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C'est si boooon. I am Starlevel the Great. For your admirable positivity, I'm providing you a special service. Mon amouuuur.

—Starlevel, appearing in front of Rocky Bank.

Starlevel the Great
Japanese スターレベル様
Romanization sutāreberu-sama
Race God
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Level God
World The Continent
Affiliation Gods
Appeared in Rance VI


Starlevel the Great is an enigmatic member of the Gods Hierarchy that is part of the lower class of Level Gods, responsible for raising the Levels of the inhabitants of The Continent. He was originally an artificial crossbreed of a Human and the alien race the Kurupistonian that was originally created in order to kidnap human women for the sake of Kurupistonian breeding. At some point, Starlevel decided to refuse or perhaps flatout ignore the purpose for which he was created and became a wandering Level God.

He's only made an appearance in the Rance Series during the events of Rance VI, showing himself to the member of Ice Flame Rocky Bank. Every time Rocky would hit his Level Cap he'd go through a phase of depression as he could no longer keep up with his master Rance, but would quickly overcome his melancholy in different ways and optimistically attempt to do his best as he is. As a reward for his optimism, Starlevel would appear and increase his Level Cap, allowing him to continue fighting alongside Rance and the other members of the Revolutionary Group despite his initially low level cap. He also makes an appearance in the Disposal Dungeon in the spiritual path that leads to "Hope", where if the party interacts with him he will randomly raise the Level Caps by 2 of all of those present who have reached it (up to a point).

Personality and AppearanceEdit

A very bizarre-looking lifeform, Starlevel has an appearance that resembles a pale man in a giant suit of a yellow star. His face is humanoid and he has a white hair styled to one side. He's always glowing and emitting an almost blinding light. He's also always seen carrying a wand that resembles a toy, which he waves when casting spells.

Befitting his strage appearance, Starlevel also possesses a very strange and flamboyant personality coupled with odd habits of his. He speaks in a combination of human language and what appears to be real-life French (which doesn't exist on The Continent), making half of his sentences incomprehensible for the humans of the continent and further mystifying his nature. His odd mannerisms and behavior leads those that meet him to a state of confusion and perplexity, especially because he likes to make flashy and sudden appearances out of nowhere when he's satisfied with a certain individual. Despite his unusual personality, Starlevel is a seemingly good-natured entity that greatly appreciates positive traits in humans like bravery and confidence, and he will immediately reward those that fit his definition of what is admirable. He's decisive and won't even listen to the requests of those he's helping, merely assisting them as he feels like without paying attention to their state of mind. He also seems to be obsessed with what he calls electromagnetic waves, and sometimes will randomly shout about them with pleasure. He refers to the ejection of these waves as "climax" and defines them as a wonderful thing, and these grant him such happiness that he will randomly increase the Level Cap of those close to him in the process.

Due to his status he's presumed to be able to teleport to the Gods Realm, but as he's frequently found in the Disposal Dungeon instead this might be his residence of choice for whatever reason. It is also unknown why he abandoned his former mission given to him by his creators, but he lives a seemingly carefree and happy life without worrying about it.


A moderately powerful Level God, Starlevel possesses the ability to either raise or drop the Levels of anyone he wishes to interact with. The spell he chants is fast and flashy, allowing it to take effect before the target can react. He's also capable of raising the Level Caps of any mortal, and by a considerably large amount, as well as multiple times if he wished to. It is unknown if he has the authority to do such a thing (probably not) but he's elusive and subtle enough to avoid being punished for it if he's not. Like all Level Gods he can instantly teleport through different locations with minimum effort, allowing him to appear in front of those that catch his interest in the blink of an eye, making his appearances all the more jaw dropping considering his unusual appearance.

Considering his relatively impressive performance when raising the Level Cap of Rocky Bank, it is likely that his power is close to or matches that of High Ranked Level Gods. However, as Level Gods still stand at the lowest of the Hierarchy of Gods, his power is not even comparable to that of truly powerful members of the Divine.


  • He originally made an appearance in Kichikuou Rance as a different character named Mars the Great. Whether Mars remains as his true name or not is unknown.