Hyaaaaah!! Lightning!!

—Somita, in battle.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A Kalar magic warrior that was sent by the Kalar Queen. Her unit is made up of Kalars.

They're generally bad at fighting outside of the forest, so even though they're magic warriors, it would be wise not to put them in the front line.

Has no special skills.


  • Send Rance to the Kalar forest. She will join after all the events there where he meets with the Queen Pastel.


  • After a certain amount of time Somita will become either an angel or a devil. When she does she will leave you. Becoming an Angel is her happy ending and becoming a Devil is her unhappy ending. If you use her in 5 or more fights, she will become a devil, otherwise she will become an angel. If she becomes an angel after you talk to her, you get a CG. There is no CG for having her turn into a devil, or if you fail to talk to her before she turns into an angel.


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