Splish-Splash in GalZoo Island
Birthdate ??
Birthplace ??
Height/Weight 155cm/38kg
B/W/H (Female only) B??/W??/H??
Hair color Brown
Eye color Purple
Job class Gal Monster
Weapon(s) Water Magic

Gal Monster Profile Edit

Notable variants Edit

  • The Chapu Chapu in  GalZoo Island  has long hair, wears glasses and a traditional Japanese school mizugi.

Notable AppearancesEdit

A Splish-Splash appears in Toushin Toshi 2, under attack by an Akame. Seed is unable to rescue her until he reaches Level 20, but if he does so, she will visit him in his room the next time he goes to sleep in the inn.

Trivia Edit

  • "chapu" is a Japanese sound effect for the dripping of water.
  • "mizugi" means swimwear in Japanese.