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Japanese 鈴女
Romanization Suzume
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Kunoichi, Ninja, Ranger, Ghost
World The Continent
Affiliation Iga House, Oda House, JAPAN, Rance
Level limit 49
Skill levels Kunoichi; 3, Ninja; 2
Appeared in Sengoku Rance, Three for the Slash! Thrust! Burn!, Rance Quest

Suzume is an easygoing kunoichi from Iga House and also known to be the best kunoichi in JAPAN. Even the head of Iga House, Inukai, admits that Suzume is probably stronger than he is. Despite of her reputation, she develops a rivalry with Kousaka Yoshikage and seems to be unable to ever defeat him.

Suzume has a natural talent that allows her to master ninjutsu without having to work hard. She has a 100% mission success rate, and has performed over 100 assassinations of important people. There used to be people who see her as a rival, but so far none have defeated her. She gets easily bored from the lack of any sort of challenge.

That is until she met Rance. She thought of him as an interesting person, someone who seems to act and think differently than ordinary people. From that point, she began to follow Rance and is assigned to be his personal bodyguard throughout the events of Sengoku Rance.

Her name literally means sparrow in Japanese.


Sengoku RanceEdit

Suzume- -Sengoku Rance

Upon hearing the rumor of Oda's secret ruler to be a foreigner, the head of Iga, Inukai, assigns Suzume to spy and assassinate said foreigner, in which she gladly accepts.

After killing fifty bodyguards from Oda, Suzume at last met Rance, the foreigner in question who is currently slacking-off with Kou and Sill at Tea House Nobu. Despite of her dramatic entrance, Rance doesn't seem to be afraid of Suzume, he even thinks of Suzume as a fine woman more than an assassin.

After said event, Suzume feels intrigued to know Rance more. In the next day, Suzume once again appears to assassinate Rance at Oda Castle, though the latter doesn't seem to take it seriously. Knowing that it would be better and more fun to work under him, Suzume accepted Rance's offer to stay as his subordinate, thus betraying her hometown, Iga.

In one of her events, Suzume told Rance that she just attended her fellow kunoichi's funeral. She said that every kunoichi has limited lifespan considering the amount of poison they planted in their body, and they are fated to die young. Rance, who doesn't like the idea, orders Suzume to never use said method anymore as she belongs to him only. Though Suzume responded by saying that it was actually just a joke, much to Rance's anger. Seeing how honest and caring Rance is, Suzume feels grateful that she decided to stay in Oda.

Along with (the unwilling) Kanami, Suzume is mainly assigned to protect Rance from any harm as his rising reputation throughout JAPAN is making him popular enough to be targeted in assassination attempts. To add, she also partakes in every mission that is related to spying.

Suzume plays a major role during the fall of Iga. With her ninjutsu, she is able to find Inukai's hiding place, thus making him visible and prevent him from escaping.

In the epilogue, Suzume is shown enjoying her days with Kou and the rest right after Rance's departure to the continent. She and Natori seemed to be the only ones who noticed Isoroku's pregnancy at the first glance.

Slash! Thrust! Burn!Edit

Suzume appears as one of the main heroines, along with Senhime and Kanami.

Rance QuestEdit

She follows Rance into the Copa Empire during the events of Rance Quest. Here she eventually dies due to the poison in her body, proving that she wasn't kidding back in her talk event in Sengoku Rance. However, because of her lingering feelings and attachment to life as well as feelings of regret for a certain underachieving ninja, she remains with Rance as a ghost till the end of the game and helps Kanami get stronger.

Trivia Edit

She is hinted a few times to be attracted to Inukai, though she does not let these feelings get in the way of her loyalty to Rance.

She is the only known person in the world to possess the Kunoichi level 3 skill.

Gallery Edit

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