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Stone Guardian
Japanese ストーン・ガーディアン
Romanization Sutōn gādian
Race Guy Monster
Sex Male
Class Guardian
World The Continent
Strength High
Appeared in Rance 02, Toushin Toshi 2, Persiom, Rance VI, Rance Quest}}



The Stone Guardians are a species of Monsters among Guardians, artificially crafted Guy Monsters with high combat ability designed to safeguard a designated area or person.

These Guardians in particular are pretty basic, as they are made of simple rocks, but they are incredibly tough opponents fit to fight even against high level adventurers. Their appearance somewhat resembles a muscular human male that lacks a waist and legs, and their body grows out from the ground. They are very big entities that reach intimidating heights of 384 cm and weight as much as 1,975 kg.

In battle, these Guardians are extremely durable opponents with both high offensive and defensive attributes. Their sturdy rock-hard bodies grant them an incredible durability that allows them to withstand attacks even from the strongest human fighters in the world, and their physical strength is just as fearsome. Furthermore, they have a seemingly unique ability to prevent their enemies from withdrawing from combat. Once they attack their enemies they will start an endless assault that will prevent them from escaping no matter how hard they try. This makes them truly fearsome enemies, as when one faces a Stone Guardian in combat, the battle will not end until one of the two falls.

Trivia Edit

  • Henderson Dauntless had the ability to transform into a Stone Guardian, though it was never directly showcased.


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