Sexual Technique is an extremely rare and odd skill level some people possess. It represents the talent an individual possesses to give a pleasant experience through sexual intercourse to other individuals, regardless of their gender or even race.

It is a very rare skill and even those that seem to be experts of the sexual arts may not have this skill level and have gained their skill from sheer experience, rather than an innate talent.

Those who carry this skill level can become masters of the sexual arts and have an unbelievable stamina for fornication. They tend to be extremely fond of sex as well and can give their partners an incredible experience. They can feel and sense the most pleasure points of the genitalia and apply their techniques for maximum pleasure if they desired. From oral sex to masturbation, female ejaculation to male multiple orgasms, sex tips and techniques for people of all orientations, identities or genders, they can do all in any position and at any time if they so desired.

It's worth noting that despite the innate talent individuals with this skill level possess, they still need to learn and gain experience over time to give the best use to them just like any other skill.

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