I can't let go of this ring, not now! The me of this time needs this power.
I have to do it myself... I'll kill you... I'll kill you, Ragarl!!!
Hmph, I don't have time to deal with this moron. I'm going back to the battle, okay?
The Helman Army isn't the only one that hates Rance.
You're the worst!!
Having you around is like a curse, and I'm not interested in dealing with that. Goodbye.
We're alive, Maria. That was pretty terrible though. Seriously, nothing you make is ever decent... Geez.
... Not my problem. Let's go, Maria.
You should just ignore them! We don't really need to do their stupid errands.
I'd much rather be sad and alone than have sex with someone like you. But if it's just thinking of me to jerk yourself off, I'll allow that much. Settle with that.
I'm not like you Maria. I want a man I can actually depend on.
Can't fight anymore. I'm leaving.
I've got the same problem. He brings bad luck wherever I go. I'd like it if you could get rid of him somehow.
You're cuter chubby, Maria.
That's impossible. There's no way he could ever do anything productive. All he can do is destroy and loot everything in his path. If it were, him, he'd be doing slash-and-burn farming.
She's a victim, too... She may be his daughter, but she is... She loved him so much... And now I'm the one who took him away from her, aren't I?
He's nice when he just does things like a normal person... And reliable, too.... It's too bad...
It's so we can both live. If we're equally strong, I can look for an opening and run away. If I'm stronger, there will be more choices to keep both of us alive.
Just rape me. That's what you usually do, right? I can just leave if you're not okay with that.

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