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Hah... Don’t show concern where it’s unneeded. Not like I said I’ve got a problem... Following someone strong just means getting stronger.

—Sienna Geliciam, showcasing her stubborn determination.

Sienna Geliciam
Japanese シェンナ・ギリシアム
Romanization shenna girishiamu
Race Human
Age / Birth 20
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 166cm / 49kg
Measurements B85 / W60 / H83
Class Brawler
World Mamatoto World
Affiliation Red Fortress, Mamatoto (Country)
Appeared in Mamatoto, Mamanyonyo, Widenyo


Sienna Geliciam is a young woman that found the Red Fortress that belonged to Alto, the leader of a band of bandits feared throughout the World for his tremendous swordsmanship. Due to his incredible strength, the group was greatly feared and the Red Fortress became a symbol of the group's power. Sienna found it and re-awakened its undead soldiers, including Alto's closest servant Zan Xavis, in an effort to make her own country from the Fortress that was once known as the mightiest.

During the events of Mamatoto, her fortress clashed with Mamatoto and her platoon of undead soldiers fought against the Mamatoto Commanders using the Kids system. While her troops failed to invade the opposing fortress, Rick Addison sneaked in the commanding room, stating that he intended to bury it forever since it was his responsibility to destroy the last remnants that remained from his father. Sienna was incredibly angry by his statement, claiming that she was the one that found the fortress and that it belonged to her now. She ordered Zan to assist her in battle, but he refused to fight against the son of his former boss, much to Sienna's anger. She fought a brief but fierce battle against Rick, but she was defeated by the impeccable swordsman and was taken as a prisoner to Mamatoto.

She was later visited by Nanas in the prison cell, where a scared Mocha was keeping an eye on her. Sienna was punching the walls out of frustration over her defeat when Nanas arrived, who immediately stopped her because her hands were bleeding from it. She was very hostile towards him and just told him to leave and that she didn't care about anything, being extremely irritated after being betrayed by her subordinates. Nanas caught her attention when he stated that he wanted her to join Mamatoto as a commander, who agreed since she thought it would be interesting to not be the one in charge this time, but claimed that she would only join temporarily and that she would just leave when she got bored of it.

Personality and AppearanceEdit


Sienna is a relaxed and loose individual when she's not steamed.

Sienna is an attractive woman with a tough-looking appearance. She has a short blue hear and wears mostly leather clothing with little femininity or grace. She's also seen smoking pretty much all the time, to the point that one can safely say she has an addiction for smokes, which she casually showcases with little shame.

She is a very tough and laid-back woman, with a very tomboyish and easy-going attitude, but she's an easily irritable person that quickly gets mad if she's provoked and is prone to fits of rage in situations that don't go as expected. Despite her easily irritable attitude, she's a very relaxed person that likes to spend her time dozing off without much worries or responsibilities. She hates being told what to do and taking orders from others, which is the reason why she usually prefers to be the one in charge most of the time. Her manner of speaking is very casual and curses often, regardless of the person she's talking to. 

She generally keeps to herself when living in Mamatoto, and acts coldly to all of her fellow commanders. The only person that she regularly speaks with is Nanas, and even then only because he actively seeks her ought. Sienna was initially very rude to Nanas, forcing him to swear to become her lackey and speaking harshly to him, but his unbending kindness despite her cruelty eventually causes her to fall for him. While she is hesitant to admit it, Sienna is relieved to have finally found someone she can be herself around in Nanas. She is shown to be very worried about hurting him, and chooses to keep Kakaro's abuse of her a secret from him simply because she doesn't want to damage his image of his father. 


The puppy Sienna found abandoned in a city.

Surprisingly, she is very good with animals, and has a close bond with a small puppy that she adopted some time after joining Mamatoto. Compared to when dealing with people, Sienna is much more openly affectionate with animals, speaking in a much more pleasant and reassuring tone. Nanas claims that she seems like a completely different person during these instances, but admits that he finds it very cute. Sienna's love for animals is one of her best kept secrets. 

Despite presenting herself as a self-assured woman, Sienna actually has a very low opinon of herself, believing that she's a mediocre leader and that the only reason others followed her orders in the past is because she was stronger than them. She's also constantly training in order to become stronger, always searching to improve herself further and claiming that she wouldn't have to worry about anything if she was strong enough to defeat all her opponents. 


In battle, Sienna is a martial artist that relies mostly on punches to take down her opponents. Like most martial artists, she's very agile, allowing her to easily maneuver over the battlefield to attack different foes. Her attacks are strong and heavy, and she's capable of accurately landing critical strikes with frequency. She also has a high counter-rate that allows her to respond to enemy's attacks with her own, which combined with a relatively high stamina and sturdiness, makes her a deadly and feared opponent to her enemies.


Sienna's special move.

Sienna's special move is a very unique one. She has the ability to split into copies by summoning a clone of herself that assists her in battle. This summoned version of herself is just as powerful and sturdy as the original is, and allows her to be in two places at the same time in the battlefield or to assault an enemy from two different sides. However, it has a few drawbacks to it. When splitting, Sienna's health and stamina is splitted among the copies, which makes the two Siennas as strong as the original, but also more squishy and vulnerable that before. It is unknown if she can split into more than 2 copies, but doing so would be counter-productive in the battlefield. This ability carries an unbelievable amount of potential, but it is hard to use effectively because of this limitation it carries and she arguably hadn't made the best of it until she started following Nanas' commands in the battlefield, allowing her to showcase the true potential of this skill. 

However, Sienna is also incapable of splitting herself in narrow spots like thin hallways or Dungeon Fortress, where mobility is greatly reduced and limited, something that she finds annoying but Nanas claims that she doesn't need to because she's already plenty strong by herself.

Nanas-Kakaro RouteEdit

In Sienna's Route, Nanas will start regularly visiting Sienna. During their first conversations, Nanas will at first try to talk with her in an attempt to know her new commander better, which Sienna will mostly be annoyed by, however, she soon enough grows to enjoy his company, claiming that he's "a pretty cool guy". Sienna reminds Nanas that her staying in Mamatoto is only a temporal thing, and that she can leave whenever she feels like it. She claims that she believes him to be an amazing General and Leader, but this pisses her off due to the fact that she's always considered herself to be a very subpar as a boss, and is irritated by his high aptitude for the skill, so instead, in order to make her stay in Mamatoto, Nanas agrees to become her personal subordinate and that she would follow his orders in the battlefield, while he would follow hers the rest of time, an idea that Sienna is quickly fond of.

After becoming Sienna's subordinate, Nanas starts assisting her with minor daily-things, like taking her drinks during training or any simple task she gives him. Nanas is surprisingly fond of the idea of doing these chores for her, claiming that it is a fun experience. They two grow pretty close to the other and he also regularly sees her training in the Gym, where he's astonished by her fighting prowess. Nanas tends to fill Sienna with praise during her trainings, but Sienna is very dismissive about them, stating that he has a lot of fighters under his command that are far more impressive than she is. Nanas doesn't find veracity in that statement though.

During her staying in Mamatoto, she doesn't interact much with others aside from Nanas, and prefers to keep to herself. She's sometimes noted by King Kakaro and the two have held conversations where Sienna responds with rudeness and bluntness, mostly ignoring him and vocally stating dislike for the King of Mamatoto. While he doesn't say it openly, this distaste is reciprocal, since Kakaro has a heavy dislike for tomboyish and rude women, showing complete lack of interest in Sienna during their first interactions.


Sienna is surprised by Nanas right after a bath.

At some point, when Mamatoto stopped in a regular city, Sienna came across an abandoned dog that was roaming around the garbage. Pitying him, she decided to take him back with her and adopt him as her pet. Soon enough, when Nanas intended to pay her a visit in her room, he notices a barking at the other side of the door. Sparked with curiosity, he abruptly opens the door, finding a naked Sienna that had just taken a shower with her newly found companion. Nanas's sudden entrance leads Sienna to embarrassment and starts uncontrollably cursing and telling Nanas to leave, which he quickly does and closes the door with panic. She later allows him to come back after she's already dressed and admits to have taken the Dog with her, much to Nanas' surprise. Sienna tries to justify her acts, but Nanas quickly interrupts her and tells her that she can keep the dog, claiming that if he didn't let her she would leave Mamatoto, which Sienna falteringly reaffirms. Nanas tries to ask her what the name of the puppy is, but Sienna claims it to be a secret and refuses to tell him, so Nanas just calls him "Mr. Dog" instead.

When Nanas visits her, he noted the great affinity she possesses with animals and thinks of this side of her as very sweet and charming, and also notes that she looks like a completely different person when she's relating with the puppy. As much as she enjoys it, her prideful side makes her more embarrassed over it and always tries to hide it from others and mostly spends time with the puppy in her own room. Unfortunately, this softer side of her is also accidentally noted by Kakaro, who thinks to himself that this secret face is interesting and immensely boosts his fondness for Sienna, growing interested in breaking her into submission and turn her into his sex slave.

At some point when Kakaro feels like it, he will visit Sienna's room and abruptly enter with little concern over her own privacy. Naturally, she reacts violently and unpleasantly from Kakaro's sudden rudeness and tells him to leave. However, Kakaro's usually timid and meek demeanor instantly changes into his true face, closing his distance with her with an intimidating gaze and vocally stating his intentions of fornicating with her. In a tense atmosphere, when Kakaro grows too close her rage leads her to try to kick him away, but he easily blocks her attacks and knocks her down one with a single punch to the belly and knocking her unconscious.

When she wakes up, she finds herself naked and tied with ropes to her bed, unable to move as she would please. Kakaro would tease her and inspect her whole body thoroughly, much to Sienna's disgust who openly wails in a futile attempt to drive away Kakaro. Despite her constant cursing and the rage coming from her words, Kakaro can easily note the fear that her voice shows as well. While trying to act valiant and tough, Sienna has a hard time hiding her apprehension, which only pleases Kakaro's sadism further, but he decides to leave the room with that feeling while claiming that he will make sure to thoroughly penetrate her the next time, leaving the powerless Sienna as angry as terrified. After this experience, Sienna will grow anxious and nervous in Mamatoto, closing her doors and trying to avoid Kakaro as much as possible. However, Kakaro will easily foil all her attempts and will sometimes abruptly enter her room and, despite Sienna's attempts of fighting back, she will always be defeated with ease by the King and taken to the same position where she's tied to her room defenseless, followed by a session of several hours of intercourse with her abuser. 

Despite the horrible experience she's going through, Sienna will hide all the abuse she's experiencing from Nanas, being aware that Nanas holds a deep love and respect for his father Kakaro and that knowing the truth about his true nature would hurt him. Nanas will notice that something is off about Sienna and he tries to convince her about talking. Sienna will tell Nanas her most kept secret. Years ago in her hometown, being a lawless and lowly community, she would be raised in a place where fighting would be an everyday business. At one point, Sienna saw herself over-powered by a group of bandits, who took her virginity upon mercilessly gangraping her upon her defeat. However, filled with anger and urge for vengeance, she would intensely train herself in an effort to defeat this band, but this would only result in her challenging the group alone and being defeated and gang-raped again. This scenario repeated countless times until she was finally able to defeat them on her own. Sienna would come to realize that becoming stronger than everyone else would allow her to never go through any unwanted experiences again. Her story only brought confusion and anguish on Nanas, who didn't understand why she was telling him these things. Sienna wanted to tell him that her situation was repeating again, going through constant sexual abuse from Kakaro due to her lack of power, but was incapable of hurting Nanas feelings like that and he was just left in utter incertitude.


Sienna intends to leave Mamatoto but her strong attachment to Nanas prevents her from doing so.

At some point, Sienna will be unable to withstand the situation anymore and will atempt to leave Mamatoto at night, yet not before paying a last visit to Nanas telling him about her departure. Nanas however, wouldn't take the news particularly well, and anxiously asks why is she leaving. Hiding the truth, she will simply remind him her former claim that her staying in Mamatoto was only temporarily and that she didn't need to tell him anything, but this answer only leads Nanas to get even more distressed and confused, and keeps pressuring Sienna to tell him the reason for her decisions. While she doesn't want to say it, Sienna doesn't want to leave Nanas' side and the contradiction of her intentions and the argument with Nanas leads her to burst into tears, much to Nanas' shock, who proceeded to firmly embrace her and the two will declare their love for each other, spending their first time together as a result and becoming an item together. Sienna will stay with Nanas in Mamatoto and keep fighting for the sake of Nanas' dream of uniting the continent. The two will regularly spend time together as a couple, sometimes playing with Sienna's puppy. Nanas will ask her if she will finally tell him what his name and an embarrassed Sienna will admit that she named him after Nanas, which caught him by surprise. 

Nanas End Edit

During the final events of the game when Nanas becomes aware of Kakaro's true nature after he was possesed by the demon in Pandora's Box, Sienna will represent a very important comforting and supportive figure for him. When he's finally defeated, Nanas will then try to leave in a journey to improve himself alone, but will be stopped by Sienna, who's trying to persuade him from leaving and claiming that just like he previously supported her and prevented her from leaving, it's now her turn to be the same. Nanas claims that this is something feels he needs to do, but Sienna will refuse to leave Nanas go on his own and the two will agree to go together instead, parting together in an everlasting journey.

Kakaro End Edit

If Kakaro returns to rape her after she spent the night with Nanas, she pretends to go along with it at first before lunging out with a knife and threatening to kill him if he touches her again. Questioning why she doesn't just strike him down, he guesses that she had an affair with Nanas and laughs at her feeble attempt to intimidate him before blowing the knife away. Intent on keeping her all to himself, he knocks her out before kidnapping her to drown in drugs and debauchery until she is an obedient slave with her personality destroyed. He then tells Nanas that she left, and Nanas himself only finds after her disappearance a letter saying she might die soon and to take care of the puppy.


  • In Rance IX, her role in combat as a fist fighter with the ability to split into multiple copies at the cost of her health is filled in by Pigu Geliciam, who references Sienna by sharing the same surname.
  • Sienna is the only character that requires the player to have Kakaro make advancements with her in order to make her route with Nanas progress. Additionally, she is also the only girl that Kakaro can turn into his sex slave even after she and Nanas are in a relationship.
  • Her name is translated as "Shennah" in the English translation of Widenyo.