Souha Jougenshuu

The Souha Jougenshuu, or just Jougenshuu for short, is a gang of ninjas founded by a kunoichi known as "The Dragon One". They are formidable in combat, but are not attached with any particular master. The boss of the gang would decide whom to lend a land depending on the state of the world. They were highly active behind the scenes throughout Japan's history.

In the past, the Jougenshuu were once close to wiping out the Noroi. However the Noroi remnants have escaped through time to the Present, and the Jougenshuu have chased them here. The gang is highly organized and efficient, strong in combat and in protecting their boss.

The elite fighters of the Jougenshuu are known as the "Blades" (閃忍).

Note: "Jougenshuu" literally means "First-quarter-moon gang".

Appears in:  Beat Blades Haruka 

Members of the Jougenshuu
Ikusabe TakamaruTakamori HarukaShihoudou NarikaKurogane AkiraSubaru

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