St. Udent Calendar

The St. Udent Calendar (SU) is the calendar system used in Big Bang Age. SU 1 marked the year when Japan was unified with the establishment of the United Students.

The year before SU 1 was the year 200X (AD implied).

The story of Big Bang Age took place in SU 10.

Notes Edit

The original Japanese name was "gakuseireki". The pronunciation is a homophone pun of "Student Calendar", and partially a homophone for AD (西暦, seireki). However, while the first kanji (, gaku) of "student" (学生, gakusei) remained the same (literally meant "learn", and is used as the first kanji of "student", "school", and many other scholarily-related terms), the second kanji has been altered to one that represents "Holy/Saint" (, sei). Thus this wiki currently translates the pun by taking the spelling of student and rearranged it to add a holy/saint component to it, resulting in "St. Udent Calendar".