Shiranui is a unique enchanted blade shaped like a JAPANese katana. It is a very powerful sword with the unique ability to continuously increase its sharpness and power based on the user's fighting spirit. At its maximum power, it is likely the second strongest sword in existence, surpassed only by the highest levels of the Holy Sword Escude, though it requires achieving a level of passion so intense to reach this level that very few people are capable of doing so. It remains a very strong sword even at its most basic strength, however, and is very heavily sought after as a result. 


The sword was found in a treasure deep in a dungeon in JAPAN by Thoma Lipton. He gifted the sword to his son Hubert as a reward for reaching knighthood at the impressive age of 13 and he has been its wielder since. Due to Hubert's inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence, the sword was never capable of unleashing it's full power, until the events of Rance IX during an encounter against the Tousho, Bastet. After the death of his dear friend, Freak Paraffin, Hubert was able to take Shiranui's potential to its peak and defeat even the mighty Bastet. However, the blade Shiranui was shattered as a result, leading an end to the sword's history.

While it was never confirmed, it is very likely that the sword was forged by one of the Three Devil Princes, Regaccio