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A pleasure to meet you. I am Sieg, a Dark Lord. I have been waiting for you, wielder of Chaos the Darksword. I have been entrusted with the role of the Human Realm Suppression Army's second-in-command. For being able to harm my associate Seizel, your talent must be very impressive for a human. However... I cannot simply let you continue after harming an associate. Allow me to challenge you now.

—Sieg, formally introducing himself to Rance.

Japanese ジーク
Romanization jīku
Race Dark Lord
Age / Birth 1015+
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 240cm / ???kg

200cm / 150kg (Kichikuou Rance)

Status Deceased
Class Gentleman
World The Continent
Affiliation Kayblis Faction, Monster Realm
Level limit 156
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1, Transformation Lv1
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI

About Edit

Sieg was a Dark Lord allied with the Kayblis Faction and a major antagonist in Rance VI.

A former Panaclonic, Sieg was transformed into a Dark Lord at an unknown point in the GL Era. As a Dark Lord, Sieg aspired to spread order and culture across the Monster Realm, organizing charity drives to support disadvantaged Monsters and hosting seminars to teach proper manners and etiquette. These attempts at educating monsterkind went largely ignored, with only Sieg's adoring Apostle Aurora ever attending them.

Following the death of the Demon King Gi at the hands of Ogawa Kentarou, a Human boy from Dimension 3E2, and the disappearance of Kurusu Miki, Gi's chosen successor, the Monster Realm fell into a state of civil war. The war was fought between Gi's daughter Hornet, who desired to follow her father's wishes and embrace Miki as the Demon King, and the elite Dark Lord Kayblis, who wished to become the Demon King himself and wage war against humanity. Despite finding Kayblis to be a rude and uncouth man, Sieg chose to side with him over Hornet, likely due to believing it to be the natural order of the world for humans to exist as a subordinate race to monsters.

During the events of Rance VI, Sieg, alongside his fellow Dark Lord La Seizel, was assigned the task of serving under the elite Dark Lord Camilla as one of the commanding officers of the Human Realm Suppression Army, a subdivision of the Kayblis Faction formed with the goal of conquering humanity while the majority of the group's forces were preoccupied fighting in the civil war for control of the Monster Realm. Due to Camilla's chronic laziness, Sieg was left largely in charge of coordinating a way of infiltrating the Human Realm.

Forced to invade through Zeth, the human nation bordering the Kayblis Faction's territory, the monster army had to first find a way of dismantling the Maginot Line, the self-automated magical defense system stationed along the country's border with the Monster Realm. In order to do this, Sieg instructed Aurora to covertly infiltrate Zeth while posing as a human. Aurora succeeded in becoming a high-ranking member of the anti-Mage terrorist organization the Pentagon. As a member of the Pentagon, Aurora persuaded Nelson Server, the group's leader, to authorize an operation known as "Liberate the Motherland", which consisted of finding and destroying the mana batteries responsible for powering the Maginot Line, under the guise of it being to destabilize the government's power and allow it to successfully be overthrown. With the cooperation of Ice Flame, a historically more moderate organization that had secretly been taken over by the reckless warrior Rance, the Maginot Line was successfully deactivated, allowing the monster army to enter the magic nation, with Sieg commanding a large portion of its forces.

Through a combination of the suddenness of the attack, the chaos caused by the non-magic user revolt and the considerable power difference between humans and monsters, the monster army quickly succeeded in occupying Zeth, pushing the humans to the outskirts of the country. While Sieg initially commanded a sizable portion of the monster army's forces directly during the early stages of the invasion, he quickly retired from the front lines to take on a more administrative role behind the scenes.


Sieg's insistence on a fair fight is taken advantage of by Rance.

Sieg later confronted the elite team of humans organized to reactivate the Maginot Line and liberate Zeth from the monster army within the depths of the Fruit Ruins, one of the several underground complexes linked to the Maginot Line via teleporter. Blocking the teleporter leading to the Maginot Line, Sieg challenged the group to a battle. Due to his belief that a gentleman should always fight fairly, Sieg refrained from attacking the group outright in order to allow it time to heal and prepare for the battle against him, politely waiting in the room containing the teleporter until they were ready. Taking advantage of this generous gesture, Rance, the member of the group in possession of Chaos, the legendary sword capable of piercing the Invincibility Field that protects Dark Lords from conventional damage, attempted to kill Sieg by surprise. Noticing a large hole in the wall above where Sieg stood, Rance snuck up to this area, positioned Chaos directly above the Dark Lord, and dropped him. Alerted by Chaos’ falling screams, Sieg narrowly managed to avoid being killed by the attack, but had his left arm severed off by the sword. In excruciating pain due to the loss of his arm and outraged by Rance’s dirty tactics, Sieg was forced to retreat, allowing the group to access the teleporter he was guarding.

After having his wound treated by Aurora, Sieg attempted to fight the group again as they made their way closer to the Maginot Line. Now well-aware of Rance’s conniving nature, Sieg chose to forgo fighting fairly and instead employed a trick of his own by transforming himself into an injured young boy in order to attack the group by surprise when it attempted to help him. While this plan very narrowly succeeded due to the Zethan General Alex Valse’s kind nature compelling him to aid an injured child, it was foiled by Rance who, disinterested in helping a young boy, forbade the other man from doing anything. Dumbfounded by Rance’s refusal to help an injured child, the agitated Sieg revealed his true form to the group and demanded it fight him, throwing a glove at Rance’s feet in order to initiate a duel. Indifferent to Sieg’s desire for a fight, Rance stepped on the glove in response, prompting the enraged Sieg to spontaneously grow back his lost arm through sheer anger and attack the group regardless.


Sieg is anticlimactically squashed to death by Rance.

While Sieg initially fought Rance's group in his true form, he quickly utilized a new tactic of scanning the minds of its members and transforming himself into what each of them feared most, beginning by transforming into the legendary Helmanian General Thoma Lipton after reading the mind of Patton Misnarge. Sieg then briefly took on the likeness of the Demon King Gele after reading the mind of Sel Catchgolf, but was quickly forced to return to his true form after exhausting too much of his power in Gele's form. Finally, Sieg attempted to read Rance’s mind but was tricked when the brutal warrior, made aware of the ability after the previous two fights, lied in his thoughts that his greatest fear was caterpillars. Transformed into a harmless Insect, Sieg was quickly and effortlessly crushed by Chaos and reduced to a Demonic Blood Soul, which was immediately collected by Kaoru Quincy Kagura, one of the retainers of Zeth’s King Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi, to be later thrown into the Disposal Dungeon.

Shortly following the successful reactivation of the Maginot Line and the eradication of the monster army from Zeth, Sieg’s blood soul was stolen by Aurora, who was grief-stricken after losing her master and eager to revive him. While traveling with Sieg’s blood soul, however, Aurora crossed paths with Abert Safety, a rogue Apostle of Camilla’s, who nonchalantly took the blood soul from Aurora and consumed it himself. Abert’s willpower overpowered Sieg’s own, allowing him to become a Dark Lord while destroying the last remnants of Sieg’s existence in the process. Abert’s blood soul was placed into the possession of Zethan authorities following his eventual defeat at Rance’s hands. To this day, Aurora continues to futilely search for a way to revive Sieg from the blood soul rather than Abert.


While able to mimic Rance's appearance perfectly, Sieg fails to capture his cruel personality.

In the non-canonical Kichikuou Rance, Sieg is sent by Kayblis to serve as a replacement member of the Little Princess Capture Squad following the defeat of Lei. Along with attacking the territories surrounding Leazas Castle, Sieg will periodically attempt to infiltrate Leazas by disguising himself as Rance. Despite being able to near-perfectly recreate Rance’s physical appearance, Sieg’s lack of awareness of Rance’s personality causes him to behave in the way that he assumes a young king would, being kind, serious, polite and entirely unlike Rance in every conceivable way. This poor imitation results in Sieg being forced to retreat from each of his attempts at infiltrating Leazas, as his strange behavior quickly causes those close to Rance to become suspicious of him.

If Rance attempts to retrieve Chaos from Sel Catchgolf’s church in the Free City of Red at least once, Sieg will intercept the sword’s location. Interested in obtaining Chaos’ power, Sieg will assume Rance’s appearance and request Sel to give the cursed sword to him. Mistaking Sieg’s inaccurate impersonation of Rance to be a genuine change of heart, Sel willingly gives Chaos to him. While in possession of Chaos, Sieg repeatedly ignores the sword’s constant demands for women, causing Chaos to quickly become bored of him. If Rance is deployed in battle against Sieg after the Dark Lord obtains Chaos, Rance will ask Chaos to fight alongside him instead, prompting the sentient sword to eagerly leap from Sieg’s hands into Rance’s. Following this, Sieg will continue to attack Leazas’ territories but will not retreat from battle after taking damage, allowing him to be killed.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Perhaps the most bizarre-looking Dark Lord, Sieg possessed an exceptionally strange appearance. In contrast to typical members of his original species, the short and rotund panaclonic, Sieg had an extremely tall, thin and humanoid build, along with an unusually long neck and arms and a very large pair of hands. Despite his wildly different appearance, Sieg retained the panaclonic's distinct yellow skin, rounded antennae and crooked, beak-like mouth. Sieg's clothing consisted of an elegant violet-colored double-breasted suit jacket, a dark-purple collared dress shirt and pure white dress pants. This crisp and suave clothing choice only served to further highlight Sieg's strange looks, appearing rather ridiculous over his long and amorphous body. Sieg's odd appearance was frequently commented on by others, with Rance describing him as a "big yellow thing" and Camilla bluntly calling him "disgusting".

Sieg's appearance was considerably different in Kichikuou Rance, where he was significantly shorter and stockier in build, though still very tall, overall resembling a panaclonic much more closely. His skin was also a slightly more tan color and his eyes were a deep red. Most notably, he possessed a long tail with a star-shaped protrusion at its end, something he did not have at all in his canonical appearance. His clothing consisted of a light-blue colored three-piece suit rather than the suit jacket and dress pants he wore in canon.

Nicknamed "The Demon Gentleman", Sieg aspired to carry himself in as poised, sophisticated and well-mannered of a way as he possibly could. Living by a strict "gentleman's code", he always spoke in a calm, articulate and polite manner, and never failed to act courteously when in the company of others. Sieg was also extremely dutiful, and always addressed his superiors respectfully and followed their orders loyally, regardless of his own personal opinions regarding them. Through this behavior, Sieg hoped to bring a level of virtue and stability to the chaotic Monster Realm by encouraging others to follow his example. Despite viewing humans as being an inferior race to monsters, Sieg maintained these chivalrous mannerisms even when interacting with them, only ever choosing to attack them when he believed them to possess a fair chance at fending themselves against him and always making sure to formally challenge them before doing so.


Sieg's accommodating and gullible nature was frequently taken advantage of by others.

In spite of his kind and thoughtful nature, Sieg was not particularly well-liked or respected, and often found himself being taken advantage of by others. Most notably, his staunch refusal to ever break any promises he made, even to his enemies, caused him to perform such ridiculous tasks as standing completely still for several days straight simply because another person had told him to wait for them. This blind devotion to his beliefs as a gentleman nearly cost Sieg his life when pitted against Rance, who took the opportunity to launch a sneak attack against him when Sieg agreed to wait in one spot while Rance prepared for their fight. Despite this gullibility, Sieg was not at all unwilling to resort to underhanded tactics after being tricked by another, stating that it was part of his code as a gentleman to always fight evenly against his opponents, even when they fought unfairly. During these instances, Sieg made excellent use of his transformation ability to cunningly manipulate and trap his enemies, showcasing behavior much more in line with the typical image of a Dark Lord.

Sieg's most positive relationship by far was the one that he shared with his Apostle Aurora. Aurora maintained an intense admiration towards Sieg, desiring to emulate his behavior, enthusiastically cheering him on whenever he performed a task and always obediently and skillfully following his orders. Aurora appeared to possess a romantic attraction to Sieg, plainly stating that she considered men to be "either big and yellow or no good", and being disgusted by the thought of following anyone besides him. Despite her intense devotion, Aurora was not completely blind to Sieg's faults, and was often exasperated by the blind trust that he placed in others. While Sieg frequently chastised Aurora for acting improperly, to the point of regularly forcing her to take lessons in grammar and etiquette when he believed her behavior to be too vulgar, he was also extremely fond of her and always made sure to praise her when she met his expectations. Aurora was left incredibly distraught following Sieg's death, and continues to search for a way to revive him even after his soul was completely overwritten, suggesting that she is in denial of him being gone.


Sieg Attack

Sieg attacking in Rance VI.

He fights with a deep sense of honour and righteousness. Even in battle, he's quite polite and respectful with his opponents. He fights with a spear and had a cap of 156, which combined with Sword Combat Lv1 skill potentially is more than enough to turn him into a deadly foe for most. However, as a former Panaclonic, Sieg also has the ability to morph into other beings. Combined with the power to read surface thoughts, he uses this ability to attack his enemies psychologically as well as physically by turning into a weakness of theirs, such as a lost child, a former lover or their greatest fear. However, transforming into a being more powerful than himself consumes his power fast, and he cannot maintain the form for very long, though it allows him to wield much greater power than he would otherwise possess. Additionally, when imitating the most formidable beings such as a Demon King, his power while great is only a fraction of the original.

While strong, his current level in the old setting was only 60, which was one of the lowest among all Dark Lords.