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Ssulal was the third Demon King, a member of the third generation protagonist race and the first Human to become the Demon King , she was selected for the role by Supreme God Planner.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit


Demon King Ssulal.

Visually, she was not too different to a normal human being, she had larger canine teeth than other humans, but this is down to the inherent vampiric nature of the Demon King. Ssulal was certainly vampiric in nature though and natural bloodlust. Physically, she was the weakest Demon King, which meant her thirst for blood was not too strong, when she had the cravings she would have subordinates bring meals to her instead of hunting for her own, as she was constantly concerned about her personal safety.

Instead of fighting, she followed through on intellectual pursuits. Ssulal was a genius, the most intelligent Demon King to ever live, and she put this intellect to good use. After studying the Gods and thinking about how to improve her personal defense, she somehow gained an audience with Supreme God Planner.


A sketch of Ssulal.

After researching the Gods, she found a way to meet with Planner. She put forward her idea, that the Demon King and Dark Lords should have an "Invincibility Field", a skin-tight barrier that cannot be pierced by conventional weaponry, thus shielding the more frail members of the Antagonist Race from physical harm. Planner obliged, but the Invincibility Field came at a price, Demon Kings would no longer have an eternal lifespan, instead serving a fixed term of 1000 years before having to choose a successor.

Unfortunately, Ssulal was the prototype for this new arrangement, and so her term ended after just 500 years instead of the agreed 1000 years, she suddenly melted into the Blood Pool and was never seen again.

SS - Ssulal's EraEdit

AV0721 - Roven-Pan completes his next Protagonist Race, humanity.

SS0001 - Ssulal is made into the Demon King by Planner.

SS0420 - Kesselrink Kalar is trasformed into a Dark Lord, becoming a man in the process. Ssulal asks that he become her knight, Kesselrink loyally obliges.

SS0??? - The intelligent, but frail, Ssulal seeks to make her body invulnerable to attack. She seeks the assistance of Planner, who grants her the Invincibility Field in exchange for her eternal life.

SS0500 - Although she was meant to live for 1000 years, she died after 500 as she was the prototype of the newer system. Her body was swallowed up by a pool of blood and she was never seen again.

Known Dark Lords Created: Kesselring Kalar, Garutia.

Preceded by: Demon King Avel

Succeeded by: Demon King Nighcisa


  • She was the weakest Demon King but also the smartest, probably one of the most intelligent beings to ever live in The Continent.
  • Her reign was the shortest of all due to dying prematurely by Planner's mistake. This greatly upset the gods.
  • She is usually referred to as "Bookworm Demon King".

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