event, it's because you need one empty space in your commanders' list. You also need 3 unused National Power.
    • The five Goninjais (Ninja 14, Ninja 16, Ninja 33, Ninja 55, Ninja 68) can be captured via regular battles.
    • Matsuo Bashou - Can be captured in battles but won't be automatically captured after taking over Yamato. His name is on the game progress report.

Sengoku Rance - Tokugawa banner

Tokugawa House Edit

  • Provinces
三河 (Mikawa)
  • Basics
    • They are allied with the Takeda House, and will declare war on you if you are at war with the Takeda House, regardless of if the Tokugawa House is vassaled or not. Similarly, if and only if they are vassaled, they will declare war on you when the Demon Army appears (they will not declare war on you when the Demon Army appears if they are not vassaled). Be warned that it seems impossible to vassal the Tokugawa house after they've declared war on you by either of these methods.
      • Possibly for the sake of fairness, Tokugawa will not declare war on you if you're at war with Takeda due to the Takeda Family Bonus.
    • Initially, they only use human troops and commanders. Once the player take over two territories of Mikawa, the Youkais (specifically, Raccoon Dogs) will participate in battles as commanders. Note that if none of the Youkai are captured, they will all defend the last territory in Mikawa together, which as they are all quite strong units, will make the battle very difficult. The battle becomes significantly easier when most of the Youkai are captured first as they will then just be replaced with normal human commanders (note that Ieyasu himself cannot be captured). Be warned that for the Raccoon Dogs, despite the commanders being Youkai, their units do not receive triple damage from Youkai Ward, probably due to the troops in said units being human.
    • After winning this battle, if the player is either in a first game, or has not found out that Ieyasu's favourite dish is tempura (see his entry below) there will be a commander battle against Tokugawa Ieyasu (level 55) and two bodyguards (level 25), be warned that in commander battles Ieyasu has a powerful attack that will hit an entire row (like Yamamoto Sweeping Fire) but requires preparation, however if you have a strong enough team, he can usually be defeated before this becomes an issue.
    • As covered in more detail below, if the player does know that Ieyasu's favourite dish is tempura, the player will have the option to take Mikawa without a fight, once they've won the battle in the last of the Tokugawa house's territory.
    • Another way to obtain Mikawa is to vassalize the country after you have declared war on it, which will makes new purple events appear in Mikawa, the first of these new events is 'Tease Tokugawa Ieyasu', after doing this, the event 'Steal heirloom from Tokugawa Ieyasu' will appear in which you will get the Blue Seal Case, an equipable item that reduces the damage received by a unit by 30%. There is also a third purple event, 'Go to Tokugawa for ero' which will give you 1 satisfaction point (which is essentially a waste of a fan since the 'Tonight at Rance's place' even in Owari will do the same thing). Then if you have Ikkyu in your party, 2 more purple events will show up in Mikawa ('Tease Tokugawa Ieyasu even more' and 'Tokugawa Ieyasu...'). These last 2 events will kill off Ieyasu and make Mikawa come under your control without a fight. Note that neither Senhime nor Tokugawa Ieyasu will be attainable via this method and Senhime's H-scene will not happen. Sadly this means that outside of getting the Blue Seal Case and the standard Warrior reinforcement units, there is basically nothing to gain from vassaling the Tokugawa house, and if you go as far as conquering them via this method, it can be argued that you've wasted your Action Fans, since it would cost you a total of 6 fans (5 purple events and at least 1 for the actual vassaling) while actually conquering them normally while you are at war only costs 4 (assuming you never lose a battle) and gives you 5 SAT and the opportunity to recruit Senhime. The only really reason to vassal the house is if you can't beat the final battles, but as described above, you can just capture the Youkai to make the battle easier, which may not even cost you any Fans (just capture them when Tokugawa attacks you) and gives you the opportunity to recruit Ieyasu.
    • Note that after Mikawa is vassaled, Senhime & Ieyasu are still attainable if you make the Tokugawa house declare war again by any of the methods listed about (as a matter of fact, if you vassal the Tokugawa house while at war with Takeda {to do this you will have to go to war with Tokugawa and then Takeda}, Tokugawa will declare war again as a end of turn event, possibly on the same turn in which you've vassaled them!)
    • Taking over Mikawa also enables an event where Kaguyahime (Alien) requires three parts to repair her spaceship, which can be found randomly in dungeons. Completing this will allow you to H her and get the item Black Tri-Star Doctors (黒医三連星). Not completing this gives you the option to heal Rance to full health every visit, which may be better in some cases.
  • Noteworthy captains
    • Tokugawa Ieyasu - Can only be obtained in Second Games. To get him, you must capture Sakakibara Yasumasa and talk to him twice to learn Ieyasu's favorite dish is tempura (Kouhime must be present and you must do this BEFORE clearing him). Then after taking over the last Tokugawa territory, you will be offered a choice to fight him or to bring out tempura. If you choose tempura, Ieyasu will give you Mikawa without a fight and join you at the beginning of a later turn (it may take quite a while, the event seems to have a low priority). Note that conquering Tokugawa in this manner will disable all of Senhime's appearances, including the initial +5 Satisfaction H-scene normally obtained when conquering Tokugawa.
    • The 5 underling youkais (Honda Tadakatsu, Ii Naomasa, Sakai Tadatsugu, Hattori Hanzou, and Sakakibara Yasumasa) can be captured in battle directly. The first four (all except Sakakibara) can also be recruited by doing Ieyasu's events after Ieyasu has joined. They may join other factions after Tokugawa falls and before Ieyasu joins you, but Ieyasu's events will automatically poach them back from those factions.
    • Senhime - will be released from the Mikawa dungeon after an automatic H-scene that appears when you completely take over Tokugawa territories (again, only if you fought Ieyasu instead of offering him tempura). She can be recruited via a purple event in Mikawa. (Her initial cost is 4 and you can't recruit her if you don't have enough nation power to accommodate her cost). If you don't use her to fight for several turns, she will leave you and will sometimes join other houses. Upon clearing, she will not leave you any more.

Sengoku Rance - Tenshi banner

Tenshi Sect Edit

  • Provinces
なにわ (Naniwa), 蜜柑 (Mikan)
  • Basics
War breaks out with Tenshi sect a short while after two seals are broken. This will happen even if you don't have provinces adjacent to Tenshi sect. When you are at war with them, there will be dissenters within each of your provinces and they will begin to accumulate. in the command window, you can see the % of accumulation. And by selecting this option, you can suppress them (resets the % of dissenters to 0). If the % of dissenters go over 100%, at the end of the turn, there will be riot. The first option is to fight them, where you send a captain to battle against one peasant unit of 1000 soldiers. The second option is to let the riot go on, which also resents the dissent level to 0% but lowers the nation power of the respective province by 1, but will never reduce the national power of a province to below 2. Only one riot will happen per turn if multiple provinces have over 100% dissent.
If Tenshi sect has not been defeated after the first fight with Xavier, the player will be asked whether to cease fire with Tenshi sect. Doing so will turn Tenshi sect into your vassal.
During the Tenshi war, your troops will desert, and the number will be quite noticeable in 5star mode.
  • Isoroku route: after Kouhime purple event, if Tenshi sect has not been conquered, you will be asked to make alliance with them. Say no and conquer them like normal. An event at the end with Genri, Seigan and the Triplets will ensure Tenshi surrender. No +5 Sat in this case, unfortunately.

  • Noteworthy captains
    • Seigan - Autojoin a few turns after allying with Tenshiism. If you do not ally with Tenshi sect and defeat them normally, will join at the beginning of a turn once you start fighting Nobunaga's demon army. He will not join you in the Ran or Isoroku route. NOTE: Requires room in the commander list and 3 NP before he will join. Also, Seigan's join event is low priority, so it may be advisable to remove battle permits or stop attacking for a few turns to make sure he joins your army. If he doesn't join your army, he may join it way later in the game even after Sill has been frozen. (His event has Sill in the conversation)
    • Genri (言裏) - Autojoin a few turns after Seigan joins. NOTE:  Also a low priority event.
    • The "Three Good siblings," or the Miyoshi Brothers, (Miyoshi A-kichi (三好A吉)、Miyoshi B-ko (三好B子)、Miyoshi C-zou (三好C藏)) will join Tenshi sect after you win a few victories against Tenshi sect. They are the guys with white-painted faces and little black eyebrows, they have all 5's in the combat stats and each has a 7 in one of Exploration (A), Negotiation (B), and Construction (C) respectively. The siblings can be directly captured in battle.
    • Yodokun Gosai - Can be captured in battles. Her name is on the game progress report.
    • Honda Masanobu - a Tenshi tactician, who doesn't seem to have any story significance. He is considered an "important character" and has certain related immunities (Gekko's Assassination+), and it is believed he also cannot be captured unless his original faction has been conquered and he has been rehired by another house. His name is on the game progress report.

Northern JAPANEdit

Sengoku Rance - Asakura banner

Asai Asakura HouseEdit

  • Provinces
テキサス (Texas)
  • Basics
    • A scene will occur where you meet Asakura Yoshikage. During this scene choosing the second option will cause them to declare war on you. It is possible that you won't even get the option to grab Yukihime's boobs, Rance will just grab them and that will start the war automatically. And even if you chose the first one, if you aren't in war with any country, there will be an event in which Asai-Asakura's subordinates will report that Rance grabbed the princess's boobs and that will start the war. This event won't happen before Tenshiism conflict.
    • After taking over one of their territories, you will be attacked by an endless wave of pandas, when you lose the waves will stop, and you will be forced to retreat and lose the territory. On the following turn, you can take over territories normally.
    • Some turns after declare war an earthquake hit Texas, weakening them. You can do a purple event on Texas for send poisoned "aid" and weaken their troops more.
    • In Second Games, a few turns after defeating the Asai Asakura, Yukihime will use her body to influence another house to go to war against the player. This can be prevented by recruiting her father Asakura Yoshikage, raising his relationship to Normal, and pick an exploration command in Texas before the first house fights you due to her influence. You must have at least 1 free national power, or the exploration command will not appear.
  • Noteworthy captains
    • Asakura Yoshikage - Automatically captured upon taking over Texas.
    • Hakkin Dasan - To recruit him, do a purple event in Texas after taking it over. The first choice will kill him, the second will recruit him. Also the same turn you recruit him a red event called Panda Hunt will show up in Kazusa 2000. This is a commander fight against 3 Pandas with 350 HP. It adds 400 pandas to Hakkin Dasan's unit. From that point on it shows up every four turns adding 500 pandas each time.
    • Yukihime - Only available in Second Games. She joins you after the exploration command in Texas which can become available either by bringing Asakura Yoshikage to normal before she starts a war between you and a random house, she'll not join you after this event.

Sengoku Rance - Miko banner

Miko Institute Edit

  • Provinces:
邪馬台 (Yamatai)
  • Basics
Before you can declare war on them, you have to do 3 events at Yamatai. Afterwards, you can finally declare war.
  • Noteworthy captains
    • Natori - Automatically captured upon taking over Yamatai. Very useful character with high stats and a spell that drains 30% of the life of all enemies.
    • Souma Hayate - Will join Miko Institute after 2 areas are conquered. Has a Commander Charge and high action points and stats. His maximum level is random. His name is on the game progress report.
    • Himiko - A monk with 6 actions, 7's in ATK/DEF/SPD/INT and 6/6/3 in Search/Neg/Const. She will be deployed after the story scenes which result from fighting a few battles with the Miko Institute, after which she can be captured at any time. Her maximum level is 40. Sadly she has Field Battle Expert, so if you keep her until the game ends, you will miss out on 2 points since she cannot have End-Game points. Her name is on the game progress report.
    • Goemon - A ninja with 7's in ATK/DEF/INT, 6 SPD, but has only 2 action points. He also has Assassination 2 and Battlefield Construction 3. Can be captured in battles. His maximum level is random. His name is on the game progress report.
    • Maya and Isuzu - Miko commanders who are subordinates of Natori. They can be captured after an event showing them asking Natori to let them participate in battles. They will never be killed in combat against you and have unique portraits but are otherwise insignificant. They have average stats.

Sengoku Rance - Imagawa banner

Imagawa House Edit

  • Provinces
東海道 (Toukaidou)
  • Basics
    • After several scenes, the Hanny Shinsengumi will try to cross through your territories to get to Kyo. You will be given a choice to allow them through or stop them. If you don't let them through, they will declare war on you. If you let them through, then after the player defeats the Tokugawa House (or just takes over Mikawa, if someone else owns it), the Hannies will declare war on the player (the declaration of war might come a little later if some Imagawa introduction events are still being processed). You can declare war on them after the first event that involves their appearance.
    • Once you've been at war with them for a while, a purple "Collect hannies' information" event will become available in Tokaidou (you'll know it's there when 3G tells you about Imagawa Anko). Selecting this makes the "Meet with the Hanny King in secret" event available. Trigger the scene and you will be presented with two choices. Choose to keep his secret (first choice) and once Imagawa is defeated, you'll get an H-scene with Imagawa Anko for 5 Satisfaction. The second choice lets you completely take over Imagawa territory with no further battles, but you won't get the H-scene. Warning: the events won't happen if Sill is not available.
    • If you conquer the Mouri House while the Takeda House and Imagawa House are still standing and not at war with you, Takeda will conquer Toukaidou. This does not appear to happen in the Kill the Monkey route and will happen in both first and second games.
  • Noteworthy Captains
    • Okita Nozomi To recruit her, you must let the Hannies pass through on their pilgrimage to Kyou. Complete 3 special purple events in Kyou and the option to recruit her will become available (also in Kyo). Also, if you declare war before King Imagawa reach Kyou, the purple events don't appear and you can't recruit Okita. If the recruit option doesn't appear, bring your national power up until it does. Sill is required for one of the events, so it must happen before she is frozen. Her stats are nothing too special, but she has a high level (useful for commander/dungeon battles) and has a base cost of 0 NP. She also has a couple of SAT bonuses you can trigger,

Sengoku Rance - Uesugi banner

Uesugi House Edit

  • Provinces
佐渡 (Sado), MAZO (MAZO)
  • Basics
The Uesugi house will declare war on Rance if he has conquered too many houses (approx. 8) .[There was a case around turn 90+ after Honnouji where, if not conquered by then, Uesugi will declare war. [I had 7 houses personally]. Will also declare war if you defeat Asai-Asakura House or Houjou House before fighting the Tenshi Sect.
Once you start fighting the Uesugi house, whenever Rance and Uesugi Kenshin face each other on the battlefield, you get an automatic victory. After conquering an entire province from Uesugi, they will have night raids to push you back from conquering the second province (it is impossible to capture any territory from Uesugi until the coup event takes place, as they will continue night raids). After a few turns, when you attack Uesugi House again, there will be a coup, with Kenshin's uncle taking over and his messenger offers to give you Kenshin in exchange for peace. Choosing to accept, the second option, will make the Uesugi House your vassal, whereas slaying the messenger on the spot, the first option, allows you to conquer Uesugi House normally. The coup event will not trigger if Rance has not met Kenshin yet and has not seen at least one night raid. If Kenshin's uncle is not defeated within a few turns after the coup event, Kenshin and Ai will be raped (CG) and lost forever.
  • A battle with boars is unlocked every few turns in Sado. It gives 500 + 100 gold for every additional fight and is required to unlock one of the Six Great Treasures (see Sengoku Rance:Objectives.) This one is superior to the one in Owari, as it offers 20 points per turn (a total of 60 are needed) versus the Owari event's 10, but you need to have recruited Kenshin and Ai.
  • Notable captains

NOTE: Do not take too long to capture the house after slaying the messenger. After 5 turns, a rape Hscene with Uesugi Kenshin and Naoe Ai will appear and you will no longer be able to recruit either of them.

Uesugi Kenshin - Will only join you if you slay the messenger and conquer the Uesugi House. Need to pick the purple ??? event to have her join you.
Naoe Ai - Will only join you after Kenshin has joined. You can either wait for her to auto-join after a few turns or if you want her now; you need to pick a purple ??? event to have her join you.
  • NOTE!: If you pick the Uesugi house 2nd Game bonus, it is possible to get 2 copies of Naoe Ai! One from the 2nd Game bonus. The second copy can be acquired through a purple ??? event in Sado.
Torako and Katsuko - Can only be captured in battle after you conquered the Uesugi House and they get hired by other houses (unless you start the game with the Uesugi bonus, in which case you cannot capture them, as they will not join other countries after Uesugi is defeated). Their maximum levels are random. Their names are on the game progress report.
Irobu Eroko - Can be captured in battles. Her name is on the game progress report.

Sengoku Rance - Takeda banner

Takeda House Edit

  • Provinces
信濃 (Shinano), 貝 (Shell/Kai)
  • Basics
  • Will not declare war on player unless and until the territory of Oda house has expanded significantly (this means Takeda eventually WILL declare war in non-Demon Army routes). This event can be delayed by a yellow exploration event in Takeda territory (which also shows the countdown until Takeda is ready to declare war on the player). Also, they will almost immediately declare war on you after the temple events of Yamamoto Isoroku route.
  • If the player go to war against the Takeda House, the Tokugawa House will go to war against the player.
  • In first games, if the player go to war against either the Houjou House or the Uesugi House, then Takeda will quickly take out the other house (unless the player go to war against BOTH Houjou and Uesugi, or if the player is also currently fighting Takeda). See the individual house's sections for more details.
    • On later playthroughs, on turns 54/55, regardless of if the Uesugi House is still standing or not, Takeda will take over Saitama from Houjou, this can be prevented by declaring war on either the Takeda or Houjou houses.
  • Note that If you conquer the Mouri House while the Takeda House and Imagawa House are still standing and are not at war with you, Takeda will conquer Toukaidou in and end of turn event. This does not appear to happen in the Kill the Monkey route and will happen in both first and second games.
Approximately three turns after war begin with the Takeda, its four generals will start participating in battles. Then on random turns, the Four Generals of the Takeda House will lead a consecutive blitz charge, attacking you four times in the same turn. As a note of warning, the Takeda will be 'collecting their forces' the turn before the blitz. Their cavalry units can hit the back row, and their general will have a passive skill that gives them all four buffs, making them a formidable foe.
A green exploration command to assassinate Takeda Shingen becomes available once both of the following conditions are met:
1. The player has previously defeated Takeda House via brute force and let the game auto-save. This can have been done in an earlier play-through, but can also be done in the current one (by conquering via brute force and then loading a save file where Takeda still exists).
2. In the current game you have successfully blocked all 4 consecutive attacks in a blitz, AND no other events is suppressing events at the beginning of the turn (which introduces the availability of the command, where Rance and Suzume discuss about Shingen). Clarification: the beginning of the turn event CAN occur on a different turn than the turn which you blocked all 4 consecutive attacks if there are other event suppressing this event. You only need to block ONE blitz, and it is possible for the event to occur after later blitz, which you do not need to block.
The Takeda House automatically falls after the "assassination". You may also conquer Takeda the normal way (which is much easier if you can do it before the generals start to fight). You only need to conquer Shinano and Shell in order to defeat the Takeda house, any additional territory that Takeda might have acquired will automatically come under your control once these two provinces are conquered.
If you choose to conquer Takeda normally, after winning the final battle, Baba Shouen, Yamagata Masakage and Kousaka Yoshikage will have a battle with Rance's army with squads of 50 each, which shouldn't be too difficult as long as Rance's army is at full strength (or increase his troops to 500+ if you haven't reached it yet) and Rance has at least 4 moves. So try not to use Rance in the last battle, because if you do, Rance will have to fight those three with whatever troops he has left from the previous battle, which can become dangerous if Baba Shouen uses his captain charge or Yamagata Masakage uses his charge-in to reduce Rance's moves.
  • Notable captures
    • Sanada Tourin - Automatically captured when Takeda House falls. Cannot be captured in battle.
    • The other three generals (Baba Shouen, Yamagata Masakage and Kousaka Yoshikage) can only be captured after the "assassination" event (they will become ronins and be hireable by the other houses).
    • Akiyama - Generic male cavalry unit with 6 action points, 6/6/7/6/5/5/5 in stats, Rear Guard Charge and Battle Rating Up 2. He can only be captured after Takeda has been defeated and he has been hired by another house.
    • Super Jockey - Generic male cavalry unit with 5/6/6/5/3/1/3 in stats and a random level cap (Highest seen is 63). Can be captured anytime.

Sengoku Rance - Hojo banner

Houjou House Edit

  • Provinces
江戸 (Edo), 上総2000 (Kazusa 2000), さいたま (Saitama), 死国 (Death Country/Shikoku)
NOTE!: Italicized provinces signify an event-based change in that land's control - i.e. Shikoku is acquired by Takuga in its first event, and Saitama will sometimes be taken over by Takeda.
  • Basics
    • Will declare war on you if you conquer Takeda.
    • On first playthroughs, unless you are at war with either the Takeda or Houjou house, the Takeda house will take over the Houjou House in two end of turn events after you go to war with the Uesugi House. Interestingly, despite what Souun says in this event, he does not actually appear in Takeda's army.
      • On later playthroughs, on turns 54/55, regardless of if the Uesugi House is still standing or not, Takeda will take over Saitama from Houjou, this can be prevented by declaring war on either the Takeda or Houjou houses.
    • If you are not at war with anyone and have a province adjacent to a Houjou province, there will eventually be an event where Houjou dispatches a Diviner/Yin Yang on Oda territory to deal with some ogres. After doing her job, she'll trip and you'll have the option to just stare at her panties or rape her. Raping her will make Houjou automatically declare war on you (do note that you will not gain any satisfaction points for raping the Diviner/Yin Yang, and there will be no CG either).
      • This event will eventually repeat if you are still not at war with anyone and Rance will rape the Diviner/Yin Yang with no option given, causing you to enter into a war with Houjou.
    • Both Ran and Souun will die if you conquer Houjou without capturing Ran before hand.
    • Souun will die if you conquer Houjou after capturing Ran BUT before Souun disappears (there is about 1 turn time window for this). Ran can no longer be recruited after that.
    • If you have not captured Ran by the time the Demon Army appears, Souun will offer to make peace with Oda.
      • Accepting it allows you to keep any conquered Houjou provinces but any remaining Houjou provinces become unattackable and you lose the ability to declare war on Houjou. Although Souun says he will come up with a plan against the Demon, there are no scenes of this afterwards. Ran will shortly be killed by Apostle Gigai and Xavier will kill Souun and take over Houjou. This scene is different from the one where Masako has taken over Souun's dissapearance and Xavier kills Masako.

  • Noteworthy captains
    • Houjou Souun - To get him, you must first capture Nanjou Ran. After this, an event will occur where he goes to seal an ogre in Mamushi Oil Field. After conquering the Houjou House, recruit Nanjou Ran and talk to her two times in Kazusa (purple events), then go to the bottom of the Oil Dungeon in Mamushi Oil Field. It will take a few turns until Souun actually joins you. In a Second Game, this must be done after the 5th seal is broken, otherwise you will enter Ran's IF route, where Souun is not obtainable.
      • Souun joins in a VERY low priority beginning of turn event which is often pushed back by story events. It can take a very long time for him to join. Try to do this right after the Honouji temple incident for him to join as quickly as possible.
    • Nanjou Ran - Can only be captured after a few events dealing with her summoning powers (more specifically after she stops using Suzaku in battles), before conquering the Houjou House. She only survives in her own route.
    • Daidouji Komatsu - Automatically captured when defeating the Houjou House. Can be captured beforehand, but only after Souun goes missing and you get the event where she complains that the country sucks. Her passive skill (Fan Club) increases her troop size every turn, so she can be quite useful in lenghty playthroughs. In order to clear her character you need to have no Diviners/Yin Yangs in your commander list, so try to bring her to Love before getting Ran or Souun.
    • Tsukahara Bokuden - Can be captured in battles. His name is on the game progress report.
    • Houjou Masako - A unique faced Diviner/Yin Yang who becomes the temporary leader of Houjo if Souun goes missing. Will automatically be captured if Houjo is defeated while Souun has yet to disappear.

Sengoku Rance - One Eyed banner

One Eyed House Edit

  • Provinces
エゾ (Ezo), 奥州 (Oushu)
  • Basics
    • To declare war on them, you must first do the '??? investigate the yokai empire' event in their territory. Then a new event battle should appear in Saitama. After doing this battle, you can declare war on them.
    • After taking over the last One Eye territory, there will be a duel between Rance and Masamune (with Sill supporting Rance if she is available). Masamune will heal himself to full health using eyedrops whenever he drops under 50%. To counter this, first recruit Nogiku, Orime, and Noir, as well as defeat Omachi's unit in battle (and trigger the event after battle), then pick a Purple Event in the One Eyed House territory to learn from the three girls how to fight Masamune. If this event is triggered, Masamune will still use eyedrops only once, but subsequently that move will be disabled by Rance and Masamune will no longer be able to heal. It is possible to defeat Masamune without recruiting his wives and triggering their event. It is also possible that he won't use his healing spell at all - this happens only if Rance is 60 level or above - that, however, might take a while to achieve.
    • If the Tokugawa House is not at war with you, and not conquered (it can be vassaled) while you are fighting the One Eyed House, at some point, One Eyed Masamune might take control of it. There is no apparent trigger for this event, it seems to happen regardless of your progress against the One Eyed house or how many wives have been captured, although the trigger may be as simple as a certain number of turns (more research is needed, since the event seems to occur randomly, it might even be possible while Tokugawa is at war with you, but there's no recorded incidents of this happening). Interestingly, the two armies do not appear to merge, but Tokugawa Ieyasu has been seen fighting for the One Eyed House after this event (even his Youkai subordinates are nowhere to be seen, much like when a house is taken by the Demon Army, the commanders just seem to vanish). This has lead to speculation that he may become a refugee and be capturable from other houses after the defeat of the One Eyed House, but this is unlikely - if you hack to capture him, his recruitment from prison event is completely generic and whenever you talk to him, he acts as if he was recruited via temparu, despite never actually being given any and there are no reports of him actually joining another house after the One Eyed house has fallen.
      • Interestingly, even if the last One Eyed territory you conquer is in Mikawa, the battle against Masamune still takes place in the Youkai Castle, as if you were in Ezo.
      • Another interesting fact is that upon taking Mikawa, the Hannies will say that "Oda conquered Tokugawa" despite that not really being the case (the Hannies seem to declare war as soon as Oda takes Mikawa they don't seem to actually care for Tokugawa).
  • Noteworthy captains
    • Dokuganryuu Masamune - after you defeat his house , he may join in the next turn by a preturn event. He cost 5 but only require 2 free national power and a free slot to join.
      • In 1.04, he will not join if any of Nogiku, Orime, or Noir is cleared (originally he could join even if all three girls are cleared)
        • Omachi - Defeat her unit in battle and win the battle to get an event where she turns into a stone. Then after Masamune joines you, get Masamune up to Trust, and then an event should occur where she joins you. (Requires Kouhime.)
          • NOTE! (WORKS IN OLDER VERSIONS ONLY):If you pick the One eyed house 2nd Game bonus, it is possible to get 2 copies of Omachi! One from the 2nd Game bonus. The second copy can be acquired if you character clear masamune. This can be done by invading just one area of one eyed house territory and getting Masamune to trust. This is actually a glitch and is fixed in v1.04 of Sengoku Rance; in the latest version it's impossible to clear Masamune or get a second Omachi if you began with the One-Eyed bonus.
          • NOTE! Does not seem possible to trigger the event when she is defeated if her bodyguards (labeled footsoldiers) are with her, even if you defeat them. Try another turn if this happens to get her when they are not around.
        • Nogiku - Defeat her unit in battle, rather than just winning the battle. Afterwards, she will be captured.
          • Requirement! You have to recruit Akashi Kazemaru who MUST have Hibachi as his passive skill. A reason for this might lies in the Nogiku's H-cg. In which it shows that Nogiku is bounded by an iron chain which (coincidentally?) is identical to Hibachi's iron chain. (Unconfirmed) It appears that you have to let a turn pass after giving hibachi to Kazemaru for the effect to actually kick-in.
        • Orime - Defeat her unit in battle and she will be captured.
        • Noir - Defeat her unit in battle and she will be captured.
        • Moscow Fuyushougun - A foot soldier commander with very large stack size. Can be captured in battles, but his stack size will revert to 1000, and has high upkeep, making him quite useless. His name is on the game progress report.
  • Note that for most captains, fulfilling the above condtions does not guarantee 100% capture rate. Aside from the above conditions, the capturing chance (percentage success, same as percentage to capture normal defeated captains in battle) also apply, though it may not show in when the battle is over as 'captured'. So to capture each of the captains, you must fulfill the conditions and hope that you're lucky enough to capture them (fortunately, it is large enough). If you fail, you can simply re-load, or wait until the next chance. Captain skills that increase capture rate also helps.

Southern JAPAN Edit

Sengoku Rance - Tanegashima banner

Tanegashima House Edit

  • Provinces
丹波 (Tamba)
  • Basics
Will not declare war on player. Sometimes will be conquered by Mori House, especially when the player is fighting the Akashi House. Mori will not take over the Tanegashima if the player is currently at war with the Tanegashima.
You may ask them to surrender (become a vassal) if you have captured Yuzuhara Yuzumi or if Xavier kills her in Kenshin route.
If you happen to be fighting Tenshi Sect (when they still have naniwa) or the Akashi House when facing Tanegashima, an event will happen and will show Tanegashima thinking about how they have weapons, but lack manpower to use them, and he will come up with and idea to sell those musket units cheaply to the other house so that they can fight you together. This also seems to occur when fighting other houses, such as the Asai-Asakura House . To make things worse, when you are one territory away from defeating Tanegashima, he will give even more musket units to that same country if you did not defeat it first.
In the first game, if the player goes to war against the Akashi House, the Mori House will move in and conquer the Tanegashima. This event sometimes happen in second games. You can prevent this by declaring war on both houses at the same time.
  • Noteworthy captains
Yuzuhara Yuzumi - can be captured in battle. Will be automatically captured when Tanegashima House is defeated.
Tanegashima Shigehiko - automatically captured upon taking over Tamba.
Kikan Juutarou and Saika Mako - can be recruited in Tamba after recruiting Tanegashima Shigehiko.

Sengoku Rance - Akashi banner

Akashi House Edit

  • Provinces
姫路 (Himeji)
  • Basics
  • Some turn after you defeat the Mouri house, Akashi will declare war on Oda. A yellow command will appear at Himeji before this happens and shows how many turn until Akashi declare war on Oda, picking this command will delay their war declaration.
  • After you take over one territory, an event will occur. After that, the first battle of each turn will be automatic defeats, for three defeats. It is possible to get the first two defeats on the same turn by attacking twice, or on different turns, but the third one must occur on a different turn than the first two (If you have Senhime, this is a good way to do the 3 losing battles required to "Character Clear" her, since you won't risk having her killed). The automatic defeats will take place whether you are attacking or defending. (It is actually possible to get all 3 defeats in the same turn, but you do not get the Hibachi scene the same way. This fourth scene must occur in a different turn. To get all 3 defeats in one turn, you must attack a total of 5 times in one turn.)
  • If the player goes to war against or has conquered the Tanegashima House and is not at war with Akashi, the Mori House will move in and conquer the Akashi. This will occur even if Mori has no provinces adjacent to Akashi.
  • If you possess territory adjacent to Himeji for many (10+) turns but have not declared war, the Mori House may coerce Akashi into declaring war on you.
  • Noteworthy captains
    • Akashi Kazemaru - After taking over, you will be given three choices. The first one kills him, the second captures him, and third is to just to make him wear a strange mustache. When you capture him do the search option to find Hibachi (only available if you went through all 3 automatic defeats). Talk to him once for an event with Rance nude in his room. When you get Kazemaru up to 7 Trust, another event will be available where Hibachi becomes his subcaptain and Kazemaru buffs up (+2 to all combat stats below 7 {so you're better off giving him the buff when his stats are at 6 than you are at 7, because if you do it at 6, his stat will go to 8}).  If you defeat Akashi House too quickly (before the event where Kazemaru release Hibachi), or Mouri takes over Akashi instead, then you cannot get Hibachi as a subcaptain. However, the HCG you get for searching for Hibachi will be different.
    • Kamiizumi Nobutsuna - Can be captured in battles. His name is on the game progress report.


Takuga Edit

  • Provinces
死国 (Death Country/Shikoku), 中っ国 (Mid Earth/Nakakkuni)
  • Basics
    • Will declare war on the player a while after the player has been fighting the Mouri House or Houjou House . This can be delayed by a yellow exploration command in Takuga territory (which also show the number of turns until Takuga is ready to declare war on Oda).
    • If you have recruited Nozomi, then after an event between Sakamoto Ryouma and the Hannies, a purple ??? event will be available for you to fund Hanny terror activities. If you choose to fund them, they will randomly take over Takuga-controlled territories for you (the amount of funding probably affects the frequency/probability of their activities it has been reported that giving the maximum amount of money {3000} will make the Hannies attack at the end of every turn).
    • If you fight them until their only remaining province is Death Country, you may pick a purple ??? event and click on first choice to close the great gate and shut them there forever (they will not be able to attack you, and you won't get Sakamoto Ryouma and other captains which you are unable to capture.).
    • The purple event mentioned above won't appear if you didn't let them take over at least one Mouri House province and have already conquered at least one of their territories in Death Country.
  • Notable captains
Sakamoto Ryouma - Automatically captured when Takuga is conquered.
Gon, Kawanoe Yuzuru and Kawanoe Mine can be captured in battle, or automatically captured when Takuga is conquered. They are not recruitable unless Sakamoto Ryouma is in your army. Gon will leave your army after a few turns if Ryouma is no longer in your party.
Shoutoku Taishi - Can be captured in battles. His name is on the game progress report. He comes with a monstrous 9 atk and 5 action points, but has a miserable 0 def and int, and 4 speed. His level also caps at 45, so, along with having 5 action points, he can be a valuable asset for captain fights.

Sengoku Rance - Mori banner

Mouri House Edit

  • Provinces
出雲 (Izumo), 戦艦長門 (Battleship Nagato/Senkan Nagato), 赤ヘル (Red Helmet/Akaheru), 中っ国 (Mid Earth/Nakakkuni)
  • Basics
    • After defeating Mouri Motonari in battle at least once, he will grow impatient and offer the player a chance to fight in an all-out battle (??? event). By taking the challenge, the player will fight all the powerful captains of the Mouri House together. Winning the fight allows the player to capture an entire province directly instead of winning it one area at a time; losing will cause a Game Over. The challenge can be taken until Mouri has only one province left, or if Motonari's curse has been lifted. NOTE: Though you acquire the province you win a challenge in, it doesn't count as conquering it, so you can still invade other provinces.
    • The first time you battle against Kobayakawa Chinu's unit, she will serve poisoned drinks to your army, which will lead to an automatic defeat! This event only happens once. This can be circumvented with a different pre-battle cutscene (such as Uruza's character clear).
    • Note that If you conquer the Mouri House while the Takeda House and Imagawa House are still standing and not at war with you, Takeda will conquer Toukaidou. This does not appear to happen in the Kill the Monkey route and will happen in both first and second games.

To lift Mouri Motonari's curse:

  1. Defeat the Takuga House and recruit Sakamoto Ryouma.
  2. Search for the dungeon in Izumo (requires Kouhime and Sill), this may be done before step 1.
  3. Select the event "Ask Ryouma about Motonari". The event should appear after the assassination attempt on Motonari. This event can appear later, so don't worry if it isn't available.
  4. Go through the dungeon in Izumo until you fight an enemy called Daidaara (だいだーら) on the 7th floor, after which you'll have an event (you can leave the dungeon after that if you wish).
  5. When it's Mouri's turn, Mouri Motonari's curse will be lifted and he will fight like a regular unit (which is actually bad news for you in army battles, unless you killed him so much that his HP has become very high).

If the Mouri house bonus is chosen and Senkan Nagato is the last Mouri province, the Demon Army/Shimazu will not take it or the Mouri House over. This allows you to avoid fighting either of them as they cannot get past Senkan Nagato, at least until they take over another house adjacent to your provinces. This is useful if you want to avoid fighting either the Demon Army or Shimazu until you are ready. This does not prevent Gigai from challenging you or Shimazu from stealing your female commanders even if you do not have any provinces adjacent to them.

  • Noteworthy captains:
    • Mouri Motonari - Will be captured upon defeating Mouri House if his curse was lifted. If you get his relationship up to Trust, he will return his cursed form. Mouri's basic attack is useful in some commander fights because it does 200 damage regardless of the enemy's defense. This is great against Xavier, where most other characters do less than 100 damage.
    • Mouri Teru, Kikkawa Kiku, and Kobayakawa Chinu - All automatically captured when Mouri House is defeated. They can be captured in regular battles only after you have fought in at least one challenge. Note that Chinu will always die the turn after the Demon Army appears. If you wish to H Kiku or clear her, she must be captured before the Mori House is defeated. Note that failing to H Kiku also denies you the 4P HCG (see: Character Clears).
    • Yamanaka Kojika - Must play in a slow pace to see her interactions and events with Ashikaga Choushin, Inukai (this one appears to be optional), Seigan (while Oda is at war with their respective Houses), and Oda House (where she wants to recruit Rance but gets kicked out instead). (The aforementioned events will not be triggered anymore after an event where she meets the Shinsengumi and encounters Mouri Motonari face-to-face.) Next, an event at Mid Earth and an event at Battleship Nagato (where she fights the Mori house by herself) must be triggered. All the events listed must happen while the Mori House has more than one province. When Mouri House has only one province left, an event about Kojika should appear automatically right away without taking turns; otherwise, it means that not all of her prerequisite events have been triggered. After defeating the Mouri House, her purple recruitment event should be available at Izumo.
    • Ahen Shounin - A mercenary miko commander with troop size over 4000. His defense stat is always 1, although the other stats are random. When you capture him, his troop size reverts to 1000. Worth your time to imprison him to deny his use to your opponents.
    • Murakami Suigun - A tactician commander with a special tan-skinned portrait (like some of the Shimazu girlfriend commanders, who you can't capture). She has 6 action points and 6 in Search, Negotiation, and Construction. Can be captured in battle. Unknown if she needs to have joined another house first.

Sengoku Rance - Shimazu banner

The Demon Army / Shimazu House Edit

  • Provinces
カイロ (Cairo), モロッコ (Morocco), アマゾン (Amazon), 南アフリカ (South Africa)
  • Basics

NOTE! The Demon Army only appears if you're on the True, Yamamoto Isoroku IF, or Kenshin IF route.

  • Some time after the first fight with Xavier (usually between 7 and 10 turns), Xavier will appear in Africa and take over the Shimazu House, renaming it the Demon Army.
  • Upon the appearance of the Demon Army:
    • Senkan Nagato will be automatically taken by the Demon Army if you conquered it or if it is under the control of the Mouri House but it not the last province of the Mouri House.
    • You will not receive any reinforcements that you call for after the appearance of the Demon Army, however two new SAT bonuses will be unlocked namely, 'Militia May Appear During Attacks' and 'Militia May Appear During Defense' unfortunately, the units this bonus gives are quite poor for this point in the game. They are always warriors, with a troop size determined by your average number of troops (exuding foot soldiers) and there combat stats are 6 Atk, 6 Def, 6 Int and 4 Spd, with 3 actions.
    • The Shimazu brothers will launch 5 consecutive attacks on the Oda House immediately in response to any attack on them, even during your turn (the first 4 attacks are lead by the brothers, oldest to youngest, the final attack is lead by Agireda, unlike the Takeda Blitz, there is no reward for winning all of these battles, but the final attack is probably your best chance to capture Agireda). This only happens once.
    • If there are other houses left, then from the appearance of the Demon Army onward, on Xavier's turn, he may directly kill off one of those houses and convert them into Demon Army provinces. The only houses that will be spared are:
  • Kobayakawa Chinu will die the turn after the Demon Army appears.
  • Eventually, Nanjo Ran will die.
  • In the True route only, two turns after the Demon Army appears, regardless of if you have room or not, Kouhime will join as a Foot Solider (if you don't have room, the first non-important unit in your roster will die), be warned that unless her unit is equipped with the Charm of the Immortal Fox Deity, whenever her unit is annihilated, she will die, giving you a game over.
  • Around 4 turns after the Demon Army appears, there will be a lack of the Hirami Lemons that are used to suppress Miki's transformation into the Demon King, failure to find them in under 6 turns will cause Miki to turn into the Demon King, leading to either a Game Over or entry into the Demon King route, to find them, you must complete 6 floors of a dungeon in Mikan to find the lemons (while you're there, you might as well just clear the dungeon, also note that the purple event 'Search for hirami lemons' in the same location seems to achieve nothing).
  • Provided that the event where the player needs to find Hirami Lemons has been completed, then some time after taking over Senkan Nagato (and provided that you still control it), there will be a start of turn event where Apostle Shikibu will have a duel with Kentarou, in this duel Kentarou will announce that he has Youmeishu, which heals his health to full and restores all of his actions. Shikibu will always be 3 levels lower than Kenatrou, so her health will be such that she takes 5 attacks to kill, forcing you to either use the Youmeishu, or to have previously given Kentarou an Action Textbook 2.
    • Be warned, to use the Youmeishu that Kentarou has, you must place your mouse over him and select it, it will not be used automatically, it costs a turn to use, if you win the battle without using it, you can keep it for his use later.
    • After winning the battle (losing is a game over), Shikibu will be killed and Kentarou will turned into a demon, and Miki will run off. The player must then perform three searches for Miki (the first requires 20 points of Search, the second requires 25 and the third requires 30) or else after four end of turn events, she will turn into the Demon King, leading to either a game over or entry into the Demon King route. You may not attack other houses before locating Miki (except by Battle Permits).
      • When searching for Miki, note that you do not need to accumulate all the points needed to find her in one action, if for example you only have 20 out of 30, you can click accept and then on your next attempt you will only need 10.
      • Once Kentarou has become a demon, he will no longer take damage from the any enemies in commander battles other than Xavier himself, however in army battles nothing can kill him, meaning that if you fire all but one of his troops, you can use him to automatically win defensive battles.
    • When Miki is found, the player will have 0 action fans left for the rest of that turn, so plan accordingly. After finding Miki, the result is dependant on what route you are on:
      • if you are in the True route, Sill will get frozen, making her unusable in dungeons and will prevent the vast majority of events that require her presence.
        • Around 3-4 turns after Sill is froze, Rance will get irritated and will lose between 6 and 10 satisfaction points (or all of your SAT, if you somehow have less than the number that the event will take from you). This will repeat every 3 turns until you have done 2 purple events titled 'Frozen slave: Sill' and have seen a start of turn event where Kouhime slaps Rance. Be warned that the necessary purple events with Sill do not seem to occur as start of turn events and that the third purple event with Sill is not needed to stop the SAT loss.
      • In the Isoroku route, Isoroku will agree to stop attending battles, although the game functions as if you fired her unit.
  • After fighting the Demon Army for a while, the Apostle Gigai will appear after battles, and you must send a commander to face his challenge.
    • If you send Houjou Souun, he will kill Gigai, doing this will character clear Souun.
    • If you send Ogawa Kentarou, after he has been turned into a demon, he will tie with Gigai, gaining three levels in the process (be warned, Gigai may appear before Kentarou turns into a demon, especially in the Isoroku route where there are so many start of turn events that it is almost certain that Gigai will appear before Kentarou turns into a demon). Since this event can be repeated as many times as you wish, letting Kentarou reach a very high level very quickly, this is the recommended way to deal with Apostle Gigai.
    • Sending anyone else will kill that commander (sending Rance will lead to a Game Over).
    • After the first confrontation with Gigai, a new purple event will appear where Rance thinks of how to deal with him. Afterwards, when Gigai appears again, picking Rance will lead to commander battle between your commanders and Gigai, where you can kill him.
      • In this fight, Gigai will be level 53 with 1110 health, he has a standard attack which reduces the target's number of actions by one and he has a hit-all attack that requires preparation (and 3 shurikens to cancel). It is also worth noting that Rance does not need to attend the battle.
      • If you happen to lose this fight it will not lead to a game over, but instead Rance will be forced to go on his promised "date" which Rance will refuse to talk about and become irritated, losing SAT.
  • In True route only, after fighting the Demon Army for a while, there will be an event where the four Shimazu brothers plan an ambush on Rance, and disappear from regular battle until the ambush. Then, after Rance takes part in a winning battle, the four brothers will attack the group Rance is currently in.
    • Firstly, there is an army battle against all four brothers (note that all of your units are healed to whatever number of troops they had at the beginning of the first battle, and have their actions restored beforehand), losing this fight will lead to a game over.
      • If you are struggling with this battle, one suggestion is to use the Demon Kentarou exploit mentioned above, if you place him, alone in the front row, then the only enemy unit that will be able to harm your other units is Shimazu's relatively weak tactician, letting you win just by bullying down the health of all of their units with your backrow.
    • Afterwards there will be a commander battle against Shimazu Yoshihisa he will be level 42 and will have 1158 health, other than that he's just like any other Foot Solider. Be warned that you cannot switch units in during this fight (you only have the units that you start the battle with), fortunately, losing this fight gives you the opportunity to retry, rather than simply being given a game over. Retrying will reduce Yoshihisa's level, to a minimum of 20.
    • After the fight, Yoshihisa dies. There will also be military chaos which will use up all remaining action fans, also from this point onwards, the other Shimazu brothers will die in regular battle after defeated (which is necessary to character clear Agireda).
    • Be warned that the Gigai fight seems to have a higher priority than this event, so it may be easier to trigger this even if you've already fought Gigai in this turn or if you've already killed him.
  • In the True route, after you take one area in South Africa or two areas in Morocco, the Demon Army will try to sink JAPAN. The player needs to make an attack on the enemy forces at Tenma Bridge (located in Morocco) to clear the game (this can be done even without defeating all of the Demon Army on the map, you only need to have taken over every territory in Morocco). If the player waits too long, it will be Game Over but this can be delayed with an event in Morocco (Suzume's Mission). You can abuse it as many times as you want, giving you an effectively unlimited amount of time to prepare for the final battle.
  • If the player conquers South Africa, the event that follows changes based on your route, although it should be noted that in all of the routes where the Demon Army appears, you have no good reason to conquer South Africa (in the True route, conquering Morocco takes less effort and gives you access to the end game, in the Isoroku route, you only need to go as far as Senkan Nagato to trigger the end game, and in the Kenshin route, doing anything other than using Kenshin to trigger the end game is a waste of time):
    • In the True route, you will fight the Apostle Madou, he has two forms:
      • The first form is level 40 with 850 health, he has a standard attack and and two move that require prepartion, one is a hit-all attack (which takes 3 shurikens to cancle) and the other heals him fully (takes 2 shurikens to cancle).
      • The second form seems no different, but if you lose at this stage, after being sent to Alice's Mansion, you will not be able to repick you team and thier actions will not be restored, possibly causing you to instantly lose.
      • After winning this battle, the Soul Binder's curse will be lifted, and you will have 0 action fans left for the rest of that turn, but the even 'Demon's daughter: Kurohime' will become available which gives Rance 5 SAT.
    • In the Isoroku route, you get the same result as in the True route except that the Madou fight doesn't happen (you even have the same dialogue in the 'Demon's daughter: Kurohime' scene, despite the fact that some of the events mentioned in that scene don't happen in the Isoroku route), however in the Isoroku route, you will also be able to do another event called 'Demon's daughter: Kurohime', which gives 2 SAT.
    • In the Kenshin route, absolutely nothing happens, you don't even lift the Soul Binder's curse.
  • In first games, If you are doing really bad, so much that you reach turn 110 without winning or making significant progress, you'll get a scripted event that says the fighting has been going on for awhile, and all territory formerly belonging to Demon army will now be yours except for the original Shimazu houses (Bottom left 4 provinces). Houses unconquered by either you or the demon army remain after this event, meaning that both you and Xavier can still conquer them.
  • Strictly speaking, the bare minimum requirement for beating the Demon Army (and therefore the game) in the True route is just to conquer Cario and beat Xavier. Interesting, since you're still allowed to attack while there is a Hirami Lemon shortage (which always occurs before Apostle Shikibu's duel with Kentarou), this means that you can beat the game before Miki goes missing, Kentarou turns into a demon or Sill gets frozen. To do this, you simply have to be extremely aggressive when fighting the Demon Army, you've basically got from when the Demon Army takes Senkan Nagato to when you either get a game over or enter the Demon King route from not getting the lemons to Miki in time to conquer all 3 territories in Senkan Nagato, all 4 territories in Cario and all 4 territories in Morocco, and then spend a fan to initiate the attack on the Tenma Bridge, although it's worth noting that depending on when the lemon shortage occurs, time may not be the biggest issue for anyone attempting to do this, the biggest issue is likely to be winning battles, even losing a single battle of the Shimazu blitz can be a serious setback, although exploiting second game bonuses could make this significantly easier. If, in the end you do manage this, you get the reward of being able to battle Xavier while Sill is still available, and you'll be able to finish the True route in an extremely low number of turns (assuming you started out with 3 Action Fans, and never lose a single battle, the entire route can be beaten in under 50 turns and possibly far less). In theory this method could be used to save Ran's life, or even fight Apostle Gigai while Ran still lives.
  • Noteworthy Captains
    • Agireda - can be captured in battle in the True History and Isoroku IF routes, but she can only be character cleared in True History. In the True History and Isoroku routes, it is possible to increase her troops by 1000 for each of the 2 colorless events available after conquering Cairo and Amazon.
    • Ootomo Sourin - a Musket unit with the unique "Special Cannon" ability that can deal severe damage to all enemy units even from the back row! This ability uses all action points. He cannot be captured. He is only available to the player as a Shimazu House character in Free-for-All mode.
    • The four Shimazu brothers will surrender to you and be placed in the prison after you kidnap Kurohime in the Ran IF and Kill the Monkey routes.

IF Routes Edit

General stuff Edit

  • IF routes can only be done in Second Games. The requirements for entering the route must be completed before the Incident at Honno Temple (after the Incident at Honno Temple is triggered, the route is locked)
  • A trick, which allows you to create a save game that makes you able to go all routes in the game is to arrange things such that conquring the Houjou family would result in the 5th gourd being broken. Then the save can be made after the following (you will need to able to have at least 3 Action Fans to do this).
Firstly, to make sure you have the conditions to enter the other routes satisfied, you must:
1) Capture Yamamoto and see her H-scene.
2) Conquer Ashikaga.
3) Recruit Kenshin & Ai.
4) Have Kenshin at Trust and previously deployed into a battle with Rance.
5) Seen the scene where Xavier is given the Emperor Headband.
6) Recruit Ran, and have spoken to her once (requires Souun's disappearance).
7) Conquer Houjou up to the point where you can conquer the family in one battle (down to their last territory).
Then, at the beginning of a new turn with three moves, you have the option to:
1) Enter the Kenshin route immediately.
2) Attack the last Houjou territory (1st move), talk to Ran (2nd move), and enter the Oil dungeon (3rd move), putting you on the Ran route.
3) Anything else after defeating the last Houjou fortress (Isoroku or True route — with Souun possibly joining you as a captain if you take Ran to the Oil dungeon).

Nanjo Ran routeEdit

  • NOTE! If you do not go to the Mamushi Oil Field dungeon after unlocking it, Nanjo Ran will leave your party after certain number of turns (around 20) and you will lose both her and Houjou Souun. (In 1star run, Ashikaga left standing, Houjou is the fourth eliminated, after that 4-5 turn Ran left for Oil Field)
  • To begin the Ran IF route, capture Nanjo Ran while fighting the Houjou House. While fighting the Houjou House a series of events between Nanjo Ran and Houjou Souun should start, after Houjou Souun tells Nanjo Ran about the true nature of Suzaku, she will eventually be encountered in a battle and can actually be captured. After capturing Nanjo Ran let Houjou Souun go to a dungeon in Mamushi Oil Field before defeating Houjou House. Once you defeat the Houjou House, do an event there, which unlocks a dungeon in Mamushi Oil Field. If you complete this dungeon before 5 seals are broken, you'll be on the Ran IF route. *Note that completing the dungeon will send Oda into military chaos so you'll have no action fans left for the rest of the turn.
  • Some time after rescueing Houjou Souun, you will get an event where Suzume and Chaos discovers that Xavier is hiding in the temple. If you have conquered the Tenshi Sect at this point (and captured Manmaru), an event in the following turn will give you a choice to release Manmaru or keep her. If you release her and go to the temple, you will wound Xavier(While Kentarou kills Rengoku) then Seigan and the triplets walks in and seals him. If you keep Manmaru, the spell will fail, and its game over as everyone dies (even if you level up and manage to win the battle, the cutscene is the exact same as if you lost) . Warning, if you capture Manmaru right before being forced into the fight with Xavier, it is possible that the event for releasing Manmaru does not happen before the fight with Xavier and is a Game Over. Leaving the Tenshi Sect around until the fight will make the fight happen as if you released Manmaru.
  • Because the Demon Army does not appear in this route, this is the only route where Kobayakawa Chinu does not die (the other exception being the Kill the Monkey route which is arguably not a true route).
  • On the Ran IF route, the Shimazu House will one by one absorb the Mori House, Takuga, and Tanegashima House after several events, if the player hasn't conquered them. As a result, the Shimazu will acquire the special characters of those houses, and the southern part of JAPAN. These events can be triggered faster when either Shimazu gets attacked or attacks. This does not happen if the events on the Shimazu house or the targeted house are not finished. This can also be stopped by either lifting Motonari's curse or capturing one of the three maids of the Mori House.
  • The Shimazu brothers will randomly cause one of your female captains to defect. Only females who can be fired and is not in Love relationship will defect (Patch 1.03 makes it sufficient to keep your female captains if they have at least Trust relationship). This appears to be a truly random event as you can reload to the previous turn and get a different result. Defected captains cannot be re-recruited even after you recapture them. The following turn (or later, a beginning-of-the-turn event is required, and might be bumped back by main Ran route events), a green exploration command will become available in Shimazu provinces, allowing you to kidnap Kurohime. At least one defection must have occurred for this to happen. The turn after Kurohime is kidnapped, the Shimazu brothers will surrender themselves to you (make sure you have enough space in your prison), although the Shimazu House remains hostile under Agireda's leadership. Take note that there is no upper limit to the number of defections that can occur. You can only have one captain defect per turn that the event occurs. Sometime, female captains who are at trust can defect if the majority of your army is a trust. Once Kurohime is kidnapped, the defections will stop. Agireda is not capturable in this route. (Tip : To prevent defection, you can leave your prison at 20/30 or more and capture one more commander. It will replace the defection by an useless event)
  • BUG! The above event (female officier defeciton) can be pushed back by non-unique events. In other words, it is possible to never trigger any defection. If you conquer Shimazu in this way, the game will still assume you have captured the brothers and they will disappear from the game. This seems to occur more often if you avoid getting in contact with the Shimazu for a long time (by not conquering Mori).
  • About twenty turns after starting the Ran IF route, there will be a new battle event in all of your provinces marked off with stars to fight ogres(2 units of 1000 blue ogres each, 1 unit of 2000 red ogres). You should clear them as soon as you can, because at the beginning of each turn that at least one remains, you lose 1 Nation power. At random points owai will get attacked by ogres which are harder than the normal battles. To finish the route, you must do this event at each location, and then go through a 7+ (12 floors in 1 star+ difficulty) floor dungeon in Saitama, after clearing the last level you will fight a boss battle against sekimei, a level 80 ogre with 2.4k hp, extremely high speed and can hit all targets from the backrow. Fighting him may be a problem if the only high level characters you have are rance and sill(everyone else at levels 50 or below will do less than 100 hp to him) but his attack has very low dmg compare to Xavier(around 100-175 dmg). There is no time limit to fighting Sekimei, once Keikoku has entered the cave you have infinite time to prepare. *Note that all action fans get restored before the fight with Sekimei.
  • Finishing the IF route will unlock a new option in the lap bonuses which will allow you to start the game with Ran (and Daidoji Komatsu). Houjou House will be hostile to you from the first turn, and Houjou Souun will be missing already.
  • Note: the ending to this route changes depending on whether Ran has trust or love when you beat Sekimei.

Yamamoto Isoroku routeEdit

  • To enter the Isoroku route, you must recruit Yamamoto Isoroku and unlock her H scene and then do the 'Searched for Kou but...' event before entering a different route (note that you do not need to fulfill these conditions before Kou goes missing, you can even recruit and H Isoroku while Kou is missing and still be able to enter the route).
  • Beware that once you enter Isoroku's route, anything requiring Kouhime's presence (discovery of certain dungeons, character clears for some commanders) will no longer be possible.
  • It should be noted that the Isoroku route is notorious for having a high number of start-of-turn events. Be wary of this if you plan to recruit anyone who joins as a start of turn event (e.g. Houjou Souun)
  • At the start of the turn after entering the route, you will fight Demon Nobunaga - the fight is the same as it was in the True route but this time you only have to do the one commander battle against him (you will not have to fight his Apostles) and Ogawa Kentarou will be available for you to use (although there is a glitch where he will not become available if you have 30 commanders), after this fight, you will not have any Action Fans to use for the turn.
  • The turn after the fight against Xavier, the Takeda House will declare war on you if it is still standing. Not long after this, the Mouri House will declare war on you, although they will conquer the Tanegashima House beforehand if it is still standing and they will make the Akashi House declare war on you if it is not vassaled (the timing of these events depends on if the Takeda House is still standing or not and if the Mouri House was at war with you before the route started. At the earliest, the Mouri House can actually declare war on you on the end of the turn in which you enter the route, that is - the turn before you fight Xavier).
    • As per usual, if they are still standing, vassaled or not, since the Takeda House has declared war on you, the Tokugawa House will soon declare war as well, and because the Mouri House has declared war on you, it can be expected that Takuga will soon be introduced and will declare war (assuming that you haven't already conquered the provinces of these houses). This cumulatively means that at worst, you could simultaneously share borders, and be at war with 4 houses, and unlike the True route, Xavier won't kill them off for you (see below).
  • In this route, the Demon Army is largely the same as in the True Route, with some differences:
    • While Xavier will still conquer the Shimazu and Houjou houses, he will not conquer any other houses in this route (although he still takes Senkan Nagato from the Mouri House).
    • In the Isoroku route, the Demon Army cannot be defeated normally. If you conquer any provinces in Africa other than Cairo, the Demon Army will instantly take more provinces away from you (see below on how to win the route).
    • You can use the Battle Permits against the Demon Army without having them taken away, or having any of your permit users lose battles when acting independently.
    • The Shimazu brothers do not attempt to assassinate Rance, making them unable to be killed, therefore making Agireda unclearable.
    • The Demon Army does not attempt to sink JAPAN, meaning that taking Morocco will not give you access to the endgame and Apostle Madou will never fight you in an army battle.
    • As mentioned in the Demon Army's section (see above), you will not fight Apostle Madou when you attempt to lift the Soul Binder's curse.
  • Ogawa Kentarou's events are also very similar to what they are in the True Route; most of the changes are to do with the event when Miki is found. The changes are as follows:
    • Unlike the True Route, the Isoroku route cannot be beaten until Miki is found.
    • Miki will not go missing until Isoroku has announced her pregnancy.
    • Sill will not be frozen. Instead, Isoroku stops participating in battles (the game treats this like she died).
  • After several start of turn events where Rance gains small amounts of SAT, a character called Keikoku will be introduced. Eventually (roughly 25-30 turns after entering the route), Keikoku will demand a tax hike, reducing your Action Fans to 1.
    • After this event has happened, unless you do an event where Suzume reads Isoroku's mind (this is a purple event for Isoroku and may cause turns where you have all of your Action Fans), Rance will die at the start of a turn after you've gone through 4 turns that only have one Action Fan each. Your final warning for this is an event where Keikoku breastfeeds.
      • Be warned, if you've avoided talking to Isoroku, and you've been sticking to your autosave, this can make the game unwinnable due to the event where Isoroku congratulates Rance on the baby taking priority over the event where Suzume reads Isoroku's mind.
    • After your fourth turn with only one Action Fan, if Suzume has read Isoroku's mind, Keikoku will flee Oda in a start of turn event. After this event, you will be reduced to zero Action Fans for the turn. After this, there will be another start of turn event where 3G tells you that Keikoku has not been captured and gives you 4 options, picking the final option gives a Game Over, picking Isoroku will advance the plot and picking any other option will achieve nothing.
      • After this event, winning an army battle again the Demon Army will cause Keikoku to join them (note that Battle Permits usually won't trigger the event and it may be blocked by other post-battle events such as the events including Rance and the Shoguns). She commands an extremely powerful monster unit (red, warrior type) and all of the units with her will gain all 4 buffs presumably at full strength (much like in the Demon King route). She cannot be captured or killed but she does have some unique battle dialogue with Rance and Isoroku.
    • Once Rance has decided to impregnate Isoroku, it will happen either as a purple event for Isoroku or as a start of turn event, soon after this (usually within a couple of turns), she will announce her pregnancy as a start of turn event.
    • Once Isoroku's pregnancy is announced, all that is left to trigger the endgame is to find Miki after she goes missing. As in the True route, Senkan Nagato must be conquered for this to happen and apart from the differences mentioned above, this event proceeds the same as it did in the True route.
      • It should be noted that you have no reason to advance any further than Senkan Nagato in this route. Conveniently, you don't even have to conquer the Mouri House to do this. If you accept Mouri's invitation to battle, you can conquer Izumo and then attack Senkan Nagato from there, although this may be impractical in some cases, as you may have to withstand attacks from the Demon Army, Mouri, Takuga, and Akashi simultaneously in order to hold Izumo and Senkan Nagato, but once Miki has gone missing, there's no need to hold out any longer (in fact, apart from avoiding the Game Over you get from losing Owari, at this point, you barely have any reason to battle at all).
  • Not long after Miki is found, Xavier will complain to Madou that he will be better off just killing Rance rather continuing with their current tactics, after this event, Xavier will attack directly, triggering the final boss fight.
    • In the first half of the final battle (the timed one), if you damage any enemies but fail to finish them, they'll continue in the second part with full health, and Xavier's own health will reset to 50%. So if you're not confident that you can completely kill an enemy before the turns in the first part end, don't bother attacking, just try to keep Rance/Kentarou alive for the final part of the battle. An enemy that you managed to kill completely in the first part won't show up in the last part of the battle.

Uesugi Kenshin routeEdit

  • Preconditions for entering:
    • Kenshin and Naoe Ai are in your army.
    • Ashikaga House and Uesugi House have been conquered.
    • Kenshin's affection is at Trust.
    • Kenshin and Rance have been deployed in battle together (You will see a scene where Kenshin gives Rance riceballs).
  • After you get Kenshin to trust, an event happens where Xavier gets the Emperor Headband. This seems to happen around the time between 4th and 5th gourd is broken, and never before Turn 23, confirming that you have the requirements to enter Kenshin's route.
  • After that, the new purple action "Have a picnic with Kenshin" will appear in Sado; choosing it will start the Kenshin IF route. All your action fans will be used up after this, so plan ahead. The turn after, Rance will fight Rengoku with Sill, and there will be a timed battle in which Kenshin fights Xavier.
  • You'll start the Emperor Race afterwards. This involves Kenshin only. This race involves Kenshin getting 100 points. You'll get a list of twelve characters, and Kenshin will receive 20 points for defeating each of them. If she loses a one-on-one duel, you will get a Game Over. If Kenshin wins an army battle, she will gain 1 point. If she loses an army battle, she will face assassins and get 3 points, so sending her alone to a losing fight can be to your advantage. She won't face any pursuers when her Level drops to Level 1. (There might be some level prerequisite.)
  • The twelve participants of the Emperor Race are: Dokuganryuu Masamune (Youkai Empire), Oda Nobunaga/Xavier (Demon Army), Okita Nozomi (recruitable in Kyo), Baba Shouen (Takeda), Gon (Takuga), Keikoku (independent), Yuzuhara Yuzumi (Tanegashima), Mouri Motonari (Mouri), Shimazu Kazuhisa (Shimazu/Demon Army), Uesugi Kenshin, Suzutani Musou (independent) and Kumano Gorou (independent).
  • Dokuganryuu Masamune, Okita Nozomi, Gon, and Yuzuhara Yuzumi can only be fought if they are in your army. Baba Shouen, Mouri Motonari, Shimazu Kazuhisa, Suzutani Musou, and Kumano Gorou can be fought regardless of recruitment.
  • In Second Games, if you chose a Bonus House at the start with a racer under your control (i.e., Takeda to get Baba Shouen or Mouri to get Mouri Motonari), the racer becomes unavailable to fight in the Emperor Race, except for Kenshin and Masamune.
    • Participants that were released from prison before the start of the race or dismissed from your army are also disqualified.
  • Events can occur that will allow you to use a Search command to locate Suzutani Musou and Kumano Gorou. Kenshin can then proceed to duel them.
  • Xavier takes over the Shimazu house about 5 turns after the race starts.
  • This is the only route where Xavier can take over the One Eyed House. Xavier will not take over Tanegashima.
  • NOTE!: Conquering the Mori House while Mori Motonari is still cursed will cause a GAME OVER (An event occurs where he crushes Uesugi Kenshin). He will be at Level 50 once his curse is lifted.
  • After doing a few events with Kenshin, her Level will automatically go down to Level 1. A new option in the Satisfaction Bonuses will allow you to bring her Level up by 10 (e.g., Level 1 -> Level 11). This can be done either up to four times, or until Kenshin exceeds Level 39. Once Kenshin's level goes down to 1, you will have the option to fight participants that are in your army (e.g., Masamune, Yuzumi).
  • Every time you talk to Kenshin, she will gain 2 Levels until she reaches Level 60 or 61. Once she becomes the Emperor, she will no longer gain levels through this method. It is possible to have Kenshin bugged so that she will gain 2 levels with no restriction, until she reaches her level cap. One possible method to do this is to have kenshin get to level 8 before using 4 sat bonuses on her to bring her level up to 48, and then just leveling her up by talking to her and with affection bonuses.
  • The event to decrease Kenshin's Level can be suppressed by having other events trigger instead. It appears to be relatively low-priority and it's possible to win the Emperor Race without dropping to Level 1. To do so, do not conquer the territories which house the participants. Instead, conquer territories like Naniwa and Saitama, which house two independent racers.
  • Recruiting Nozomi, defeating Tanegashima, Takuga, and two independent participants is probably the easiest and most direct route. If you have Nozomi recruited, plus Yuzumi, Ryouma, Gon in jail before the Emperor race starts, the Emperor Race can be ended in five turns after you entered it. If you are not fighting any house with race participants, the first two beginning-of-turn events after the race starts will be Suzume finding Suzutani Musou in Naniwa and Naoe Ai finding Kumano Gorou in Saitama. Then fight both of them in the same turn. Then recruit Gon and Yuzumi from jail. The next two turns will send Kenshin to level 1 and use Rance Satisfaction Bonuses to raise Kenshin to lvl 41. Kenshin can easily win the fight against the three racers at level 41 with Ryuuguu Sword Urashimaru.
  • After a set amount of time, Keikoku will cause neutral neighboring houses to declare war on you. Houses can be convinced to attack you within mere turns of each other, denying you enough time to finish one off. However, if you are at war with 3+ houses, she will wait until your enemies decrease.
  • Xavier also starts killing the participants randomly, even ones in your army and prison, so reload if he kills someone you'd like to stay alive. Even if you release a participant from your prison, they can still be killed by Xavier.
    • Xavier will not kill Masamune if he is in your army.
  • Xavier will not kill any more participants if there are only four remaining in the race: him, Keikoku, Kenshin, and one remaining participant for Kenshin to defeat.
  • If Xavier kills a participant that is the head of a house, the demon army will take over their territory. Exception : Dokuganryuu will become hostile but not be under control of the demon army.
  • Around 15 turns into the race, Xavier has a chance of killing a fake Keikoku (0 points) or a random samurai (+2 points; +5 points in 2-star difficulty). This has a random chance of happening every turn.
  • If Xavier manages to get 100 points, he will become the Emperor and will order the Japanese to kill Rance, resulting in a GAME OVER.
  • Once the race starts, you can't conquer the last Takeda stronghold until either Kenshin or Xavier defeat Baba (but defeating Takeda before the race starts makes it much easier). The option to fight Baba shows up only after the four Takeda generals have done their blitz attack, and Baba does far more damage than Kenshin; you need to be at Level 62 with the Protection Paper equipped to stand a decent chance of winning, and sometimes you will lose because Baba can get two turns in a row. If you equipped an item that cannot be removed, you may need to level Kenshin up to her max level or reload. Another option is to use the 2nd game bonuses to buy either the Guts Armor (which will greatly reduce the damage Kenshin will receive) or the Ryuuguu Sword Urashimaru that adds 100 damage.
  • Before winning the race, the Demon Army cannot be conquered. If you manage to conquer ex-Shimazu provinces, the Demon Army will randomly take back provinces from you in an event.
  • After receiving 100 points, Kenshin will get the Power of the Emperor skill (see skills section). She can automatically vassal a hostile area. (She cannot vassalize the Demon Army, as they're not from Japan.)
  • Once Kenshin becomes the emperor, if you conquer a Demon Army province, the entire Demon Army will be conquered (so you can recruit a few extra units for the final battle and/or clear them for points beforehand, if you feel like it), and you will get a scene where Xavier will go into the Orochi Temple in Yamatai. If you don't enter the temple in 5 turns, Orochi will awaken and you will receive a GAME OVER. Note that each turn, Xavier will go deeper into the temple. Depending on how deep he's gone, you will encounter him after passing floor 8/10/15/18/20 of the Orochi Dungeon. All commanders' actions (but not HP) will be restored when the fight starts. Ogawa Kentarou will not join you on this path, so make sure you have a Diviner/Yin Yang ready to shield Rance repeatedly during the fight. Xavier is also with his monkey during the fight, whose attacks remove 1 action from your characters, so having a monk like Seigan helps with restoring flags to your main DPS force.
  • WARNING : It is possible to end up in a situation where you are stuck with insufficient points to win by eliminating contenders. This will happen if you dismiss participants before the race starts (confirmed with Yuzuru and Okita), which causes them to be disqualified, as well as picking a lot of house bonuses to disqualify them. When left with four remaining contenders and Kenshin has less than 80 points, Kenshin will defeat the last contender (Xavier/Keikoku do not count), and then Keikoku will poison Kenshin and kill her, becoming the emperor and causing a game over. Your only option at this point is to gain points via winning or losing battles with Kenshin till you have at least 80 points so that you will get 100 points immediately after defeating the last contender.
    • If you start the race with only Xavier, Keikoku, Kazuhisa, Suzutani, Kumano and Kenshin as participants, then you will be locked into a game over unless you can farm points by having Kenshin win or lose troop battles. This is because Kenshin can only defeat Kazuhisa, Suzutani and Kumano before Keikoku kills her.
  • It is possible to be unable to fight Kazuhisa in Izumo even though you have control of Izumo and have seen the event where Suzume tells you that Kazuhisa is headed towards Izumo. This seems to happen most often when you leave Senkan Nagato as the only remaining Mouri province and the event where Suzume tells you where Kazuhisa is triggers before defeating the Mouri house. There will be no option to search for Kazuhisa, even after conquering the Mouri house. The only option at this point is to defeat another participant or reload.

Kill the Monkey routeEdit

  • This is recognized by the game as a route when you save progress, but it isn't quite a true route; there isn't an actual story attached to it. It's more of a Sandbox Mode than anything else.
  • In order to open the route, choose the option "Can Kill Toukichirou" in the Family Bonus section. It costs 10 points.
  • Beginning turn 7, the "Kill Toukichirou" option will appear in Owari. This will last until the event when the first gourd breaks, which can vary depending on your actions in the game.
  • All events related to Xavier will no longer appear. There is no storyline for the most part, except for the Shimazu House; their actions are the same as in the Ran route. However, in this route, Suzaku appears if you visit the Oil Dungeon when looking for Houjou Souun. So this particular plotline follows the True History route rather than the Ran route. However, as Souun cannot fight Suzaku for revenge, you will not be able to clear him.
  • Ogawa Kentarou doesn't appear or join in this route.
  • Kobayakawa Chinu does not die in this route either, so you can use and clear her. Sill, Kouhime, and any other characters who would disappear in various other routes will all remain intact in this route. Kouhime will not join you as a footsoldier unit (or Shibata Katsuie for +1000 troops)... When Nobunaga is alive and well, he would never allow that!
  • The Shimazu brothers will randomly cause one of your female captains to defect. Only females who can be fired and is not in Love relationship will defect. This is a random event based on your army specifications: you can reload to the previous turn and you will get a different result (or no defection at all) if there is even a slight change to your commanders (such as dismissing a single troop). Defected captains cannot be re-recruited even after you recapture them. Certain higher-priority events can prevent a defection by displacing the defection announcement event at the beginning of a turn.
  • The route ends when you defeat every country on the map and end your turn.
  • The main purpose of this route is for getting points and watching obscure events relatively uninterrupted, since you're not restricted by story-related events as in other routes. It's also a good route to use for getting the Takeda bonus.

Demon King route Edit

NOTE! You will lose the game no matter how you try

  • This is the route you are on if you fail to get the Hirami Lemons or find Miki after her disappearance in time. She becomes the Demon King and wages war on Japan. A series of beginning-of-turn events will show Kentarou joining her (as all dark lords must obey the Demon King) and Miki receiving a series of letters from Hornet and Kayblis, the leaders of the two dark lord factions who were looking for her. You are basically told to restart the game because it is impossible to win.
  • All Demon Army units start with all 4 buffs, and they will get a large number of troops/commanders every turn (so it will never run out). All unit sizes are dramatically increased. Kentarou and Xavier have 8000 troops in their units, Keikoku has 4000, and Miki is a special unit like cursed Motonari (with a HP bar instead of unit value) that is nigh-invulnerable to everything but instant-death attacks and has a bomb attack that deals a fixed 9000 damage to a single unit (guard shikigami can still block it).
  • Battle permits still function normally, so you can stalemate the Demon Army infinitely if you have the gold needed to keep them functioning, so avoid losing them (In [True Story] Route, if you have any unit attacking a Demon Army territory using Battle permit, you have them all confiscated) by returning them to the item menu, and equip them again once you enter [Demon King] Route.
  • Castle battles in the original 4 Shimazu provinces will function normally (they always have the same units defending, just with different unit sizes), so Miki will never defend a castle. During these battles, the defending units will not have any boosts.
  • It is still possible to "win". Use Battle Permits to take all non-castle territories, and don't bother defending any attacks by Miki. Miki sometimes does not attack in a turn, so you can go ahead and beat the normal attacking armies, then grab the castle next turn. On the last province, you can use Covert Action to prevent the Demon Army from attacking at all and secure a free route to the castle via Battle Permits before attacking normally next turn. When you conquer all Demon Army territories, you will get an event where Rance confronts Miki and Kentarou and Kentarou accuses Rance of cheating. Rance tries to attack Miki but the duo disappear, Rance complains he's too tired afterward, and then the game ends with the bad end's "Game Over" screen. You do not get any points for clearing the Demon King route as it is not a real route.
  • Closing the gate on House Takuga will prevent you from completing the route if House Takuga was taken over by Xavier before the Demon King appears.

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