Sumos are strange creatures that sometimes pop in The Continent when they slip from another dimension through unknown means.

They look like rounded fat sumo-wrestler humans, with a serious face and they all have the same hairstyle. Their most notable difference among each other is the colour of the belt they have in their bellies, which helps distinguish different types. The most commonly seen have Blue, Red and Green belts, but they aren't very different from each other in appearance or personality.


They are also very selfish and annoying, standing in a particular spot for hours or even days without moving, without caring if they are blocking a path that someone else wants to take. If asked nicely, sometimes they might move, but only if they are fond of the one that asks them. They are a real pain for adventurers in dungeons and other such areas. 


A Sumo in Toushin Toshi 3.

Sumos are apparently immune to regular attacks performed by at least those from The Continent, since human weaponry and magic leaves no scratch in them. The only way to kill them is by using a special item called Piko Hammer that can be used to crash the Sumo to pieces. However, different Sumos have different properties, so there are different Piko Hammers made for Red, Green and Blue Sumos. They shout "Uooohh, dosukoi!" when they die. They are also noted for making a very peculiar sound when a Piko Hammer is used to shatter them which, oddly enough, causes different reactions from people. Some people love this sound immensely while others can't stand it to the point they feel sick just from hearing this strange sound.

Sumos that stand still for too long, possibly years, might petrify and die. When in this state, Sumos are even more durable. Research has revealed that they are 3.77 times as hard as Super Alloy Z when they reach this form. Piko Hammers are useless on them and they basically become unbreakable walls that will stay on that spot forever.

Types of SumoEdit

  • Red Sumo: A Sumo Wrestler wearing a red belt. It is 192 cm tall and weights 1800 kg. It will die if a Red Piko Hammer is used on him.
  • Blue Sumo: A Sumo Wrestler wearing a blue belt. It is 192 cm tall and weights 1600 kg. It will die if a Blue Piko Hammer is used on him.
  • Green Sumo: A Sumo Wrestler wearing a green belt. It will die if a Green Piko Hammer is used on him.
  • Black Sumo: A Sumo Wrestler wearing a black belt. Much bigger in size than the average Sumo and has a smiling face instead. No Piko Hammer capable of destroying one of these has been created yet.
  • Purple Sumo: A Sumo Wrestler wearing a purple belt.
  • Gold Sumo: A Sumo Wrestler wearing a gold belt.
  • Fossilized Sumo: A Sumo wrestler that petrified over the course of many years. Its hardness reached as high as 3.77 times the sturdiness of Super Alloy Z. It can't be destroyed by any means known.