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Wow!! Damn, damn, damn! I'm in love!! You're just my type!! You're my first star!! I like that face. Your atmosphere is so awesome. Don't tempt me so much.

—Gigai, falling in love with Rance at first sight.

Japanese 朱雀
Romanization suzaku
Race Apostle
Sex Male, Female
Class Brawler
World Rance World
Affiliation Demon Army, Rance
Appeared in Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X


One of Xavier's four apostles. He goes by the name Gigai (戯骸), but Suzaku is his true name. As he was sealed by Nanjou Ran's ancestors, he was confined in her body, though she could call on his power as Xavier's awakening made him wake up from his cell.

Canonically, when first encountered by Rance, he was a shirtless overtly homosexual male with feather-like hair who burst from Nanjou Ran as Rance was helping her save Souun. At first he flies off to his master Xavier, but he soon grows bored and goes alone to fight Rance when he hears that he is a strong warrior. When he shows up, he proclaims his challenge of fighting the army's strongest warrior, but upon seeing Rance, he instantly falls in love with him, and quickly starts fantasizing of possible "dates". As an extremely powerful apostle, almost anyone sent against him is almost instantly vaporized, but he supposedly meets his demise either when Rance tricks him into not transforming in exchange for a date together, or when Rance orders Houjou Souun to fight him. His true form, Suzaku, appears to be a bird-like creature made simply of fire.

In Rance Quest, it was revealed that Gigai is capable of reviving every time it's killed, like a Phoenix, but he swaps gender as well, alternating between male and female every time. This means that Gigai isn't actually neither a man or a woman. Regardless of this, his/her love for Rance carries on. When s/he reunites with Rance s/he uses the fact Rance doesn't realize s/he is Suzaku to have sex with him. When the hut they were in is destroyed and they revive, Rance is angered to learn he had sex with Suzaku.

Personality and AppearanceEdit


Suzaku in both genders.

Gigai always dresses the same way regardless of what gender he or she is at the time. S/he is always shirtless and with a pair of dark red trousers. S/he also has some barlike tattoos of the same dark red color printed all over his/her body. S/he also has very noticeable eyes, with reddish eyeballs and glowing yellow pupil. His/her skin is also orange, with a much stronger tone than that of a typical human.

S/he is usually a pretty serene individual, as s/he never gets mad and is generally friendly. S/he was perfectly okay with lending his/her power to Nanjou Ran while sealed and established an odd partnership, even as both knew she would die when he'd inevitably break free. He even went so far as to postpone his freedom until she could find and save Souun, though when she does he doesn't hesitate to kill her in front of him. S/he also is pretty respectful and polite with others, and is very extremely honest and straightforward, unwilling to go on his word even as s/he is betrayed. When Rance betted a date if Gigai managed to defeat him in a 1v1 without transforming, s/he didn't transform even after Rance broke his part of the deal and outnumbered him with several allies. S/he is also very fervent and heartfelt all the time.

Gigai loves fighting strong opponents and testing his strength. Rance and battling are probably his two greatest passions and he is completely engrossed in action when fighting. S/he is also a pretty nice individual since, aside from Ran(who could not be avoided), Gigai preferred to not kill his opponents if s/he could avoid it, though he can often do so accidentally due to his sheer power.

Though s/he shows himself to be loyal to Xavier, s/he still acts as a bit of a loose cannon, wandering off to fight alone and not really cooperating with the overall scheme of things. However, as s/he still ends up targeting Xavier's enemies and proves itself to be Xavier's physically strongest apostle, he allows it.



"Suzaku", Gigai's true form.

Gigai is an extremely powerful Apostle. S/he mostly fights barehanded and with fire attacks, often imbued with his/her fists. His/her strikes are as fast as heavy, and few humans could pull a decent fight against him/her.

Like all of Xavier's apostles, s/he has a true form much powerful than his/her standard form. It takes the shape of a strange bird flaming in fire and with a massive claw. In this form, Gigai is obscene powerful, being able to vaporize entire armies with one clean and flashing strike. Despite being only an Apostle his/her strength in his true form is comparable to that of a mid-tier Dark Lord. In Sengoku Rance, no commander that Rance sent would survive in an encounter against Suzaku except Kentarou Ogawa, who would only survive and tie due to the invincibility field.

His/her most impressive ability is his/her ability to revive every time s/he dies, resurrecting like the legendary phoenix every time. This means that no-one is capable of fully killing him/her, except the Gods, at least not through any known means.


  • He is named as the "Homo Fire Bird" by Rance after the first encounter.
  • Suzaku is the japanese name used to refer to one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese Constellations in Chinese mythology. Suzaku represents the fire element and is described as a red flaming bird, like a Phoenix.
  • While unconfirmed, based on his/her feats, it's safe to say that Suzaku is the strongest Apostle, even without his/her resurrecting ability.
  • When Rance first encounters him, Suzaku is one of the few beings that Rance truly fears, as he is after Rance's "anal virginity", ironically showing a similar consideration to Rance's opinion on the matter than Rance himself usually does.
  • By technicality, Suzaku is the only man Rance has ever had sex with.