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You recruit Seyadatara by capturing every Gal Monster in the game (bar the variations) and getting Tamanegi to 30 FR. In the post game, you can go to Girls' Prison to randomly encounter every Gal Monster that's required for Tamanegi. Afterwards, Tamanagi then gives you an item which you bring to the Insect User's Village. She has the smallest SP in the game with only 2 SP, and she joined at her max level, with max FR so you can't update anything. Her overall stats aren't all that good either, but she has great moves that doesn't take any charge time.

You really want to use her just for her Self-destruct skill though. It reduces her HP to 1 and uses all her SP, but since she only has 2 SP anyway that's not as bad as it sounds. In exchange it deals 3 times normal damage to all targets, and she can self-destruct multiple times in a battle even with 1 HP. Great for wiping out large parties of strong monsters like Super Hannies.

Upgrade Priorities: N/A


Her normal attack. Physical and melee range.
Hits a row of enemies without any charge time, 100% fire damage, lower your defense.
Hits all targets with 100% fire damage, without any charge time and lower your defense & magic resistance.
Recovers 10% of her max HP.
Deals 300% damage to all targets but reduces her HP to 1 and uses all SP.

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Any item that can raise her attack like Dora Cat's Bell really.
  • Hanny Zippo will allow her to safely use self-destruct more than once.