Sex Female
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The United Human Organization of Soviet

Snow is a witch that has fought to protect the The United Human Organization of Soviet whenever a foe assaulting them came into her realm. She has spent many years in a skumber beneath her snowy field, located in the The United Human Organization of Soviet's territory. As her name would imply, she thrives in cold enviorments like thos found throughout UHOS territory. Snow performs poorly in warm weather, or weather that would be comfortable for normal people.


Recruitment - Simply defeat her fleet during your invasion of R. Plains.

Skill "Frost" - Doubles her laser damage during cold weather and grants Cold Immunity. The effect of this skill disappears when stacked with anti-freeze ship.

Command Points - 390

  • 0% Growth Rate
HP -20%
HP -20%
HP -20%
HP -20%


  • If deployed in North Africa, Snow will melt and die.

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