Japanese ジーク
Romanization jīku
Race Dark Lord
Sex Male
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis Faction, Monster Realm
Level limit 156
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1, Transformation Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI
Mentioned in Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest


Sieg is a Dark Lord that belongs on Kayblis Faction, opposing the Hornet Faction and desiring to kill Kurusu Miki to turn Kayblis into the Demon King.

He used to be a Panaclonic prior to becoming a Dark Lord upon drinking Demon King Gele's blood. Panaclonics are a type of Guy Monster with the unique ability to mimic other creatures, even giving them similar abilities. However, while their transformation is very transient, only used for a single attack, Sieg can maintain a form for much longer periods of time, though the stronger the form is, the harder it is to keep.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

He has a fairly odd appearance, with a more humanoid appearance than the Panaclonics. He is a very tall and thin figure with an elegant dark blue suit, however he retains the yellow color of the Panaclonic, their large hands, as well as the two antenna like ends on his amorphous head.

He is very courtious, and goes by the title "The Gentleman Demon". Sieg is also very honorable, always strictly following the classical etiquette of dueling, and hates cheating and deceiving others. He is also very strict on mannerism, and always minding his Apostle Aurora's behaviors. 


Sieg Attack

Sieg attacking in Rance VI.

He fight with a deep sense of honour and righteousness. Even in battle, he's very polite and respectful with his opponents. He fights with a spear and had a cap of 156, combined with Sword Combat Lv1 skill potentially turns him into a deadly foe even with just that.

As a former Panaclonic, Sieg has the ability to morph into other beings. As he can also read surface thoughst, he uses his ability to attack his enemies psychologically as well as physically by turning into a weakness of theirs, such as a lost child, a former lover or even their greatest fear. However, transforming into a being more powerful than himself consumes his power fast, and he cannot maintain the form for very long, though it allows him to wield much greater power than he would otherwise possess, though not alway as much as the original version.

While strong, his current level in the old setting was only 60, which was one of the lowest among all Dark Lords.

Character HistoryEdit

During the invasion of Zeth led by Camilla in LP0005, he led a force alongside La Saizel. When he encountered Rance, he tried to act gentleman like, but Rance used this to his advantage and sneak attacked him from above, resulting in a loss of his left arm for Sieg.

During the battle with Rance, he read the minds of Rance's party members and morphed into some beings that they feared the most, including for Patton the late Helman commander Thoma Lipton (Slain by Rance in Rance III, he was officially the strongest human alive at the time) and for Sel, the Demon King Gele. When it came to Rance's turn to imagine the most frightening thing he can morph into, Rance tricked Sieg by imagining a little hairy caterpillar. 

Sieg transformed into the caterpillar, and Rance simply squashed him with Chaos. He became a demonic Blood Soul which Kaoru captured, but Kamilla's Apostle Abert would later on consume it, overwriting the personality to his and supposedly destroying Sieg for good.


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